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  1. mrvark, you sir, are my hero! Those are exactly the kinds of pictures I have been searching for! Thank you very much. I am amazed at how clean and slick the BRU-3A/A is! The Hasegawa kit pylons looks to be a pretty good representation. - Steve
  2. I definitely see the differences now between a MER and a BRU-3A/A! This thread has been super enlightening. Rest assured, I will use the kit pylons 😇 I have been trying to find some closer views of the pylon to see if there are any details I can add. The kit pylons are a bit basic, but serviceable. Steve
  3. Fascinating- thanks for the info!
  4. EDIT- you’re right and x4. Basic, but I can work with them. Steve
  5. great info! Thanks for the reply! Ok, forgive my ignorance, but how does a BRU-3/A differ from a MER? Is it just an aerodynamic fairing at the front of the pylon? They look awfully close online- perhaps I could get away with it in 1/72 as I don’t see any off the shelf BRU-3s but Eduard makes a 1/72 MER? Thanks, Steve
  6. thanks for the responses! Slant 4 inboard- you mean on the bottom side of the MER and the side away from the aircraft right?
  7. Question to the crowd- Does anyone have a picture of an F-111A carrying Mk.20 Rockeye? A web search says it’s possible, looks like 4x on each MER, but I haven’t found a single photo. I know it probably wasn’t carried operationally but...if it’s possible, 16 Mk.20s are going on my recently delivered Hasegawa F-111A 😉. Cheers, Steve
  8. Superb! Glad to see this on the Facebook group as well. I love the photography! Steve
  9. I’m glad you like it - thanks for your encouragement along the way 👍🏻 Thanks- I was hoping they would spruce up the non-weathered nature of the build. Clean airplanes don’t have to be boring! Thank you Carlos - YOU are setting the bar incredibly high with your F4U-1A build- it is magnificent! Thanks for sharing it with us. I appreciate it 🤜🏻 Clean and classy! Thanks ☺️ Steve
  10. I’m glad you posted another pic! For your consideration, per an email I received from Tamiya Inc today: SHARE YOUR HOME HOBBY CONTEST - STATIC MODEL EDITION We know we have a lot of excellent modelers using our products, so now is the time to show us what you got! Your picture entry could be chosen to win an amazing prize from Tamiya! To enter, you must use one of the following model kits that can be built in any form - box stock or wildly custom: 1/12 Bike #14134 Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 1/24 Car #24346 Tamiya Ford GT #24351 Toyota GR Supra 1/35 Military #35365 Tamiya U.S. Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan #35366 Tamiya British M10 IIC Achilles #35367 Tamiya German Heavy SP Howitzer Hummel 1/48 Military #32596 Tamiya JGSDF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle #32597 Tamiya German Tank Panther AUSF.D 1/48 Plane #61120 Tamiya Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning Additional Guidelines: • Only one picture can be entered per person Entry Period: May 12 to August 31, 2020 Judging: - All picture entries will be posted on our site. - From all the posted pictures, we will choose the best two and send them to Tamiya, Inc. - Tamiya, Inc. will also post them to the official Tamiya homepage and choose the best picture from those submitted all over the world. To Enter: Please provide the following information below via e-mail (Marketing@Tamiya.com) when submitting your entry (ommission of any field will render your entry ineligible): • Your full name • E-mail address • Country of residence • Occupation • How long have you been driving? • Your Picture • Brief comment about your picture How to Submit Your Video: Attach a .jpeg image of your car to the same marketing@tamiya.com email as listed above along with the information requested.
  11. Nice looking jet! I think the HAVE GLASS scheme came out well in the end. I didn't know you built in 1/48th 😜 Steve
  12. The RB tool is great- much faster than punching each one individually. It should work out fine with thin paint layers. Your Corsair also inspired my build- the scratch building you are doing to improve the kit is truly amazing! Steve
  13. Sweet! I love that scheme on the ‘109. Your masks worked great!
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