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  1. I would go with option 2, maybe test matte coat, if you are not happy, maybe then strip & start over. As to what caused it, could it be the although humidity is regulated, that the temperature changed. I know that plays havoc with my models. As I am out in a shed with no temperature. But I am no expert. Thanks Ashleigh
  2. I have three For some reason Metallica's Outlaw torn gives me Goosebumps & a little sad, not sure why another one is called "under the Milky Way" by the church The last one is Sister golden hair by America, it just reminds me of an aunt that has now left us With two other possibilities, being... …Bare by Anthrax, & Angel flying to close to the ground by Willie nelson This is great question Thanks Ash
  3. Yep, the old AMT speeder biker. Thanks for the guidance. Yes I was a little concerned around the hip area as well, it does seem very chunky. As he is spare, I don't mind trying something new. Thanks for the help Ash
  4. Thanks Bill Its the Star Wars biker scout, It's down as 1:11 scale. It is made of plastic styrene (I think?) They are one piece, except for the arms, they are separate. Thanks Ash
  5. Hello All I want know if there is a guide to changing a sitting posed figure to a standing one? Thanks Ash
  6. Thank you Luca I have the DF-helostuff decals, which has lead to my confusion. The photos I have seen, show no anti-glare nose & a white roof (I think?) The DF-helostuff instruction's show these. But you are right & maybe I can speak to David & see if he can guide me. Thanks Ash
  7. Hello All I am trying to build the Revell 1/32 Bundeswehr Luftwaffe UH-1D (SAR) 70+54 25th anniversary Alhorn 1984 bird. It has black/red & yellow stripes. It was a Revell kit (4440) I am wondering if anyone has a walkaround, particularly of the underneath? I have some photo's but some seem to create confusion not help it. Thanks Ash
  8. Hello I have this kit too, I would love to have a go it one day, but I don't like painting white, however I am gaining confidence using Tamiya lacquer paints. I do like the coast guard helicopters. If you get a chance have a look at movie called "the Guardian" it has Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher in it (Don't let that put you off!!!) It's has some footage of these types of choppers, some inside. I look forward to seeing this built. Ash
  9. Hello Minicraft have re-released it in 2017. If that helps? Thanks Ash
  10. Hello Without seeing the complete instructions. The gradient could mean metallic finish? I am not sure whether the direction changes things? Thanks Ash
  11. Thankyou, I will keep an eye out for it. That's great to hear it will fit the Kinetic kit, as I bought one in anticipation for the decals (Hoping it was right) Thanks Ash
  12. Hello Is there a release date for the 1/48 Hornet early years? & is the Kinetic F/A 18A the right Hornet to use these decals on? Thanks Ash
  13. You could try scalemates, they have visible 2.3 litre turbo engine, which looks like a re-box? You just search 1/3 in the instructions area. It should bring it up. Hope it helps? Ash
  14. ash74


    Thank you Gino, I wasn't to far off, but that's a great help. Ash
  15. Hello Could anyone let me know what colours would be in the cockpit & cabin area in an early 80's white over grey scheme SH-60B ? I have seen gunship grey & flat black, but not convinced this correct? Thanks Ash
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