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  1. thanks for the compliments I have now finished: unfortunately the rocket tubes don't fit but overall I'm happy with the result.
  2. Thanks Don, Decaling is now finished, Just some weathering, clear coats and final assembly to go.
  3. So I've been able to get some more done, the launcher is painted, gloss coated and ready for decals. I'm partially through decaling the rockets (the liquid decal film has worked well so far) and the back bumper is awaiting a wash and flat coat
  4. Just a quick update, the cab and tracks have been flat coated and glued together.
  5. Thanks Tomcat. I've applied a wash using pastel dust mixed in water and a drop of detergent. Sorry about the photos I only have a camera phone.
  6. Thanks for the compliments guys. You're right about some challenges, I'm currently doing the launcher and rockets which are a very tight fit. Also I couldn't get the loading mechanism to fit so I'll leave that bit off. I've ordered some liquid decal film so hopefully that'll solve the problem.
  7. Time for an update Top and bottom arn't glued yet just seeing how they look. Some of the decals were still good so they're on, no reply from dragon yet though :|. Next wash then flat coat.
  8. Its about time I posted progress on my shelf queen, I have painted and attached the tracks (a very tedious task) to the hull, next will be future/wash/flat coat. Also I recently bought a airbrush and this is the first kit I am using it on, so far I am enjoying using it. Also the decals have disintegrated over time so I have asked dragon for another, does anyone have any experience with dragon customer service or know of another source for some decals?
  9. Decided to attempt a second kit for this GB the 1/35 Dragon M270 MLRS. I normally do aircraft and found this kit a bit of a struggle, particuarly the tracks. Also in the time i've had this kit the decals have disintegrated so hopefully I can get some new ones from Dragon.
  10. Hi everyone this will be my second group build after I participated in the Grumman Iron works GB which I enjoyed. I'll be finishing the Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D, I started it about 10 years ago, as it's such a big and time consuming model my interest waned and also I had some problems with the kit, such as the main gear snapping off. Still to be done is finishing the painting, weapon load and the decaling. Picture below:
  11. Thanks mate - I was using tamiya liquid cement. Fit has been good I was probably overly cautious with the clamping.
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