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  1. Very well done- your friend is very lucky to receive such an outstanding gift! Steve
  2. I love it! Great job 👍🏻👍🏻 Steve
  3. I’m not sure why I can’t embed any more pictures in my previous post. Every attempt to edit results in an error when saving. So here they are... Steve
  4. Update 9/17 The main metal colors are on! Initially, I sprayed the wings with Mission Models Silver, and for whatever reason, the paint refused to dry- I’ve never had this happen with any of their paint so perhaps a bad bottle? I even set up a test bed project and couldn’t get their silver to dry after three days- very weird. I tried different thinner ratios, a hair dryer, etc. Normally, their paints dry within minutes. The other metallics behaved normally and so I switched to a home brew silver consisting of 20:1 Mission Models Duraluminum to Mission Models Mission White. I also carefully built up some Mission Models Chrome on the fuselage to check for tonal contrast between the wings and bare metal areas. Satisfied, I masked the silver wings and proceeded to paint the chrome. It does not need to be thinned and is already water thin out of the bottle. I slowly built up the coverage over the gloss black base until achieving the finish you see here. It lays down great and is very durable- I wet sanded (to repair and repaint a few blemishes) and masked over it without any problems after letting it sit for a night. As with all chrome applications- surface prep is everything- there are some areas I wish I would’ve spent some more time on surface prep, but if you can’t see it, I’m not telling! Look at that shine! Next, I killed a roll of masking tape and applied some Mission Models Dark Aluminum over the exhaust panels and Faded Aluminum on a few panels and the fairing around the empennage. I have to put the model down for a few days, but hope to resume with more updates next week. Thanks for stopping by! Also, if you want to see some real metal mastery, check out the B-58 in the Jet Modeling forum! Steve
  5. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this thread until now- WOW! This is the best 1/48 B-58 I have ever seen. I love your foil work and what you’ve accomplished with the finish! Steve
  6. Looking fantastic as per your usual! I love the red outlined roundels as well 👍🏻 Steve
  7. Terry- top down/Gods eye picture showing this spot- this canopy frame “line” is off in the circle - that’s what everyone is talking about. Steve
  8. Me too! I hope to have an update tonight. I’m masking things off right now. Thanks! I appreciate the encouraging words 👍🏻 It’s a bummer, but with normal sanding along the join, you would probably have to deepen the fastener detail anyways. I used my 1/32 Tamiya cowl as a reference and then used a beading tool create the missing fasteners- a 5 min job once marked out 👍🏻 Don’t let it keep you from building this kit though! Steve
  9. Update 9/13 After more sanding and polishing and buffing than I’d care to admit, I think I’m finally ready to paint some metallics 🤗. I used Mission Models Gloss Black Base for Chrome for the very first time over their standard Black Primer and am super impressed with how quickly it goes on and dries, how it sands/buffs, and how durable it is. I polished it with Micro Mesh pads down to 12000 grit and then used damp Novus polishing pads for plastic. I plan on shooting some Mission Models Chrome for the main fuselage to get the high shine finish. In certain light, the model almost looks Chrome already 😎. Anyways, I will let this set for 12-24 hrs per Mission Models instructions before applying the Chrome. I also fixed a few flaws I noticed after taking these photos - it’s never ending 😂 Steve
  10. Yeah, I do too- surface prep is the key and I’ve been sanding this thing to death. In hindsight I should have left the flaps off and painted them separately. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to paint it but I am leaning towards using Mission Models Chrome on the main body for the overall color, and then use some Mission Models Aluminum and Dark Aluminum on various panels. The wings will be Mission Models Silver. I have been inspired by the Mustang at the Boeing Museum of Flight (below). Here’s an actual photo of Miss Steve- note the various metallic shades throughout the fuselage. Steve
  11. Thanks! I suspect the clear parts will be much better in the upcoming Profipack Mustangs. I believe Eduard sometimes rushes their kits for certain events and then tweaks the molds afterwards (like their Tempest last year!). Anyways, it is still the best 1/48 P-51D by a long shot. The puttied wings have been a chore- I may skip this for my second go at this kit. Thanks the kind words Rodney 👍🏻
