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  1. Sounds good to me - especially since I've gotten rid of all my Hasegawa 1/48 F-16 kits!!
  2. I found a set of these tanks as I was straightening up my stash and was just curious if anyone has ever used and if so what version of the F-16 did they use them on??
  3. I am looking to sell as a package deal the following kit & Cobra Company after-market sets. Revell 1/48 SH-2F Seasprite Helicopter Cobra Company (#48004) Seasprite Cockpit & Cabin set Cobra Company (#48005) Seasprite Exterior Set Instead of listing a specific price I am going to do an "ARC style auction" - basically I will accept the highest offer OVER $25.00 that I receive in the next 24 hours. Please note that shipping will be additional to your offer If interested in sending me an offer ($25 or more) please email me at the following: GNomad781(at)gmail.com Note: I will post
  4. SOLD Kit has been opened for inspection but is otherwise brand-new. Asking $30.00 plus shipping If interested please contact me directly at: GNomad(at)gmail.com Cheers, Tim
  5. SOLD I have a Hasegawa 1/48 F-4J "Showtime 100" kit# PT6 For Sale $20.000 plus SHIPPING Here is what you need to know about the kit I have painted the interior of the cockpit as per the color called for in the instructions and applied a set of Eduard color photo-etched cockpit placards I have glued the seat halves together and painted the seat cushions olive drab I was planning to convert this kit into an USMC F-4S kit so along with the regular wings there is also a set of wings needed to make a F-4S NOTE: The only clear canopy parts included are a one-piece canopy!!! If you're interes
  6. My oh my....that's what I call....SWEET. Great job my friend.
  7. I just sold off a whole bunch of Hase. 1/48 F-4 kits (no F-4 C/D's though) and all the ones that had the one-piece canopy had a little note on the outside of the box saying "One Piece Canopy Included"
  8. Hey Big Red, What kind of aircraft are you planning to build - props or jets? If you're planning to build jets then maybe I might be able to give you a idea. Drop me a PM if you are interested.
  9. Agreed that the devaluation of the dollar has definitely had a big impact on the prices of kits from Japan. You figure the value of the dollar has dropped nearly 25% against the yen over the last 3 years. Not sure about the other manufacturers though.
  10. Kool beans!! Good for you! Will be looking forward to seeing pictures here on ARC of both them when you build 'em!!
  11. I've just finished decaling a Hasegawa RF-4EJ kit with both of this products (used the kit decals) and was really very happy with the results.
  12. Hey Tim, I've ordered from this outfit before and have always gotten my stuff - however the time it takes for my orders to arrive has varied quite significantly. I think one time I got my order in about a week or 7 business days and the other time it took close to 3 weeks. I honestly think it's all the luck of the draw when it comes with dealing with the British Postal System - definitely not as consistent as the carriers Gordon at SprueBrothers uses but in the end usually reliable.
  13. Builder has been FOUND!! I have a Hasegawa 1/48 JASDF RF-4E kit (kit# Pt30) that I'd like to give away, however in return I'd like the person to build the kit as an in-flight display and then send me some pictures of the finished model. Of course whoever builds the model gets to keep the finished model for themselves, I just want to get some nice digital pictures. Now I have a specific way I'd like to have the kit displayed inflight so I can supply you with those supplies as well. As far as timetable goes, I'd like to see it built by the end of this year. If you think you might be interest
  14. Great job Ian...!! Whose kit did you use?
  15. Nice job Kevin! Did the kit come with any type of ordnance?
  16. Well Sir, it's about time you got your priorities straightened out - GRIN (good humor intended) Really glad you have chosen to join us! Ignore the few trolls that occasionally pop up around here and you really outta enjoy yourself. Seriously....WELCOME!!
  17. Very very nice!! Looks like a pretty simple & economical way to go.
  18. Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Can't wait for my tax return so maybe I can get my own one....a model one of course!
  19. Hey Kevan, just think of it as some "contemporary" piece of artwork.....GRIN.
  20. I love the nicely done paint job - GREAT JOB my friend. Really inspiring work!
  21. WOW..Juanjo - that is one of the most nicely weathered Tomcats I've ever seen. GREAT JOB my friend.
  22. Wow...NICE JOB my friend....love the paint scheme!!!
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