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  1. I note that you have a TX flag. You do know, that TX invaded NM, three times and we have never forgotten it? But you're in Amarillo, which is West Texas, which is all right. I've considered moving to Canyon if I ever leave NM. Hasta la proxima vez.
  2. I have this kit and I am following your build with great interest.
  3. A great job with a tough kit.
  4. Great insight into your build.
  5. Way nice. Like the stowage.
  6. Spackle. Or spackling paste.And that's a very good suggestion.
  7. Wow! And this was a busted up kit? I really liked your wheels and I appreciated your showing us the base's construction. And the green (night vision) photo was very nice. All in all -- a great build.
  8. Base? How are you going to base it?
  9. I can't get one done and you've done twelve!
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