  12. Update 9/12 Here’s a quick recap of the work I completed the past few days: First, I added Brassin exhausts. They are a drop-in fit once the casting block is removed. They are also necessary, because unfortunately one of the shortcomings of this early boxing is that the some of the exhaust tubes are short shot. Anywhoo- this is a no brainer $6 upgrade. Before priming, there are a ton of tiny etched detail parts to add- they look great but are fiddly to get into position. I used a plasticard strip for the intake support because the photoetch piece was incredibly difficult to align and keep straight while getting it to cure with super glue. The etched grille is a nice touch but you will probably never see it unless you pick up the model and shine a flashlight The radiator support is an etched piece but there is a notch in the fuselage to aid alignment. There is a nice etch part for the inner flap I also am using the Brassin wheels. They look great out of the package. You do have to trim the flash between each wheel spoke in the separate hub, and you can see I have started that here. Oddly, the Brassin wheels are too tall to fit under the main gear struts out of the box. I had to trim about 2mm off the gear strut where it arches out in order to get the tire to fit. A small fix, but kind of annoying, like, did anybody and Eduard bother to check? This isn’t a one off either, multiple builders have encountered this and reported it on the Eduard Build Facebook Page. Another nitpick is the Clear parts...they are not up to what we’ve come to expect from Eduard recently and they have a bit of an orange peel effect OOB. I broke out the polishing pads- 6000/8000/12000, and then compound. Afterwards I dipped the canopy in a 50/50 windex/future solution. This isn’t the best shot, but you can see the rougher texture in the unpolished canopy (sprue gate attached) compared to the polished canopy below it. As a side note, you get three versions of the P-51 canopy in the kit, which means you can use an extra one to handily mask off the cockpit 🤗 Finally, I primed everything with Mission Models Black primer...the first attempt showed me I needed another coat of putty on the wing panel lines. I want them “barely there”, but not accented compared to the gun access doors. After fixing a few flaws and sanding down the primer, I shot a few more coats of black primer and then a final coat of Mission Models Gloss Black Primer. I am in the process of polishing the whole plane using the MicroMesh system, but here is roughly where things stand at the moment: Thanks for looking! Steve
  13. Wow! I am really glad you joined the forums and are sharing your work with us. That pilot figure is top notch as is the weathering you’ve started along the fuselage! Tremendous build! Steve
  14. Looking good! I love the Barracuda placards and wish they would scale down those rudder pedals with the NAA logo for the new Eduard kit (I’ve got another one to build). Steve
  15. I will also voice my support for Mr Leveling Thinner- it is incredible! I will even mix it with Tamiya Acrylics when spraying 👍🏻👍🏻
  16. Man- I bet getting all those Mk 82s aligned was a pain! That’s a very awesome loadout and adds some definite “oomph” to the visual presence of your model! Steve
  17. That’s a beautiful little kit! Great job from a fellow Zoomie (04) 😉 Steve
  18. Kit decals. There’s not as many options as you would think the way this kit is optioned- it is for a D-5 with fin fillet and there aren’t a ton of those represented in decal form. There is an option for Miss Steve in the kit, and My name is Steve, soooo, haha, there you go 👍🏻👍🏻
  19. Mustang Update 9/2 I decided to putty the panel lines on the wings except for the gun/ammo doors and oval inspection hatch in the port wing. The Eduard kit has an oval hatch on the top of each wing but it should just be on the port side, so be sure to fill it if you are building this kit. I used Tamiya White Surface primer and clear CA glue to fill the various panel lines and smooth out the gun inserts. Only the forward 40% of the wing was puttied according to the diagram below but I decided to fill complete panel lines (minus the gun/ammo doors) as I thought it would look awkward to leave them partially filled when it came time to wash the wing. And the wings before sanding... And after the sanding...I started with 800 grit, then 1000, and stopped at 1500. I also rescribed the panel lines and re-added rivet detail that was obliterated after joining and sanding the fuselage halves. I attempted adding the prominent Dzus fasteners along the top of the cowl and didn’t like my first attempt, so I filled it in with gap filling superglue and tried again. The dark spots are the old fasteners filled in but the new ones don’t really show in the photo. They aren’t perfect, but my second attempt was better than the first and unless the primer reveals something egregious, I’m going to leave it. Thanks for stopping by! Steve
  20. The best Zero in 1/48 IMHO is the Tamiya A6M5 kit number 61103. It is fairly new tool and a beautiful kit. I’ve got two. As to the other part of your question, I don’t know of a database that lists specific aircraft by tool dates from all the manufacturers on one page, but a little research on Scalemates should provide what you need. Steve
  21. Yes, it’s well worth the price! Thanks for the kind words. Indeed it is. I have the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D and was actually using it today as reference for adding dzus fasteners to the top of the cowling on the Eduard kit. Strangely, they are missing abeam the top part of the cowl, but their painting guides for all of the kit markings show them and they have dzus fasteners on the sides of the cowling. 🤷‍♂️ Happy Mustang building to us both! Steve
  22. That’s coming along very nicely and the extra effort around the national insignias looks great! Steve
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