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  1. Hi, does anybody know what the round logo on the speed record braking vertical stabilizer is? Was this logo used anywhere else or is it a special logo on this record aircraft? Or has there ever been a decal sheet for this plane? Thanks, Rene
  2. Caerbannog

    Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1

    fantastic WIP. Thanks for sharing. Rene
  3. Caerbannog

    1/48 YF-23 decals

    This is really excellent news - I bet there will be many wanting such a decals sheet in either scale. Rene
  4. Caerbannog

    1/144 Millennium Falcon Asteroid Field Diorama

    Looks fantastic! Cheers, Rene
  5. Caerbannog

    Italeri 1/32 F-104 preview

    I started on a NF-104 conversion on a Revell Starfighter years ago. It is not that difficult. I stopped my work at some point as I started wondering if I should not better switch to Hasegawa - then some years ago I heard Italeri will release one - since then I wait for this to arrive. Maybe Italeri is doing it together with Tamiya? And either one will release different versions???
  6. Caerbannog

    1:48 300-gallon drop tank information needed

    That is a good hint Terry - thanks. I will try to find some info on the 300gal tanks in the Reporter "region".
  7. Caerbannog

    Reynolds Bombshell P-47M - what's written on the nose?

    Yes I have this book - but cannot make out what s written there too. Yanks Air Museum have a nice picture on their side but the resolution is too small and I did not get any reply on my inquery from them if there is a higher resolution of this picture available. On Warbird Aero Press site are pictures from a "Richard Toth collection" - however the resolution is too low and I was not able to find any way to contact Mr. Toth himself. Thanks, Rene
  8. Hi! As the topic says I am looking for information (dimensions or a scale-drawing) on the 300-gallon long ferry drop tank which was used on P-38 and others (?) to either scatchbuild one in 1:48 or information where I can get a 1:48 scale drop tank (either as an aftermarket item or from a kit). My initial idea was to use a 1:32 scale P-38 150-gallon drop tank but I think it looks not quite right. AFAIK the 300-gallon drop tank was also used for the "belly tank racers". I need it for a P-47M racer ("Reynolds Bombshell"). Thanks! Edit: I may be wrong that the P-38 used 300 gal tanks and just read that the F-82 used them. Maybe "Mary Joe" on her record flight? If so: The Minicraft kit should have the right tanks included. Does anyone know if the tanks in this kit are OK?
  9. Hi all, I try to find some detailed pictures which clearly show the text written on the nose of Bill Odoms YP-47M "Reynolds Bombshell". I found some pictures on the web, but I just cannot make out the white text written on the blue background between cowling and canopy. Does anyone have photos or digital pictures of this racer to sell or an idea where I can get such? Cheers, René
  10. Caerbannog

    Tiangong 1 - Shenzhou 9

    Nice build!
  11. Caerbannog

    1/144 Millennium Falcon Asteroid Field Diorama

    Cool Idea! Very nice
  12. Caerbannog

    B-58 wheel wells

    Wow - I just singed up here and this topic already prooved me right - thanks a lot for these pictures - they are what I have been looking for a long time.
  13. Caerbannog

    Supporting your LHS..... not always possible!

    Hi this is my first "contribution" to this side - I actually just came to this topic by chance and comment as it is obviously the same problem almost everywhere (also the Hasegwaw prices). I live in Germany and the sole "hobby shop" in my hometown had only the Revell Germany line. I sadly closed last year as the owner simply retired and his kids did not want to take over because of the poor income from the shop. I personally did buy there if I needed Revell stuff AND if I managed to get there in their working hours (they opened at 10:00 am and closed at 06:30 p.m with lunch break from 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm), which restricted shopping to Saturday morning for me. I can fully understand that the shop owner did not want to work till late at night but this made sales even more difficult I think. So: There is no LHS to support for me. There is one left in a neighbor town but they have the same opening hours and even if they have a better range they also have rather high prices. Actually many hobby shops closed - even in bigger towns as Düsseldorf and Cologne (I am living in the middle) have lost most of their Hobby Shops. So meanwhile I buy almost everything online. This can however be another hobby shop in Germany which is doing online business. But it can also be Amazon or some online store in UK, US (sadly much reduced by the ridiculous shipping charges nowadays), Hong Kong, Japan (when I am looking for Hasegawa: this is my starting point) or even New Zeeland which is really the opposite side of the world from my position :-) Oh - yes - and "evil"-bay of course. If possible I take care not to exceed the 25 Eur for goods to avoid customs (which then has to be paid on the shipping cost as well and can easily kill a bargain this way). BUT: Whenever I travel somewhere I check for LHS there to support :-D Cheers, Rene