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  1. I really like this one, I have built it myself and found it not to be a difficult build. Thanks to Amodel, I have three more of the family to make from the stash. Well Done, Trev.
  2. DDC, you'r right of course but as I explained at the beginning I merely quoted the Museum price as being the most expensive, but two other sources only differed by one and two dollars respectively. I don't make a habit of buying kits from Museum gift shops. There seems to be some who claim that kit prices have remained relative over the years, costing no more now than they did then. More years ago than I care to remember, I bought both the then new Airfix Superfreighter and Wellington from my share of my 1st year apprentice wages of A$9.00. The new version of the Wellington is way too rich these days for my A$450.00 Pension. I think that the original point to this gripe was along the lines of " with the ever rising costs of the hobby, will the manufacturers survive into the future for it to continue ?" Trev.
  3. Ken, it's looking as if I was out of line here as it seems that most are happy to pay today's asking prices. I shall content myself with trying to reduce the size of my stash, built up during a life time of modelling. I really did enjoy opening a new kit with great expectations that this would be something special though. I'll just have to be content watching Youtube in future. Thanks to all who replied, Trev.
  4. Ken, I understand the on costs involved and don't expect to buy a kit for the UK retail price, but we do not pay the UK vat. and deliveries to hobby shops is usually by surface mail, so relatively cheap. Do you think that there is a problem with the wholesaler skimming too much off the top ? and if so should not the kit manufacturer not have some input here as the last thing he needs is poor sales caused by someone else profiting from his efforts ? I suppose if you put aside the reasons for the high prices for the moment, the simple question is are most modellers happy to pay the equivalent of A$30.00 for a Tiger and A$100.00 for a Dak. If so I have no argument but I'm afraid that the golden egg laying goose may be killed by this process and I will never see that 1/72 scale Fairy Albacore, at least not at an affordable price. Trev.
  5. That was my original point, the Tiger and others in this series are entry level kits. Their accuracy and levels of detail are mostly beyond question but I hope we are not subsidising those who upon closing up the fuselage only to have most of it disappear forever and then say "but I know it's in there ". I used the Moth kit as an example of most modellers having a number of types that form small sub groups in their collections with several examples of a certain type illustrating its design evolution or merely displaying various colours that it has worn. For example I have on my shelves a single example of an all yellow wartime RAAF Tiger and another four in the stash plus decals for Military, Civil and RAAF machines. At today's prices it would cost A$ 150.00 just to buy the kits. I would think that building such a collection would not be too unusual behaviour among modellers but consider if you wanted a similar group of Dakotas, in this country 5 could cost A$ 500.00 and judging by the amount of detail sets, decal sheets and conversion sets out there a lot of people are hoping you will do just that. I suppose I could always get a second mortgage. Trev.
  6. I think that there may be some misunderstanding as to the Tiger Moth kit I used as an example. This is not the original 1960s effort but the roughly 5 year old retooled and very beautiful example. Likewise although I was rather selfishly bemoaning the fact that I could no longer afford the price of new kits, there is a bigger problem for modellers and the hobby in general in that unless the trade can find a way to rein in prices, more and more will be in my position resulting in lower and lower sales and therefor manufactures turning their factories to producing more cost effective kitchen utensils leaving only the cottage industry to turn out better but more expensive products for the few that can afford them.
  7. Don, I sometimes think I'm penny pinching but it looks like you have the same problem in Canada. On a visit to Vancouver several years ago I noticed prices in shops were similar to ours. In this whinge it may seem that I am picking on Airfix but I am only citing them as an example the same applies to the other manufacturers. I get the impression that producing model kits must be easy way to go broke and I value the efforts of those who do but again speaking of Airfix I would love to build their B-17, Wellington or Shackleton etc. but they are out my price range and I worry that despite their efforts to raise the quality of their products, the company may once again fall on hard times if they can't control the constantly upward spiral of their prices, especially in a time of low inflation and low wages growth. Trev.
  8. Darren. I hear what you are saying and while I don't mind if the museum were doing this as the money would be going to a good cause, however they are not my major source of kits although I have shopped there on occasions, I was using them as an example of having the dearest price for the Tiger Moth. It is available from other sellers but the price varies only by a dollar or so. When I hear of obviously well heeled modellers calling for a new Vulcan or Saunders Roe Princess, I cant help but feel that the hobby has passed me by and I am forced to delve into my stack of crusty old kits that fortunately I do still have and forgo the pleasures of building the wonder kits of the 21st century.
