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  1. Correct, and you can sand it (wait a day) 👍🏻
  2. I usually go 3:1 thinner to Super Clear III, and build it up slowly. The final coat I spray is a flash coat of 100% Mr Leveling Thinner to really make sure the finish is even. It is a fantastic clear!
  3. I’d say you did some wonders with it! Superb! Steve
  4. Nice! The paint finish and weathering are great 👍🏻 Steve
  5. Fantastic! The time and effort was well worth it!
  6. I think it looks great. The various metallic shades in the different panels really liven up the build and the red missiles set off the build as well. Nice job 👍🏻 Steve
  7. Fantastic build! The blue cowl ring and spinner really make it pop. Steve
  8. Wow! Another fantastic build Fighting Eighty-Four! I love the artic aggressor scheme and you nailed it!
  9. I don’t see it happening this year, but I do have the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D and Slecial Hobby Tempest Mk VI in the stash. ☺️
  10. I love the faded wear on the backside of the propeller blades! Well done 👍🏻 Steve
  11. Long time, no update 😌 2/20 We have some blue paint on the model! After researching some more, I’ve discovered that painting the gear wells and wing folds Zinc Green Chromate was a mistake and they should’ve been Gloss Sea Blue for any war time F4U. So, I called an audible on the markings and am going to replicate the FG-1D from the Boeing Museum in Seattle, since I’ve used my pictures of her as a reference since day 1. The antenna configuration is slightly different from the out of the box Tamiya kit. I cut off the antenna post on the top of the vertical stabilizer (After I took some of these pics) and added an antenna fairing on the port side of the fuselage. After a few coats of Mission Models Gloss Sea Blue over a black base, this is where things stand. I went for a uniform finish since it’s a museum bird. I am planning on an overall gloss coat, except semi-gloss on the fabric areas of the control surfaces. https://i.imgur.com/t22sEZI.jpg Wing walkways were masked and painted as well. I ordered a set of Maketar Masks for the Insignia and “89” numbers. I also have 3” 45 Degree ID letter and number decals enroute for the ”NAVY” and bort number on the vertical stabilizer. After I get the markings on, I will attempt to paint the recessed rivets in a metallic silver, just like the museum bird, and then the natural metal areas behind the cowl flaps and on the undersides adjacent to the exhausts. More soon! Steve
  12. It looks great! Nice job on the motors- there’s a ton of visual interest and I’m sure it was difficult to do in 1/72 scale! Steve
  13. Please please please be the new Oregon ANG F-15C special scheme 🙏🏻😉
  14. Thanks for the tidbit Gabor! My PFM arrived yesterday and I purchased the Brassin exhaust set for it as well- the detail is superb. Steve
  15. Ok- thanks for clarifying. I guess I’m going to buy the Galaxy Models mask set.
  16. I just received the new boxing of the Hasegawa F-35B with external pylons and it would appear that the RAM panel decals are much darker than the original boxing of the F-35B. I do not have the original boxing so I’m curious if this is indeed true. To my eye, when comparing the RAM decals in my kit to the various reviews of the original boxing, they definitely look darker...and dare I say usable. Am I making this up? Does anyone know if Hasegawa fixed this from the original release? Steve
  17. I’ll play this game too Here’s one of me refueling over Afghanistan in late summer of 2011. Our jets were positively filthy by this point in the deployment!
  18. LOL, I feel the same way about my Corsair!
  19. It’s on sale at Sprue Brothers today and I’m pulling the trigger- I can’t resist a good deal and this review has convinced me. I will finish it in the Czech Red/White/Blue tail flash scheme. Thanks for all the detailed shot Gabor! Regards, Steve
  20. Looking good! I like the preshading with the template- it creates a neat effect for sure. Steve
  21. Sweet job on the armament 11Bee. I was surprised, like you, to see the Tamiya HVARs requiring so much cleanup. It’s still better to have them in plastic though. The Eduard HVARs I bought for my Corsair are all so warped (even after using heat, etc.) as to render about half the package unusable- no to mention the fiddly PE braces. I’m glad you are sticking with it despite the new Tamiya release- I’m sure your F-51 will be much more detailed! Keep up the great work! Steve
  22. They split several years ago now - the two guys behind it founded their own companies: Furball Aero Design and Bullseye Model Aviation.
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