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  1. The hardest part was eight hook-ups in a row. JMC
  2. Also, two other things, the forward nose gear door would be closed and the ailerons would be more or less streamlined with the wingtips with the engines running. Please don't think that I am criticizing your work, because it is exceptionally good and impressive. JMC
  3. The model is very good. Just a simple comment, with the engines running the canopy strut would be removed. It is a safety strut designed to ensure the canopy doesn't fall when there is no hydraulic pressure. Otherwise it looks pretty much like the jets I worked on at various bases! Dirty too, you hardly ever see a clean F-15. JMC
  4. I thought maybe Lakenheath had let one get away from them. JMC
  5. Essentially the same thing, unless they were detailed to work another aircraft if theirs wasn't flying. JMC
  6. Exactly right, it carried various radar test packages and tested them in flight. I have seen it with an F-15 radome, I suppose they could configure it with whatever radome was required. It was flying at Edwards as late as about 1997. I am not sure when they retired it since I PCSd to Lakenheath in 1998. JMC
  7. Not the best photos in the world, but I took these in 1984 (I think, might have been in 1983) when I worked at Associated Air Center at Love Field. JMC
  8. Nope, the Brits copied the idea from the Italians. (Who borrowed it from a Romanian engineer) Look up the Coanda effect. :D Just kidding, I know I am being a smarty pants! JMC
  9. The real covers don't fit all that particularly well anyway, they are essentially a big bag that slides over the exhaust nozzle. Little metal hooks hold them in place, but not very tightly. They were used fairly routinely on the flightline at Mountain Home. JMC
  10. A few photos form the 22 May 2010 Fort Worth Cowtown Roundup: JMC
  11. Done, I will look for you. I will be pretty easy to spot-international orange shirt, vest and hat! The weather is supposed to be nice, for a change. JMC
  12. Yes, I should be able to get some. They won't be works of art, but they are generally pretty good. I'll try to post some that evening. JMC
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