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  1. Thanks! You're right, I used a PE set fronm Eduard to enhance the cockpit and the seat, even if it is hard to see something after the building is complete. I had a look at the Aztec decal set you mentioned: really interesting. There are some A4 with nice schemes...
  2. Hallo! I managed to finish my first Group Build on time. Here are some photos of my 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1D. Thanks to CorsairMan for moderating. I had a lot of fun in building this plane for the Group Build.
  3. Thank you very much for your quick answer! I'm glad to know that there are no fit issues! This is one of my favourite planes... And congratulations again, the model looks great.
  4. Wow, excellent work! I love Cuban Migs. I have the same kit from Trumpeter: is it easy to build? I'm glad to know that the quality of Aztec decals is good, because I wanted to buy the Cuban Raisers set too...
  5. Excellent work! Both the camo schemes are fantastic.
  6. Wow, you really did an excellent work! Which colour did you use for the washing? Is it white or light grey? I really like the effect.
  7. Thank everybody for the compliments! I think that the photoetched seatbelts and Airscale decals (CorsairMan, you're right, they are great!!!) help to achieve a more realistic result. I apologize for not replying before to the posts, but I had to work really hard in the last two months. I could hardly find some times to carry on working on the Corsair. I'm sorry I could not add more in-progress photos. This evening I finished the model, but I have to wait until saturday totake some photos of it during the day. However, before starting the final assembling, I took the folowing images. Hope yo
  8. Yes, you're right. I must admit I'm not a very "accurate" modeller... I painted the tails aerials in yellow because I found a drawing on internet in which they were in this color...then I found some photos and I discovered that they were white... But it was too late! Thanks!
  9. Thank you, Dragan. Decals are from the kit. I was a little bit frightened to use them because I read bad reviews on Internet. I can confirm that the decals are thick and tend to create a "silvering" effect, so they need to be treated carefully. In order obtain a smoooth surface, I polished the paint with the 8000 and 12000 polishing clothes that I usually use for Alcads. Then, I use a lot of Mark Setter and Mark Softer. This caused a problem on the decal of the left-wing flap (as you can see in the photo above, there is a "stain" near the third red "X", where the mark-setter simply destroyed
  10. Hallo everybody. I post some picture of my recently finished Academy Super Etendard in Argentinian Markings, with Eduard Photo-Etched parts. Every critique is well-appreciated. I'll send the photos and an article for submission. Thanks!
  11. I forgot to say that I also use some Airscale Decals for instrument dials
  12. Hallo. This is not only my first Group Build, but also my first attempt in managing a topic... I hope that everything will be fine! The kit I chose is the Tamiya F4U-1D. A picture of the box and the trees: In the cockpit, I added some seat belts from Eduard I tried to enhance the engine adding some cables Today I glued the fuselage and wings halves. It's time for putty and sanding... (fit is almost perfect, it will not take a long time).
  13. Hallo everyone! This will be my first Group Build. It is also my first attempt in posting something... so I'm sorry, I'm still not able to add photos! I'm going to build a Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D. I will publish the photos during the next week, after learning how to do this!
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