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  1. Im finally back after a long Army stint of Op's and courses and postings and my first post back on ARC and im in need of help lol. I have the Hong Kong models 1/32ND Scale arrow B2 but there are no instructions in the box has anyone got a set they could email me please. Cheers Jesse Owens
  2. Hi what is the kit Number and would you post to Australia. cheers Jesse
  3. mybmw60


    Hi gang, I am looking for someone who supplies/manufactures/sells an after market 1/32nd F-8E Crusader Canopy for the Trumpeter kit, the kit one was lost/stolen/eaten/broken LoL in fact i have no idea where it is. Can anyone point me in the direction of where i can get a replacement. cheers Jesse
  4. Hi, I live in vVctoria Australia and have some for sale. my website is http://www.boomerangmodels.com cheers Jesse
  5. If you are looking for great prices and excellent service try www.boomerangmodels.com outstanding range of kits and growing all the time, friendly service free coffee sit and chat or relax and read magazines stay as long or as short as you like, no pressure to buy and if your lucky the owner maybe building one of quirky diorama's.
  6. Pirate, I have moved away from Squadron putty for similiar reasons, I now use Gunze Mr surfacer in the jars if u want to perservere with the putty try thinning it with just a drop or two of tamiya extra thin glue and mix it this will make it thin and easy to spread either by toothpick or an old paint brush. I also tape either side of my gaps i wish to fill as close as i can get so if i colour outside the gap it just comes away when i remove the tape. Last alternative is Tamiya putty is a lot tackier to use thinner than toothpaste buts is easy to work with and dries ok and sands good. But my favourite is the Gunze product it also comes in different grades depending on how wide the gap is. hope this helps. If you would like a tube of Tamiya putty to try drop me an email via my website.www.boomerangmodels.com and i will send u a tube free. cheers Jesse
  7. Larry, Have you checked out the Revell website they have downloadable instruction sheets for there kits - not all but you may be lucky and find it i have used this option before. cheers Jesse
  8. mybmw60

    Matt Cote

    Thanks again Brett I will give it a go as you have suggested see what happens. cheers Jesse
  9. mybmw60

    Matt Cote

    Brett, yes i will be airbrushing thanks for the info its my first time coating a finish how long between coats dp you recommend? cheers Jesse
  10. mybmw60

    Matt Cote

    Hi Fellow Model Junkies, I have finally gotten to the stage of applying a matt finish to my 1/32 Arii Zero and while not a brilliant model for fit or finish i used it to experiment varying techniques. My question is what and how much do i mix with my Humbrol Matt Cote to finally finish this nightmare. cheers Jesse
  11. Jesse to Mike come in Mike, VENDETTA boy thats an understatement, im adding the guns etc to finish it all i have to do is apply a flat coat decals and another coat and to do this im going to use the Modellers universal tool A VERY LARGE HAMMER :P The only thing i like about this kit is hmmmmmmmmm cant think of anything just yet, I am trying to blame some one or something for this abomination the most consistant answer is the weather, it must have been the humidity from Bougainville where i origonally got the model from when i was there in 2002. Jesse
  12. Hey Moai Vincent, How is the weather on Rapa Nui Bruuu, Last time i looked i dindt think there were enough sunny days to drive with ya Top Down??? or were you talking about being topless cheers
  13. Hi Extended Family, Hope you all had a great Christmas, I recently struck a deal with Ericyy thru the ARC Trader forum, wow it went very smooth and an excellent price I could not get a 1/32 F4F Trumpeter kit here and eric came to my rescue not only at an excellent price but he made the transaction very easy, I made a silly mistake with paypal but he was very patient, Thanks Eric got the kit pomptly it now sits on my shelf as my next project. Cheers jesse P.S I will do business with Ericyy again
  14. Hi Team "MERRY CHRISTMAS" Im with the sticky tape method, let your under coat dry 24/48 hrs, top coat probably no more than 3 hrs apply tape and let rip works fine first time i tried it i let both top and under coat dry for more than 24 hours the top coat was a pain to get the desired effect but i won in the end. cheers Jesse
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