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  1. Hello Lloyd You could try CultTVman's hobby shop. They may have something that fits. Thanks Ash
  2. To be honest, I am not sure. I suspect maybe military, as I believe it was within the first week of the attack. It is near a border. Not sure which one? Obviously, I dont want to push her too hard. I was really hoping just to get a list of places that could help her in her search. Thanks Ash
  3. Hello All I am not sure if this allowed or if anyone can help me? My Neighbour is from the Ukraine. Apparently, her immediate family were caught in the first wave of the attack because they lived near the airport. She has no idea whether they alive or dead & hasn't been able to make contact. Does anyone know if there is anyone that might be able to help her? Thank you Ash
  4. Thank you both That is a great help. Scooby, I am used to our Police Dauphins. This one sounded & looked different. I was impressed. I wish I had gotten some photos. I was going to when he took off, but he shot off in the other direction obscured by trees. Again thank you both Ash
  5. Hello All Does anyone make a Augusta Westland AW-139? I have seen the Victorian Air Ambulance version (Australia) I would like to have a go at one, if one exists? Not fussed on scale, at the moment, just seeing if its available in a kit. Thanks Ash
  6. ash74

    Soft edges

    Thank you Kurt, I try those in the future. Ash
  7. ash74

    Soft edges

    I had forgotten about Bluetac, I might look into the AK Masking putty. Thanks
  8. ash74

    Soft edges

    Yes, I dont own one, & dont have any attention of getting one in the near future. Thanks Ash
  9. Hello All I am wondering whether anyone can guide me on how to create soft edges between different color paints? Similar to an airbrush? I have few models I would like to try this effect on. For example the Euro 1 scheme on an A-10. Thanks Ash
  10. Thank you, Have picked up a set I think will be close enough. Ash
  11. Hello All Does anyone make aftermarket or generic decals for a 1:35 or 1:32 Scale Apache? I have the academy (Kangam) Apache. I dont like the grey scheme, I am happy with just the plain drab green. I am not sure the kit decals will work for the darker drab green. Thanks Ash
  12. Ken No problems, glad to be of assistance. Thanks Ash
  13. There is a lot of options? maybe...Mind you I have never rented anywhere that has issue with me modelling. I know our local hobby store, does a meet & make on weekends. Maybe somewhere near by does the same? Depending on where you are renting is there an issue with you placing a small shed up? Maybe see if there is like minded person if they would mind sharing there space. Would building snap together models work whilst you are there? What about your workplace? Would they be willing to let you have a small space? Even letting people here know what area you are going too, there might be som
  14. ash74


    Thank you Vidar_710, that helps, that means I can do which ever squadron I wish, without being to wrong or to right!!! Thanks Ash
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