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  1. Wow....now that's something you definitely don't see everyday....at least I know I don't!! Nice job Ken.
  2. Wow.....what a great finish. Love it!! Cheers, Tim
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions!! Much obliged...! Tim
  4. Okay so here's the deal, I recently discovered the Canadian TV Series done a few years back titled, "Intelligence" and really really enjoyed it and was hoping that perhaps there were some other great shows like this from Canada that you guys might be able to turn me on to. I really just enjoyed how well the show was put together (in my opinion anyway) and seeing the differences between how the Canadian government views drug trafficking and the American DEA. I'm NOT looking for any political opinions here....just some friendly suggestions. THANKS! Tim
  5. Ummmmm......thanks Andre! I actually just ordered the kits so when I posted my original question I really hadn't seen the kit sprues, I was just operating under the assumption that there weren't going to be any pilot figures.
  6. Now that's something I'd be willing to pay good money (i.e. $10) to watch for the sheer entertainment value :-)
  7. I recently acquired the Airfix 1/72 BAE Hawk 100 series kit (#3073) and plan to build my model "in-flight" and was wondering where/how I can get hold of a couple modern day British pilot figures in the seated position to use in my model. If there are some resin pilots available...great...or if there are some good injection modeled pilots that come in another kit which I could use that would be great too. All practical responses welcomed. Thanks, Tim
  8. I'm looking to hear from anyone who is currently working on (or has already built) the SkunkModels 1/48 scale HH-60J - basically all I'm really interested in knowing is how the fit for the kit is.....average, good, great??? Thanks, Tim
  9. I love it....a nice clean, simple, seemingly straightforward build!! Great Job & Nice Pictures!!! tim
  10. That's great news Steve!!! I am really glad for both you and your wife. Looks like an absolutely LOVELY place to live in....and most importantly...BUILD MODELS IN. Again...CONGRATS!!! tim
  11. I concur with Rob....try using some of the Mr. Color Leveling Thinner - IF you can get your hands on some. If you're not sure where to get some you can always try LuckyModel.com - great online source out of Hong Kong.
  12. I'm with Pep on this one....do yourself a favor (or at the very least consider the idea) and if possible get yourself a can of the Tamiya Lacquer Enamel spray bottle Gloss Black. Good luck, tim
  13. SWEEEET......!! I like how you built it up to look like a "production aircraft" NICE WORK!!! Tim
  14. I've been ordering from Lucky for nearly 8 years now and really haven't had any significant problems. Now I usually pay with either my credit card or debit card and in most instances there is a relatively small "currency conversion fee" which my bank or CC company charges me - however in my case this fee shows up as a separate line item on my bank statement. I think the actually currency conversion fee varies slightly from bank to bank. I usually order between $30 & $50 worth of stuff and my currency conversion fee is usually not more than a dollar or so. The only other advice I have f
  15. Hey Rob.... First and foremost, congratulations on completing a model - in my book that's something which I believe is ALWAYS deserving of acknowledgement. Now the one observation I'd like to make in hopes of helping you out is that perhaps you'd be better served by using a solid color under your model when taking pictures of your models - the reason I say this is because the "rough texture" of the background makes it really hard (at least for me) to get the full affect/effect <?> of your model Okay well once again.....nice to see a finished model of one of my fav aircraft. Keep it u
  16. Wow....very very NICE work my friend...!! Welcome to "gang!" Cheers, Tim
  17. Just saw it this morning and totally enjoyed it....was one of those movies where as I'm walking out of the theater into the parking lot I just kept thinking...."WOW, that was a KOOL movie." Wish though I'd known about segments after the credits!
  18. First of all let me just say....you LUCKY DOG...!! I hope you have a wonderful trip. Now I'm about 99% sure that Tamiya has a really "kool" showroom that is open to the public - just not too sure what the hours are but I don't think that sort of info will be to hard for your friend to acquire, especially if he speaks the language. Unfortunately I'm not really sure about the situation with Hasegawa. If you really want to know I can ask one of my Japanese friends to find out for us - just let me know!! Again...hope you have GREAT trip! Cheers, Tim.....who was born & raised in Nagoya,
  19. I am looking for SPECIFIC recommendations of the type of cleaning agents guys use to keep the side & rear windows of your cars clean. Seeing as I live in the USA I'd prefer to hear from guys who live here is as well because if you live in another country and give me a suggestion I'm not sure I'll be able to get a hold of the product you mentioned. Up until now I've been using regular windshield washing fluid mixed with a little vinegar - this has worked pretty well for me but I'd prefer to find a "ready made" product so as to avoid mixing the two ingredients. Thanks, Tim
  20. Scooter Man


    Wise "Arse".....<GRIN>
  21. Thank you "lads" for your help!! I knew there was something to this phrase I just wasn't sure if I wasn't hearing it correctly. Now I KNOW....thanks!!
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