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    Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, RAF, RAAF, Israeli and Russian aircraft. (Middle Eastern sometimes...). 72nd has been my chosen scale, but I'm building more 48th these days
    I have a few armor subjects in 35th I'd like to sit down to do one day....

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  1. A-10 loader You won't be disappointed. I got them in 72 and 48. They're very detailed, inside and out! DET1460
  2. Someone left a topic about Reskit F-111 exhaust nozzles, so I went there and found lots of things that interested me very much. I took the plunge and ordered $150 worth of their products. They arrived here about nine days later (Postage from Ukraine to America was eleven dollars. ELEVEN dollars!) and I could not be happier with what I received. 6 B-57 wheel sets, 1 Hind wheel set in 35th scale, 3 F-111 exhaust sets for the Hasy kit, 1 exhaust set for the Kitty Hawk SU 34 and a 1/48th F-111 exhaust for the Academy kit which I'm kit bashing with the Hobby Boss kit. (Which was a gift from a friend.) Reskit has weapons, wheels and exhausts for almost everything out there. The quality is excellent. The service was, too! go to <Reskit.com.ua> I hope this helps someone out there with some needed parts. Thanks for listening. DET1460
  3. Whatever problems you had with this kit... you sure seemed to have overcome them all! Great build of a piece of history. I got inside this particular aircraft at the Museum of the USAF in Dayton, while it was in restoration. The fuselage was almost whole, the wings were done and the engines were finished and lined up on stands covered in plastic. Very cool to see the parts finished and ready. Seven or eight years ago. Great memory! Again, well done! DET1460
  4. Best chopper ever built! And you did it justice. Gotta start mine in 35 shortly. Hope it looks half as good as yours. Thanks for posting and the incentive to get going on mine! (Sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get going on a kit!) Thanks DET1460
  5. DET1460

    F-4E 2020

    Try Sprue Brothers. On their "New" list today. DET1460
  6. Couldn't agree more! Looks more like a 48/32 scale. Awesome stuff! DET1460
  7. That's pretty sweet! Nice finish and subject. More please!!! DET1460
  8. I didn't see the thread you posted. Sorry. (But I still like your decals very much!) The 72nd sheet sounds good... Got a few old Hasy kits to build! DET1460
  9. On this sheet I see only one nose art for "GERRYS CLOWN". I have a photo I took of this acft. taxiing by me in 1970. It has the art on the right side as well. Thought you'd like to know. Keep up the great work. Love the stuff you're doing. DET1460
  10. Beautiful well-worn post cruise finish. Love the weathering! (The build isn't bad either!) Nice. Very Nice! DET1460
  11. The A models had a slightly different scheme to the D, E and F. And don't forget, the D models had two HUDs. DET1460
  12. Here Here to the Hasy kit. None are better. Had a bunch, still do. If the Hasy kit is available... GO for it! You won't be disappointed! DET1460 (Raptor is right...)
  13. I can't speak for the Pavla set, but I have a number of NeOmega sets in 72nd and I've been very satisfied with the fit and the detail. Good luck with your choice! DET1460
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