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  1. Thanks guys!!! for the MFD I used an old photographic roll film ^_^
  2. hi Nikos! The best way, in my opinion, is Future + drawing inks (windsor&newton). I used this "potion" oh my Prowler. Reflection ad darkness depending by light another example on my Growler (only on windshield) and last, on Phantom windshield, to reproduce reflection of thickness glass (only a drop, just to see with a light condition) Hope you help! Ciao! Carmine
  3. Thanks guys! :rolleyes:/> more pics!
  4. Hi guys!!! My name is Carmine, I'm Italian modeler. this is my last work, the EA-18G Growler, Bu.No 166894, based at Aviano AB during Odyssey Dawn. I started from Hasegawa kit, plus some aftermaker...And big big big thanks to my friend Patrick from Belgium for the decals!! -Aires cockpit and wheel bays -Rhino seamless intake -Olimp exhaust -Quickboost ECS pipes -Brassin AIM-120C -Eduard exterior PE -Northstar Model resin wheels -Afterburner Decals / Fightertown Decals The kit is basically an F/A-18F Block 26+ (future Hasegawa relase?), but requires some works for correct conversio
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