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  1. Some pictures with patrons and emty cells...
  2. Wheel wells on all version F-101s were green - from a dark shade to cinc chromate http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason/f-101b_59-0400/index.php?Page=2
  3. Hi, Tom! I think that now it's impossible to find out if there are no reliable photos of this aircraft. Regards
  4. The size of the front wheels on the Su-57 is the same as on the Su-30/35 aircraft, the diameter is 620 mm. The main wheels have a diameter of 1050. On the Su-30/35 - 1030 mm. https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/48571tmp_kolesa_shassi_su_57/#gallery-1
  5. Hi! You can try KS-4 seat with pilot: https://www.super-hobby.ru/products/Russian-pilot-with-KS-4-ejection-seat-for-Su-7-9-11-15-17-Figurines-x.html
  6. 3D renders https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?z=photo-29859496_457623673%2Fwall-29859496_2679126
  7. I think super-hobby.ru will be a more convenient store, geographically it's located in Poland
  8. If you are only looking aftermarket products, then I can recommend these products http://www.amigomodels.ru/product/amc48206-2/ http://www.amigomodels.ru/product/amc48206/ https://www.super-hobby.ru/products/R-40TD-Long-range-Air-to-Air-missile-set.html https://www.plusmodel.cz/en/Ruska-raketa-R-40TD-AA-6-Acrid https://www.super-hobby.ru/products/Russian-missile-R-40R-AA-6-Acrid.html
  9. Hi! MiG-25PD was armed with 4 R-40 missiles. R-40RD - a modification of the R-40R, created after the hijacking of a MiG-25P aircraft to Japan in 1976 by the pilot of the USSR Air Force V. Belenko. For the compatibility of the new avionics MiG-25PD, missile was equipped with the RGS-25 seeker, created on the basis of the RGS-24 rocket R-24 (for MiG-23M). The missile is capable of selecting targets against the background of the underlying surface. R-40TD is a modification of the R-40T, created simultaneously with the R-40RD, with an improved 35T1 homing head.
  10. The decal is printed in single orders upon request in Moscow. I can give the manufacturer's contact in a personal message.
  11. Hi! A decal-correction for the first serial Su-57 and possible subsequent ones has been prepared for printing (in December 2021, the Russian Aerospace Forces should be commissioned another 2-3 aircraft). Scale 1/48. Best regards, Sergey
  12. I contacted Lion Roar, they told the seller to make a request, only the seller can request replacement parts. As the seller said, 'we paid parts for you and are waiting for them to be received'. You can send email with request on lionroar@vip.sina.com
  13. Yesterday I received GWH Su-27. Unfortunately, the product came out in poor quality, the injection molds are not straight, which led to the curvature of the fuselage and wings. In addition, there was a crack in the part of the windshield glass. I purchased this kit from ebay and requested a replacement parts or refund.
  14. Yes, there are visual differences and internal changes in the cockpit. This is the basic version of the Su-25. There is a variant of the Su-25BM - a target towing vehicle. It has additional air intakes on the nacelle The Su-25SM removed the last underwings points, removed the RSBN close navigation antenna-feeder system (AFS RSBN) and the VHF transmitter antenna from the tail fin. The engines are the same. The latest modern version, the Su-25SM3, differs from the Su-25SM in the antenna on the tail boom and also in the attachments on the tail boom.
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