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  1. Thanks Mike. It was a lot of work but I managed to do it. I finished up on the RSS and attached it to the FSS. I also received my order from the tichey train group and towerhobbies for the open grated platform and the evergreen rods and vgroove sheet you used in your build. There's a few things that I need to glue on the RSS for it to be fully complete but for the most part is all finished. This weekend coming I'll be starting on my STS-135 build that will sit on the launch pad. I'll be posting pics soon of it completed. Thanks -Tyler
  2. After being away from my computer all week I've finally had time to post some pics of the progress made; so here they are: I took the astronaut from Revell's kit and painted him so I can place him on the OAA. The OAA and Level 195 platform with the yellow and black markings Levels 1-8 are built. Only 3 more left. The FSS fully built with the OAA, ET Access Arm, and the other access platform which I don't know the name of. :tumble:/> The hammerhead crane crane that I built wrong. For STS-135 and other launches, the crane isn't there. I'll be fixing this shortly after completing th
  3. I'm going for STS-135. O have a few pics to look at from the internet that are pretty bog and when blown up are still very very clear.
  4. Yes the tower FSS is complete. I was thinking about doing just the spot lights around it illuminating the whole model but then I thought about lighting everything(FSS, RSS, and the floodlights around it). I'll get some led's and play with them. Once I know what I'm doing I'll try to fit them in the int FSS and RSS and if I can't put them in then I'll just do the lights around the complex. Thanks -Tyler
  5. I made a lot of progress yesterday on the tower. I finished up the tower and I'm starting on the RSS right now. I'm at work while writing this so hopefully I can post some pics on break if I can from my phone. After deliberating about adding lights or not I've decided that I will. I have no clue on how to do that so anyone could point me into that direction I'd greatly appreciate it. Spaceman I know you're lighting your MLP; but how are you doing it(fiber optics, led's, etc...)? What all do I need and what are the steps to do it. Im a newbie at lighting stuff. Thanks -Tyler
  6. Yes. The kit was secondhand so I ordered the Revell stack. I had an Airfix kit in the past and I didn't like the way the bottom was split horizontally as the Revell kit is split vertically. I pieced the SRB's, ET, and Shuttle; and might I sat that I have a lot of work to do on the orbiter. I just ordered some styrene strips to do the ET and SRB's like mike did in his build. I also ordered the handrails and grated platform for the MLP. I'm hoping to be done with the tower by mid evening tomorrow. It's not much work adding the stair cases. Thanks for the street view of level 195. I didn't kno
  7. I look up to everyone on this forum. The models being built are out of passion and the best of someone's ability. I'm no rivet counter but as long have as it looks like what its suppose to them I'm usually more than happy. This tower kit is the first time I scratch build something and it's a lot of fun letting my imagination run wild. I know it's just adding a staircase but I know before I finish I'll end up adding something. Actually I will be adding the two vents on the beanie cap as the kit doesn't have them. -Tyler
  8. And here are the pics I promised: showcasing the staircases:
  9. Thanks again spaceman. I remember seeing it but I just couldn't remember where I had seen it. As far as my build I've got a lot done in my standards. I would've had pics posted up but our internet is down at the moment but I'll try to get them up as soon as possible. I might try to upload more pics from my phone and post everything that I've done so far. I've constructed three of the main trusses of the FSS along with the elevator core. I have level one along with its staircase leading to level two build with level 2 glued in place. I've opted to build it by sliding the levels down along
  10. Does anyone have any pics of the FSS stairs and a few pics of the crew level? I'm mainly looking to re-create the yellow markings on the crew level leading to the OAA and the Emergency Egress system. Any help and pics/links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Tyler
  11. I'll try that. I'm home and have just started building. I'll be posting pics very very soon. -Tyler
  12. I dont think i explained it right lol. I was going to add brass rods where the SRB nozzles attach to the MLP to give it extra strength when it's standing upright on the MLP. What is the best tool to cut the thick plastic on the tower floors so I can add the staircases?
  13. I might add brass rods in the SRB's like crowet did on his STS-133 build.
  14. I remember seeing this kit about 7 years ago and I've been wanting one ever since(I'm only 20). The kit was already opened so the box was a little smaller than the Revell Space shuttle. I opened the box last night to see all of the pieces and I mocked up the orbiter on side of the tower and I can tell that this is going to be a great build. This forum and the amazing modelers on it inspired me to do this build. I thank everyone on this site for the help and ideas. I cant wait to see everyone's builds along with this build. -Tyler
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