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  1. wahoo! all done guys , hoping the customer is happy, like i am . also wanted to thank everybody for the watching
  2. started on the cab, installed the lights etc , but still alittle ways to go
  3. so with the style of the truck customer wanted, i move the crane forward, add a day cab , painted it blue with white fender thanks everybody flatbed is done, rear + front lights installed and working , fuel tank are mounted, next is the cab
  4. a customer stopped by the other day and notice my crane for sell, so he bought it, but hes wants it finished , i installed 2x futaba servos, 3 transmission, he want stock motor 27 turn, bearinged, cab is a king hauler day cab and will hav a flatbed
  5. today i worked on the knuckle and added the top hydralic lines
  6. out riggers are done , lines are ran , tomorrow i will get back on the boom, there is still the knuckle boom to build and the extension boom to build, long way to go
  7. extend the back and mounted it , not sure on the bumper yet next is the out riggers
  8. main boom is built, painted, and done . next is the swing arm
  9. while the main boom is drying , i modded a shock where it is 190mm long, also added some hyrdalic lines and a valve box
  10. main boom is almost done , i need to make hydralic mounts for it
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