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  1. The canopy tint trick is very cool! I am definitely going to have to try that. Nice job refining all the parts too 👍🏻 Steve
  2. Thanks Ron! The F-4 is a beast! I was lucky to get a ride in the backseat if an RF-4C at Tyndall during my time on the USAF. I was impressed with the raw power of the darn thing! Definitely a different feel than the refined F-15E experience 😂 Yes sir, that’s it...just AM belts. The included decals go down very well over the raised detail 👍🏻 And thank you for the compliment! Interesting 🤔 I didn’t know that. The fit of everything is very straightforward. I would imagine that without the bulkhead things might be a bit fiddly! This kit i
  3. Ugh. I am very sorry to hear that. As a fellow airline pilot, I can relate to how this pandemic has destroyed our industry. Good luck on the move and thanks for sharing this incredible build with us! Steve
  4. Update 10/23 “Seamless” intakes...putty, sand, repeat, putty, sand, repeat 😂 Ok, I’ll admit- there are some flaws behind the curve. Since you can’t see them from the front, I didn’t bother sanding them to perfection. Paint is square bottle white Tamiya surface primer thinned with AK lacquer thinner. I brushed on a layer of future after I took this video to get a glossy surface. That only took a week 😂🤪 I also assembled and painted the gear bays, which are nicely detailed. Then it was time to bring the to
  5. Two Bobs is doing it in 1/48th and said other scales are a possibility Steve
  6. PLASMO channel on YouTube! You will learn soooo much! Steve
  7. Thanks for the kind words Arnaud! You will not be disappointed with this kit. Here are the final shots of the engine with the included display stand that is cleverly part of the sprue runners! Steve
  8. The J79 engines are done. Well, at least the one that got the extra TLC 😉. Now, I have to finish the display stand...take a few more pics, and bury this beauty in the belly of the beast! But, for the super-detailers out there, ZM has provided an excellent starting point out of the box and I hope I’ve done it some justice. Steve
  9. I’m right there with you and I’m $ure you will her great support!
  10. Me too! Thank you 😊 It’s coming - I believe next year was the plan!
  11. Hi Craig, I just used them for my ZM F-4E build. I found them easy to work with. I may add some heat to the process next time though. Go back a page in this thread to see them or, to see my F-4 seats with the Nano Belts painted up, check out my build thread in the “In-Progress” section.
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