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  1. SMK additional resin seats: https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/smk48046_detalizirovannye_kresla_dlya_ka_52_ne_dlya_svobodnoy_prodazhi_/ Armament - Whirlwind, Attack or Igla missiles, blocks of unguided rockets: https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/am48205_ptrk_shturm_1_sht_ne_dlya_svobodnoy_prodazhi_/ https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/am48210_zrk_igla_2_sht_ne_dlya_svobodnoy_prodazhi_/ https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/am48208_ptur_ataka_1_sht_ne_dlya_svobodnoy_prodazhi_/ https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/am48211_blok_nurs_b8v20_s_raketami_2sht_ne_dlya_svobodnoy_prodazhi
  2. I think that there will be no details about this helicopter until the end of the special military operation.
  3. Paulsbrown, very good work! I see a very beautiful conversion! These are photos of the test assembly. Based on the results of this work, correctons are made to the set. As far as I know, 2 people are currently doing this for Arma Models, and these are photos of one of them. What paints and materials he uses for the assembly - is not reported.
  4. The barrel of the gun in the kit is made of 3D resin, you can buy it separately from metal. The wheels of landing gear in the kit are less detailed, and can buy additionally with more details. The Ka-52, shot down in February, remained on the ground, the crew was evacuated by another Mi-24 that came to the rescue. There was another case of forced landing of the Ka-52. The crew was able to repair the helicopter on their own and flew away. P.S. Bonus - in progress pics
  5. The kit is not yet for sale. The manufacturer is completing minor improvements to various parts - grilles, vacuformed canopy
  6. Exclusive additions and figures to the Mi-8MT model by Live Resin. The period of the War in Afghanistan in the 80s.
  7. I could help some modellers, post service works fine. However, the transfer of money from the US and Europe to Russia is now very difficult due to sanctions on the banking system
  8. When ordering a Ka-52 kit, can choose few options with Arma Models pilots - sitting in the cockpit, after the flight, helicopter inspection, emergency landing
  9. Thank you, Gabor, for your efforts in collecting and systematizing information! Annetra looked very interesting in my opinion. I hope the project is still alive. Unfortunately, one inadequate person tried to do the same for political reasons with the topic on the Ka-52, but the moderators turned out to be fair and figured out this situation. Thanks to this, we can return to modeling and discuss only those things that are related to the building of modelkits and real prototypes.
  10. It's reasonable to do this not as a solid part, otherwise the polymer consumption will be very large. Therefore, the fuselage is hollow inside, the fuselage thickness is 1.5 mm, and all weight is 64 grams.
  11. Hi all! Some parts are given in duplicate - this is a test print to determine the most optimal position of the parts and their supports, according to the results of the assembly for such parts, one option will be selected. The same applies to different colors of the polymer, in the series there will also be one and most likely not black. There are no rotor blades, cannons and transparent parts, this are still in production. Regards
  12. Hi! The fuselage will be cast in one piece, for assembly it will be necessary to separate only the supports used in 3D printing...
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