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  1. I hadn't seen the 1/32 kit before, I found a photo - really Ken was absolutely right!
  2. The sanctions apply to trade between countries and the use of payment systems. Previously, I used Visa and Master cards, Pay Pal for purchases abroad. Now I can use Visa and Mastercard only within Russia or the Mir national payment card in Russia and countries that support payments with it. Also, you cannot directly buy anything from Russia, because your government has imposed sanctions on payments. All this is sad and makes it difficult for each of us to enjoy our hobby. Regards, Sergei
  3. Last renderings before the start of production of the Ka-52 Khokum. They reported that the next will be the Mi-28 Havoс. I can’t say anything about the purchase of this model, about 38 countries out of 200 have imposed sanctions, including yours, so you can’t use our payment system, and we can’t use yours. Mail works all over the world, so you can purchase this model only through an exchange with some modeler from Russia. For example, I recently needed a SR-71 from Revell, but I purchased it through an intermediary in Poland))) Regards, Sergei
  4. Hi Antony! With all due respect to Ken, I see that he jumped to the wrong conclusion. This hinge is almost in place when compared to a real aircraft. Best regards, Sergei
  5. Bill, technology for transferring these decals into place is the same as for water decals, only it's recommended to fix them with PVA or cyanoacrylate glue. I would not cover them with a matte coat, they are made taking into account the fact that the cockpit has both glossy (glasses and screens) and matte parts - toggle, buttons and switches.
  6. This is a proven and reliable technology. I find it more user-friendly than applying photoetch. Printing with polymeric material https://quinta-studio.com/en/
  7. Rivets, surface details and test 3D printing of a prototype
  8. Su-57 can be in stealth mode and normal - for this there are 6 external points for adittional weapons and fuel tanks
  9. Some details about the Ka-52 model This is the development of the line of models of our own production "Hybrid"! What is the feature? It's simple: for this production of models, we use various technologies that allow you to get the maximum quality and detail with the maximum achievement on the part of the model! Resin, 3D printing, metal, photo-etching, various plastics and other materials And most importantly, the price of such models will fit within the usual "plastic" market! Absolutely exclusive, exceptional quality and reproduction, innovative production at an affordable price, this
  10. Announcement from Arma Models - Kamov Ka-52 Alligator in 1/48 scale. It is not yet clear whether this will be a plastic model, or resin molded using technology. Expected in September/October.
  11. Kittyhawk? Khmmm... Weapons bay looks different...
  12. New tooled Italeri kit in 1/48 scale - F-35B. Will be released in August 2022. Decal for 6 aircraft - US Marines, RAF UK, Marina Italy.
  13. Some pictures with patrons and emty cells...
  14. Wheel wells on all version F-101s were green - from a dark shade to cinc chromate http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason/f-101b_59-0400/index.php?Page=2
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