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  1. Thank you, Have picked up a set I think will be close enough. Ash
  2. Hello All Does anyone make aftermarket or generic decals for a 1:35 or 1:32 Scale Apache? I have the academy (Kangam) Apache. I dont like the grey scheme, I am happy with just the plain drab green. I am not sure the kit decals will work for the darker drab green. Thanks Ash
  3. Ken No problems, glad to be of assistance. Thanks Ash
  4. There is a lot of options? maybe...Mind you I have never rented anywhere that has issue with me modelling. I know our local hobby store, does a meet & make on weekends. Maybe somewhere near by does the same? Depending on where you are renting is there an issue with you placing a small shed up? Maybe see if there is like minded person if they would mind sharing there space. Would building snap together models work whilst you are there? What about your workplace? Would they be willing to let you have a small space? Even letting people here know what area you are going too, there might be som
  5. ash74


    Thank you Vidar_710, that helps, that means I can do which ever squadron I wish, without being to wrong or to right!!! Thanks Ash
  6. ash74


    Hello all Does anyone units used the F-14 Bombcat. I am not a fan the unit that is used in the Bombcat kit. Thanks Ashleigh
  7. Hello Straight Ammonia works for chrome part, not sure on paint. I wouldnt think so. Thanks Ashleigh
  8. Thanks everyone for the guidance, I am going to try the lacquer paints. I have been using them for solid colors, might as well take the plunge & try camouflage. Thanks Ash.
  9. Hello All I am wondering if anyone can guide me on the paints for A-10 Euro 1 scheme without mixing colors? I have access to Tamiya or Humbrol, plus whatever is in my stash. Thank you Ash
  10. Hello I am by no means an expert in this field, but I have a few versions of the "My Achin A**" I don't believe there is other artwork on it, other than the lady on the fuselage, the A** on the nose, & the other lady on the landing gear cover. However the Landing gear cover maybe dependent on the pilot? Not sure if this helps? Thanks Ash
  11. I would go with option 2, maybe test matte coat, if you are not happy, maybe then strip & start over. As to what caused it, could it be the although humidity is regulated, that the temperature changed. I know that plays havoc with my models. As I am out in a shed with no temperature. But I am no expert. Thanks Ashleigh
  12. I have three For some reason Metallica's Outlaw torn gives me Goosebumps & a little sad, not sure why another one is called "under the Milky Way" by the church The last one is Sister golden hair by America, it just reminds me of an aunt that has now left us With two other possibilities, being... …Bare by Anthrax, & Angel flying to close to the ground by Willie nelson This is great question Thanks Ash
  13. Yep, the old AMT speeder biker. Thanks for the guidance. Yes I was a little concerned around the hip area as well, it does seem very chunky. As he is spare, I don't mind trying something new. Thanks for the help Ash
  14. Thanks Bill Its the Star Wars biker scout, It's down as 1:11 scale. It is made of plastic styrene (I think?) They are one piece, except for the arms, they are separate. Thanks Ash
  15. Hello All I want know if there is a guide to changing a sitting posed figure to a standing one? Thanks Ash
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