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    Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, RAF, RAAF, Israeli and Russian aircraft. (Middle Eastern sometimes...). 72nd has been my chosen scale, but I'm building more 48th these days
    I have a few armor subjects in 35th I'd like to sit down to do one day....

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  1. I could do that! (But they'd have to lock me in a room with thick rubber wallpaper for a couple of years to find myself after that!!!) Nice stuff! DET1460
  2. DET1460


    I got the "B" when it first came out. I was disappointed to find no flaps on the wing gloves. Odd, the box art shows them but the kit doesn't. So don't show any of it opened... flaps or slats. One of the many, MANY reasons I don't buy TrumpBoss stuff anymore. They seem to screw the pooch on just about every aircraft kit they produce... Not all, just most. JMHO DET1460
  3. I know Don. He needs advice on how to upload his pics. Can someone please help him? Thanks. DET1460
  4. Never been a fan of the SU-7, but I think you changed my mind! Very nice job!!! Dirty, but not overdone, and a great camo scheme. Very Nice indeed! DET1460
  5. After Vietnam I was sent to Plattsburgh to crew chief FB-111's. (Jan. 1971) Since I had to wait almost six months until they arrived I crewed KC's. As I remember the wheels, landing gear and wheel wells were painted in a dull aluminum finish. Inside the gear doors as well. It's been a while but NOTHING was white or grey. Hope this helps you out. DET1460
  6. If you build the G model from Cannon, the decals included are beautiful... if you want to build the last F during its retirement scheme. I have a bunch of these and was disappointed I had to use spare decals. (Have a bunch of those as well...). There are some Wolfpack sheets with FB's on them in 72. But the OLD Hasy kit is the best 111 kit made. Get the Aussie kit recently released and grab some aftermarket decals, you'll do fine. Don't forget to paint over the Astro-Tracker window on the nose if you're making a later version. Good luck! DET1460 (PS I was a crew chief on the FB's at Plattsburgh when they first arrived.)
  7. A-10 loader You won't be disappointed. I got them in 72 and 48. They're very detailed, inside and out! DET1460
  8. Someone left a topic about Reskit F-111 exhaust nozzles, so I went there and found lots of things that interested me very much. I took the plunge and ordered $150 worth of their products. They arrived here about nine days later (Postage from Ukraine to America was eleven dollars. ELEVEN dollars!) and I could not be happier with what I received. 6 B-57 wheel sets, 1 Hind wheel set in 35th scale, 3 F-111 exhaust sets for the Hasy kit, 1 exhaust set for the Kitty Hawk SU 34 and a 1/48th F-111 exhaust for the Academy kit which I'm kit bashing with the Hobby Boss kit. (Which was a gift from a friend.) Reskit has weapons, wheels and exhausts for almost everything out there. The quality is excellent. The service was, too! go to <Reskit.com.ua> I hope this helps someone out there with some needed parts. Thanks for listening. DET1460
  9. Whatever problems you had with this kit... you sure seemed to have overcome them all! Great build of a piece of history. I got inside this particular aircraft at the Museum of the USAF in Dayton, while it was in restoration. The fuselage was almost whole, the wings were done and the engines were finished and lined up on stands covered in plastic. Very cool to see the parts finished and ready. Seven or eight years ago. Great memory! Again, well done! DET1460
  10. Best chopper ever built! And you did it justice. Gotta start mine in 35 shortly. Hope it looks half as good as yours. Thanks for posting and the incentive to get going on mine! (Sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get going on a kit!) Thanks DET1460
  11. DET1460

    F-4E 2020

    Try Sprue Brothers. On their "New" list today. DET1460
  12. Couldn't agree more! Looks more like a 48/32 scale. Awesome stuff! DET1460
  13. That's pretty sweet! Nice finish and subject. More please!!! DET1460
  14. I didn't see the thread you posted. Sorry. (But I still like your decals very much!) The 72nd sheet sounds good... Got a few old Hasy kits to build! DET1460
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