  9. Thanks scotthldr, if that is so I think Airfix and others should look into the profit margins of their importers Trev.
  10. I am interested in the UK prices quoted which seem to reinforce my suspicion that something is not right with what is being charged here. and yes scotthldr it is the kit with the 12 LASU option. However, it is not just the Tiger Moth price that is the problem but the fact that this is now the asking price for all new Airfix kits of this size, Ever since the arrival of the new tool Red Box series of kits, each new batch has been substantially dearer than the last having risen from around A$10 to nearly A$30 with the larger kits also rising by a similar margin and as I said previously I know of a store asking nearly A$100 for the SEAC boxing of the Dakota, something that must affect the number of sales to those wishing to produce versions of this famous aircraft. Having read of the financial difficulties had at times by Airfix (and others) it is surely in their interests for their products to be retailed at a fair price and if these prices are to become the norm, then in my case it matters not what mouth watering subjects they add to their catalogue they will be beyond my ability to purchase them. Rant Over, Trev.
  11. I have raised this subject here on a previous occasion and found that in the opinion of many, current kit pricing seems acceptable. A well researched article in "Constant Scale", the Airfix collectors magazine reaches the same conclusion as regards the pricing of Airfix kits, saying that if modellers want the level of accuracy and detail provided by today's products then this is the price we must pay. I admit that I am an old age pensioner and my income isn't relative to the workers of today and that my stash is large enough to last several lifetimes but I have always had a lot of pleasure in buying the odd kit, thinking that "I will build it one day". Our local Aviation Museum sells kits in there gift shop and during a recent visit I noticed the latest incarnation of the Airfix Tiger Moth, featuring incidently an attractive RAAF scheme and being what would have once been a "Series One Kit" represents this manufacturers least expensive product. As I have an example of this kit purchased when it was first released about four years ago for A$ 9.95, imagine my surprise to see the asking price for the new example and in fact all Airfix kits of this size had set a new record at A$29.95. Pricing in other model shops in our area varied only by a couple of dollars. What the hell is going on, is there a hidden "Middle Man" somewhere taking a fat profit and how is it in that Airfix (and other manufacturers) can hope to sell enough volume, despite the undoubted quality of the product, to stay in business. Remember that there is still a local hobby shop near by asking A$100. 00 for the S.E.A.C. boxing of the Dakota. Sorry to sound like Ebeneezer Scrooge, Trev.
  12. Tank, Sorry I think that you missed my point, my suspicion is that the store bought these kits from Hobby King direct in bulk and is reselling them at a mark up of around 500 % and I thought that was a bit greedy. In this country, there seems to be an Australia tax where the retailer decides his margin by the "What do you think we can get for this ?" method. With companies like Airfix falling on hard times, I can't see their sales improving when THEIR version of the C-47 retails in the same shop for over A$90.00, is anyone else paying prices like this for this kit ?. I don't mind paying a fair price for a kit, hell I have spent a fortune on them in the last 50 years , but I don't appreciate being price gouged. Trev. (vh-bob)
  13. Sorry to start this topic again but a friend while browsing the Hobby King site noticed a number of Italleri kits for sale at knock down prices, obviously a clearance sale but knowing that I was a modeller brought it to my attention. Among the items on offer was the Italaeri 1 / 72 scale C-47 Dakota, my DC-3 of choice once again due to the high price of the Airfix example. These were being offered at a paltry A$9 .99 with similar prices on other kits from the Italian manufacturer although I will admit that this is less postage. However on a visit to one of our local hobby shops later in the day I found a large number of these same kits had suddenly appeared on the shelves when large numbers of this brand are not usually carried. The big surprise to me was the price, the afore mentioned C-47 had an asking price of around A$50.00 so no matter from where they were sourced (maybe from Hong Kong) this maybe just a coincidence but it seems to me to be a rather large margin. How much is a fair profit.
  14. Another well built Flanker. Your models serve to show what a complex subject that these Sukhois can be. When I start to build them I shall have to consult you on which variant is which. Well Done, Trev (vh-bob)
  15. A beautiful build, it's the aircraft that soldiered on long after WW II that interest me. Well Done, Trev (vh-bob)
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