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    Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, RAF, RAAF, Israeli and Russian aircraft. (Middle Eastern sometimes...). 72nd has been my chosen scale, but I'm building more 48th these days
    I have a few armor subjects in 35th I'd like to sit down to do one day....

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  1. I was debating on whether or not to buy the early E by ZM... This post convinced me to go for it. Almost done and I've enjoyed the build very much. I only hope when it's finished that it looks half as good as yours!!! Beautiful job! And... Thanks for the posting! DET1460
  2. WOW! You've got a lot more courage than I have... But they came out great, and it is a nice stroll down memory lane. Thanks for this share! DET1460
  3. I may be able to help you. PM me... DET1460 I'm in Maine, also...
  4. Triple-plow II on FB's. DET1460
  5. I could be wrong. Maybe I'll have to look at this Phantom. ZM, that is! DET1460
  6. I don't know the quality of their moldings on that kit, but I built the 32nd Skyraider and I have the 32nd HE 219 to build. I'm a little intimidated at what I consider over-engineering and a lot of, to me, useless interior structure. The fit of the Skyraider was less than good for me, especially after just building the Tam 32nd Spit Mk IXc, which was the best engineered and best fitting kit I've ever built. So, unfortunately, I'll wait for the Tam kit of an "E", but thanks for the heads up on the ZM. The Skyraider left a bad taste in my mouth. I met 'The Old Man' and his sons at the Orlan
  7. About the closed speedbrakes... Tamiya didn't give the option of flaps and slats 'open' on the Tomcat. So I wouldn't get my hopes up on the speedbrakes. Personally... I'd very much like to see an early accurate "E". Thailand, '68-'69. IMHO DET1460
  8. I like it very much! Great paint and weathering. I especially like the wear and tear on the bottom of the centerline tank. Well done... DET1460
  9. Don't forget that if you mount mer's on inboard pylons you have to omit the inboard forward bomb because they interfered with the main gear doors. Only five weapons on those inboard racks... Hope this helps... DET1460
  10. I've received a lot of their sets, especially for the Hasy 111's and Italeri B-57's. Some 48th and 35th stuff as well. Just finished the Kittyhawk main and tail rotors for the -60 in 35th.. Beautiful detail, as well as the wheel set. What pleasantly surprised me is the nose wheel tires in 72 and 48 for the 111's. They mold the nose wheel tires with the outside flair which was pretty distinctive on these tires. And their exhausts are what I've wanted since the first Hasy 111 (The FB kit...) was released back in, i believe, '88. Just wonderful stuff, and not that expensive. I've ordered direct
  11. Da SWO... I have extra horizontal stabs that you need. Send me your addy and I'll send them to you. No cost... Gotta look out for each other! DET1460
  12. (Don't have enough research material on the Viggen), but WOW! That looks great! Very nice indeed! Nice camou and weathering... DET1460
  13. The FB's were built on, basically, the D, E and F airframes and were originally built as F-111's for the RAF. When their order was cancelled they were given to the SAC FB program. There were very few external dimension changes other than wing span increase of seven feet and the TP II intakes. A lot of books were written on these acft and they all seemed to quote the original, incorrect dimensions from a 'trusted' publication. The different 'peanut' fairing between the engines may have led to the idea there was a large (two feet is a lot) change in the length. I crewed FB's at Plattsburgh and f
  14. Thank you Kursada. Much appreciated! DET1460
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