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  1. Yep, the old AMT speeder biker. Thanks for the guidance. Yes I was a little concerned around the hip area as well, it does seem very chunky. As he is spare, I don't mind trying something new. Thanks for the help Ash
  2. Thanks Bill Its the Star Wars biker scout, It's down as 1:11 scale. It is made of plastic styrene (I think?) They are one piece, except for the arms, they are separate. Thanks Ash
  3. Hello All I want know if there is a guide to changing a sitting posed figure to a standing one? Thanks Ash
  4. ash74

    UH-1D SAR

    Thank you Luca I have the DF-helostuff decals, which has lead to my confusion. The photos I have seen, show no anti-glare nose & a white roof (I think?) The DF-helostuff instruction's show these. But you are right & maybe I can speak to David & see if he can guide me. Thanks Ash
  5. Hello All I am trying to build the Revell 1/32 Bundeswehr Luftwaffe UH-1D (SAR) 70+54 25th anniversary Alhorn 1984 bird. It has black/red & yellow stripes. It was a Revell kit (4440) I am wondering if anyone has a walkaround, particularly of the underneath? I have some photo's but some seem to create confusion not help it. Thanks Ash
  6. Hello I have this kit too, I would love to have a go it one day, but I don't like painting white, however I am gaining confidence using Tamiya lacquer paints. I do like the coast guard helicopters. If you get a chance have a look at movie called "the Guardian" it has Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher in it (Don't let that put you off!!!) It's has some footage of these types of choppers, some inside. I look forward to seeing this built. Ash
  7. Hello Minicraft have re-released it in 2017. If that helps? Thanks Ash
  8. Hello Without seeing the complete instructions. The gradient could mean metallic finish? I am not sure whether the direction changes things? Thanks Ash
  9. Thankyou, I will keep an eye out for it. That's great to hear it will fit the Kinetic kit, as I bought one in anticipation for the decals (Hoping it was right) Thanks Ash
  10. Hello Is there a release date for the 1/48 Hornet early years? & is the Kinetic F/A 18A the right Hornet to use these decals on? Thanks Ash
  11. You could try scalemates, they have visible 2.3 litre turbo engine, which looks like a re-box? You just search 1/3 in the instructions area. It should bring it up. Hope it helps? Ash
  12. ash74


    Thank you Gino, I wasn't to far off, but that's a great help. Ash
  13. ash74


    Hello Could anyone let me know what colours would be in the cockpit & cabin area in an early 80's white over grey scheme SH-60B ? I have seen gunship grey & flat black, but not convinced this correct? Thanks Ash
  14. Thank you Ray That is a great help, I have the tails totally wrong, I wasn't to far along with the wings. Thank you for the help. Ash
  15. Hello All I am hoping someone can help? I doing an old Airfix 747, I have Liveries unlimited 747 Inspar panels, but I have no instructions for it. I don't know if I have misplaced them or whether they where never there. I am hoping someone can guide me where the decals go? or where I can locate a set of instructions? Thanks Ash
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