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    Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, RAF, RAAF, Israeli and Russian aircraft. (Middle Eastern sometimes...). 72nd has been my chosen scale, but I'm building more 48th these days
    I have a few armor subjects in 35th I'd like to sit down to do one day....

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  1. WOW! That is just beautiful! And for a 72nd kit... Awesome. I've developed a fondness for ICM kits and recently bought 2. I only hope they come out as wonderful as yours! Fantastic job! Very impressive... DET1460
  2. Really nice work! Weathering on the paint is beautiful. (Did Trumpeter actually make a reasonably accurate aircraft kit? Don't know the '29 as well as I'd like, but that looks pretty accurate. Am I wrong?) Nice stuff anyway! DET1460
  3. Don't know what it is, but I have a fondness for the Northrop F-5/T-38 series, and you did it justice. Awesome job! DET1460 3525th OMS, Williams AFB, Arizona, '69
  4. My pleasure, Dutch. Can't say enough bad about the Trumpy kit. Looks like a Reno air racer! Enjoy the Wolfpack 38. You'll like the results. DET1460
  5. Try SprueBros for the Wolfpack kit. Got a few from them at $31.00. Get the cheapest one (they're all the same...) and Caracal and others have outstanding decals for these acft. The only fit problem is very minor and an easy fix. The students (front) instrument panel mounts too high. I found by cutting down the sides of the panel and the center where it mounts to the floor worked for me. Trial and error. Cut a little... then fit. Repeat as necessary. Doesn't take long... Hope this helps. DET1460
  6. When I was in the AF ('68-'72) EVERYTHING on the flightline that didn't fly was AGE yellow, which I believe was Insignia yellow. I'm not sure when it changed but I think it was late '70's or early '80's and they went to a dark green, possibly OD. (The fire extinguishers and fire trucks were... anyone? Red! All vehicles, pickups, stepvans, the Brass's cars... were insignia blue.) Hope this helps. DET1460
  7. To F5guy.. I crewed T-38's at Williams AFB many moons ago. There is a distinct hump in front of the windscreen. It was also on the F-5B. The Wolfpack kit is about as authentic a T-38 kit can be. Just FYI... All Wolfpack T-38 kits have the AT parts in the box. They just ignored the parts in the instructions. Look carefully and you'll find them. (Even in the new 'C' release. Which can be made into an 'A' if you want...) Hope this helps. Via Con Dios DET1460
  8. I like the 'paleness' of the camo. Looks very desert worn. Very well done! DET1460
  9. KursadA Looking forward to the 72 Vietnam sheet. Crewed the RB-57E's at Tan Son Nhut. Big B-57 fan! I'll take 3 sheets. Got lots of Italeri 57's to build. Thank you for producing such great sheets. It IS appreciated. DET1460
  10. I'll take 2, in 72! Got the 72 A sheets, 2 ea, a couple of weeks ago! Love 'em! DET1460
  11. DET1460


    To Yuri There is NO detail on the lower wing gloves showing hinge detail for the flaps. There are some inaccurate 'panels' etched in. DET1460
  12. I could do that! (But they'd have to lock me in a room with thick rubber wallpaper for a couple of years to find myself after that!!!) Nice stuff! DET1460
  13. DET1460


    I got the "B" when it first came out. I was disappointed to find no flaps on the wing gloves. Odd, the box art shows them but the kit doesn't. So don't show any of it opened... flaps or slats. One of the many, MANY reasons I don't buy TrumpBoss stuff anymore. They seem to screw the pooch on just about every aircraft kit they produce... Not all, just most. JMHO DET1460
  14. I know Don. He needs advice on how to upload his pics. Can someone please help him? Thanks. DET1460
  15. Never been a fan of the SU-7, but I think you changed my mind! Very nice job!!! Dirty, but not overdone, and a great camo scheme. Very Nice indeed! DET1460
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