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    Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, RAF, RAAF, Israeli and Russian aircraft. (Middle Eastern sometimes...). 72nd has been my chosen scale, but I'm building more 48th these days
    I have a few armor subjects in 35th I'd like to sit down to do one day....

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  1. Wait! That's not a big Boeing! (But it's a beautiful Lockheed! Another beauty! Well done... as always!) DET1460
  2. Wonderful job on everything. The build, the weapons, the paint and weathering. Awesome job! I'm envious... DET1460
  3. Nice work on an old kit. Matchbox was a 'little' off on most kits, but you made it look good. Nice job! DET1460
  4. Nice Super Bug! Very weathered finish and nice presentation! Well done! Thanks for posting it! You stash Hornets... I stash Hasy F-111's. My favorite all-time kit! DET1460
  5. I made 9 of these Fujimi 21's and enjoyed them all. I also used the True Details seats and they were actually very well done. The only problem I had with the Fujimi series was that they never made a true MF. Eduard has picked up the slack so that void is finally filled. You did a great job of it and the camo is very well done! Fun little kits and well worth the money. Thanks for the post and a great looking MiG! DET1460 PS... I still have three more in the stash!
  6. I had a complete conversion with the Italeri kit. The DB nose fit perfectly. After acquiring the Zvesda kit I decided I would strip the original and use the parts on it, It will take some surgery and a little putty to get it to fit but I think the Zves will produce a much better outcome. Dave Buttress created it for the Italeri kit, so you'll have few problems fitting it Da SWO! Hope this helps, guys! DET1460
  7. Just a slight correction to the kit. It's actually a 'B' model '57. All the 'E' serials were 55-4XXX. (34XXX on the tail) Not a big deal, just thought those interested in the kit would like to know. DET1460
  8. Correction... "Mach 2" DET1460
  9. Hajo L Still trying to get the DB nose on the Zvesda Herc. That's going to be the hardest part of the conversion.. I'm finishing a Mach @ RB-57F right now and I have other projects in line, but I like the Zvesda kit very much. I wasn't a Herc mechanic overseas... I crewed the Patricia Lynn RB-57E's at Tan Son Nhut but we had lots of Hercs there. Saw one MC-130E CT Blackbird. The camou alone made a very impressive sight! Took a while to find someone who knew what it was! I'm sorry I took so long getting back to you! Been away from the PC for a while! Best regards,
  10. Saw lots of camou'd Hercs during my time in SEA. But I really like the gloss grey variants with full color markings. Nice job with a very difficult kit. I'm in a SLOW process of converting a Zvezda C-130H into an MC-130E. Awesome job! DET1460
  11. Oh my! How many superlatives can I come up with on these builds? Another beautiful, big Boeing. And my favorite 135 version. Awesome! All my best DET1460
  12. What can I say... Another beautiful big Boeing! You keep amazing me with these builds! I'm with Dutch. More jealous each time! Great stuff... AGAIN! Always in awe, DET1460
  13. Nice job. The camou reminds me of the later Air Guard greys. DET1460
  14. Very nice '23. I like the finish and weathering very much. DET1460
  15. You just keep amazing me! I REALLY like your work. Just keep these beautiful Boeings coming! DET1460
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