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  1. mkjm, I have the Saturn V kit that I am in the stages of building I also have the Saturn IB that I have completed. The kits are of good quality, it is a side step in some ways from a conventional model but I felt that it was not more challenging than building any other multi media kit. The kit comes with excellent video instructions that are step by step. The vacuum form part were not too difficult to work with you just need to take your time and have patience and the resin and plastic parts are excellent. Here are a couple of photos of my completed Saturn IB with my Horizon Models Mercu
  2. Chris, Here is a link to a review online with some pictures of the kit. http://www.ninfinger.org/models/sharkit/x10.html Steve W.
  3. Hey guys I need to thin my 1/48 scale stash, my wife and I are having a baby and the kits must go. Some of the kits have extras with them and are priced according to that. I accept PayPal as payment and will ship to the continental U.S. only, for $8.00. Please PM me if you are interested in anything listed, because what doesn't sell here will go to eBay. Thanks, Steve W. 1/48 Hasegawa P-51D "Glamorous Glennis", opened and unstarted - $20.00 1/48 DML Ba349A Natter w/launch tower, opened parts still in bags - $20.00 1/48 Revell Mercury/Gemini Spacecraft, sealed box - $35.00 1/48 Hasega
  4. Hello fellow modelers, I would like to share a couple of photos of my latest completed build. This is Brengun's 1/72 scale C-2 Wasserfall Missile and Brengun's resin base for the Wasserfall. The kit was a pure pleasure to build. I completed the kit on Friday and was able to enter it into my local IPMS Spacecoast Show this weekend. Sorry if the pictures are not the best still trying to figure out this camera. All comments welcome and thanks for looking, Steve W.
  5. Well just as a small update guys. I did decide to go with the Nautilus Drydocks kit. The kit is beautifully cast and is huge. I have been trying different painting techniques on the kit to get the desired weathered affect. I will post a few in progress photos so you guys can tell me what you think. Steve
  6. Sprue Brothers Models has it for $238.99 no tax and free shipping. It was in stock last time I checked.
  7. Hello all, this is my recently finished Crow's Nest Models 1:144 scale Planet of the Apes Icarus water crash scene. The model is all resin and built from the box. The kit is excellent and fun to build. I was going to show the model off last weekend at my local IPMS show but I came down with the flu, so I thought I would show it off here. Hope you like the pictures and thanks for looking, Steve
  8. Hey guys I was intrested in the 3d parts too. So I went on to shipwaays and found this. I believe this is where he got the parts.. http://www.shapeways.com/shops/308bits?section=SciFi&s=0
  9. I quick question for all you sub builders out there. Which is the best Nautilus kit out there? I was looking into the "Total Immersion" 1/72 scale Nautilus or the "Nautilus Drydocks" 1/69 scale Nautilus? Any input would be good to know which one to buy. Thanks
  10. Hey Vince it is Steve your f-4 looks just amazing. I hope I will get to see it in person if you bring it to IPMS Spacecoast. I will see you around soon. Steve W.
  11. For 1/72 u-2's there is a company out of Singapore call High Planes Models (HPM) that makes a u-2r or tr-1 kit, that is cheaper and not as hard to find as the Special Hobby kit. They also make a resin sr-1/rq-201 ejection seat that is used in the sr-71, u-2, and the early space shuttle flights. I am not sure of the quality of the u-2 kit but i have a set of the ejection seats and they are nice. See attached links. U-2r http://www.hpmhobbies.com/products/High-Planes-Lockheed-U2R%7B47%7DTR1A-Dragon-Lady-%28Kit-1%3A72%29.html Ejection seat http://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-lockheed-sr-1
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