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    I exclusively build modern aircraft in special paint schemes (anniversaries, tiger-meet, solo display, retirement, test paint-jobs, etc). If I can't get decals, I will hand paint - and this can sometimes get very complicated! I don't go in for lots of add-on parts, though I will get a resin seat whenever possible, and have occasionally used PE.<br />I also enjoy going to airshows, in the UK , Europe and the USA, hunting out w&w aircraft, museums....anything really.

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  1. If you mean the Oregon ANG F-15, then yes I've seen it. I don't know of any others though.

  2. Cloggy, Have you seen the new 75th Anniversary schemes for the F-15 on the F-15's.


  3. Cloggy

    C-27 Spartan

    Hi - could anyone tell me what the FS grey is for the C-27 Spartan in Greek Air Force service, and if possible the equivalent AS-range Tamiya color? Many thanks.
  4. Having seen Kens ekranoplan models at shows I can vouch for their excellence! Fantastic and unusual models superbly displayed. BTW Ken, I was watching an old video documentary on the Ekranoplan from Channel 4 the other day following a quick rummage through some of my old stuff. Somewhere I've also got the Channel 4 booklet that accompanied the documentary. The KM was certainly an impressive beast of a craft!
  5. It was very good, wasn't it :) As an added bonus, you got to see the typical English summer weather too!
  6. I'd suggest ModelZone in Holborn: 202 High Holborn Central London London WC1V 7BD Have fun!
  7. I have several Fujimi F-15 kits. The top side has raised panel lines, the underside has recessed (I don't know why). It builds up almost identically to the Hasegawa F-15 and is definitely 1/48 not 1/50. You'll need to buy a set of featherless jet nozzles for a later aircraft however.
  8. UK version: "ever see 7 Tucanos all at once?" :P
  9. Thanks, Jennings. I've decided to go for FS16473 instead :) I take what you say about being pedantic, but if anyone were to dare paint a USN F-14 model in the wrong shade of grey then there would be a lot of head-shaking. On the other hand a lot more people have seen USN F-14's than have seen FAM Boeing 727's; so I have picked my grey and I'm going with it!
  10. I've been looking at some pictures of Mexican Air Force Boeing 727-200's for a possible modeling project, but I have a problem - what shade of grey would you say the aircraft is painted? I reckon it is closest to FS16375, but if anyone has accurate info I'd be really grateful. Here are some reference pics: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  11. These days I think we should stop moaning and be thankful that we get any new-tol kits at all! From my perspective a new 1/48 scale AlphaJet is really good news; and I will also be interested in the CF-188 mostly because the Hasegawa one is way out of my price range. A gentle hint for the new 2013 releases....AMX....please...?
  12. Try ESCI Phantoms, especially the RF version - they are really nice and you can still pick 'em up cheap at model shows, etc.
  13. I want an AMX. With single and twin-seat options, and a huge decal sheet full of exotic special schemes!
  14. Browsing the aircraft pages on the Revell site, I found the C160 Transall ELOKA / NG / Afghanistan (also not a jet - sorry) described as "The most-produced German bomber of WWII." I think they got carried away with their new He111!
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