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  1. Thanks for reply and my apologize for lacking of clearness - I wanted to say that I just want to STORE it on the side (in the drawer), but when working I will of course take it out and put in the normal standing position. So in case of just storing it horizontally - this is no problem for the compressor then? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I´ve just purchased new Fengda AS-186 compressor and I have a question on you (didn´t find any info): - Can this compressor be permanently stored horizontally (laying on it´s side)? Can such storage create any problem? I know it´s oil-free, but I´d rather ask about the experience than make something stupid. Thanks.
  3. Just for update and to have all available information on one place - the question about "dark" PLAAF J-11 colouring has now been solved by scale modelling gurus - Hasegawa: Recently they released (rather rare) Limited edition 02090 J-11 "Chinese Air Force" 1/72 scale kit of J-11 S/N 11137 in dark grey scheme: More information (here) or (here) And recommended colours: Top fuselage : FS36270 Lower fuselage: FS36622 Nose / fintips : FS36118 Well, it seems that my colour question is answered.... Ladia
  4. Yep, exactly! Thanks for all replies so far. You are right that the final colouring is quite a personal matter in this case, so the question is not "which colour is most accurate" but "which colour could be best looking?" I have still time to choose my colors, anyway here are all „darker“ Chinese J-11´s including color codes I managed to gather so far: (Credits to original builders) Yufei Mao • Nosecone is C305+Black (a little) • Upper fuselage is C306 • Lower fuselage is C311 • Light area and missile launcher of the pylons are C311+C305=7:3 • Metal area is applied with Mr.Color Su
  5. FS35237 or 36270 – isn´t it still too light? What about FS 36118 on topside? To foxmulder_ms: I wanna build J-11B. J-11B is more interesting, more controversial, is unauthorised chinese development of Russian SU-27SK which has caused some heavy friction between Moscow and Beijing, is more developed, has more power, is 700 kg lighter, its not just some „sleazy“ "B" generation, it´s "B+" . And for the "steel" chinese colours I have decided because in my opinion this single-colour scheme perfectly points out those absolutely sexy Flanker shapes which camo hides a little. All J-11A / J
  6. Hi guys, I´m starting to build Trumpeter 1/72 J-11B in those awesome PLAAF colours, but the more I´m googling, the more confused I am about what the proper Chinese Flankers colours are. First PLAAF J-11 were painted in light grey schemes (such as original Trumpy´s colouring scheme recommends), but most of later machines seems to be painted in the more aggresive-looking dark grey-bluish livery: ...and I'm planning to finish mine J-11B just like these. But the thing is, that the upper body color is quite tricky, looks VERY different on various pictures, in various light conditions and e
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