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  1. It's Avenger XB320/998/J - I am hoping to find the serials and codes and the Operation Grapple noseart. I am happy to pay or trade. I'm in Florida. David
  2. Spitfire FR.XIV TZ164, OI-A, 2 Squadron, RAF Germany late 1940s. This is the Frog F.XIV wing mated to the Hawk F.22 fuselage and a scratchbuilt FR.XVIII-style enlarged rudder. I couldn't manage to make the offset tabs at the rear edge. So they are lightly drawn on. The decals are a mix of home printed and Scale Model Products from Canada. The propblur, as usual, is from artwork by James Perrin. Hard to believe these two types were in service less than 15 years apart! David
  3. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about hard times for you. All I can do is wish you, and your family, well. David
  4. Lightning F3 XP719/D of 56 Squadron, RAF Lakenheath 1965. This one is the old Airfix F3. I replaced the cable ducts with longer, fatter ones. I shortened the tailplanes and added some card to represent the arrestor hook. The decals are a mix of Xtradecal and Modeldecal who both make sheets for this scheme. The IFR and Firestreaks were stolen from an MBox T55 kit. I really botched the canopy - it ended up pretty frosty. Same wobbly freehand anti-dazzle panel at the T4! David
  5. Lightning T4 XM973/Z of 23 Squadron, RAF Valley August 20, 1965. This is the MatchBox T55 kit cross-kitted with the wings and belly fuel tank from the old Airfix F3 kit. The fin was cutdown to the earlier F1/F2/T4 shape, the cable ducting shortened and a nominal arrestor hook added. Other than that, it's OOB. The decals are a mix of Xtradecal and home made serials. The aluminium paint gave me no end of trouble so I didn't dare mask over it - hence the somewhat wobbly edges to the freehand painted areas like the anti-dazzle panel. David
  6. Thanks, John. I like old kits - simpler than most of the new stuff! Go for it with the Viggen. David
  7. John, Thanks. I only build in 1/72 and the thickness I have has been fine for all I've built so far. This is what I have. It's 4.5mil thick. it does flex but seems to stay pretty much flat when on the models. I expect other brands would work just as well. I think I got this off Amazon. A word of warning - they look like a shiny disc if the light catches them. The photos I take are angled to minimize that but in the display case, you will see it sometimes and they look a bit silly then. Here's a few more examples of the propblurs. David
  8. Thanks, John. I'm not sure of the etiquette re. posting links to other modelling websites on here but, hoping it's ok, this is the link you need to get to the artwork by James Perrin. Note they are for personal use only. https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?p=27313#p27313 I use software to resize them to match the prop I need and then my inkjet to print them on clear overhead transparency sheets. It took me a few tries to get the scaling process right and also to find the right thickness of overhead transparency to be stiff enough but not too obvious. I cut them out of the s
  9. There were almost 6,000 Beuafighters built in WW2. The RAF mainly retired theirs soon after the war except for target tug duties. However, 2 squadrons - 45 and 84 - used them in the first few years of the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960 )when the Royal, and Royal Australian, Air Force waged war on communist terrorists. RD784 was named "Winnie the Pooh" and had been with 84 squadron but is depicted here after her transfer to 45 squadron. The Beaufighters, with 4 20mm cannons plus 8 rockets and 2 bombs, must have been quite formidable ground attack machines but probably had a hard t
  10. This is Phantom FG1 XV569/013 of 892 Squadron, Royal Navy in autumn 1969. She bears the 'R' on the fin denoting she belongs with HMS Ark Royal but also the markings on her rear fuselage 'USS Saratoga'. That's because, before embarking on Ark Royal, XV569 was one of 4 RN Phantoms that spent time in the Med. on the Saratoga practicing deck landings and takeoffs. Apparently the extra power of the Spey engines, coupled with them being fitted with the exhausts pointing more downward, buckled Saratoga's deck! XV569 flew then in this configuration: no pylons except the centreline one carrying th
  11. I am building the MBox Beaufighter but the rear canopy is for the early version with no gun provision and I need the later one. Here's the difference - If need be, I can try to create a mould but I wondered if anybody has one lying around - I believe it may be spare in some Hasegawa boxings and it's on the Falcon canopy set #2. I'm in Florida and will pay or could swap for something maybe. Thanks for looking. David
  12. My answer is no. Age 66. Stash c. 200. Build rate c. 12/year. David
  13. I retired a few years back. I could afford to keep buying kits but I already had more than I could ever build. In fact, for the first couple of years, I was selling kits to reduce the stash and focusing on just a couple of eras/countries. All I buy now are paints and supplies as needed plus the odd decal sheet. What I do find difficult is resisting all the new releases coming from Airfix (Sabre, Swift, Phantom, Buccaneer, Canberra, etc, etc) but, so far, I have managed to hold out and still plan to build what's in the stash. David
  14. It's good to see this oldie being built. Coming together nicely. David
  15. Either would do but Xtradecal would be preferred. I can buy or have a few things to trade. I am in Florida. David
  16. I love the result achieved using that Airfix oldie! Especially built as if 'in flight'. BTW - what is that stand? David
  17. Thanks but I just also measured the chord at the root of the Heller wing. 10ft. So does that mean it is an early slatted one after all and not a 6-3? David
  18. I know this thread is from years ago but I am researching building an RAF Sabre from the Heller kit. I just measured its wingspan and it's just over 37'. So, as Dave F said, it looks like it's intended to be the Canadair Mk6 wing 6-3 with slats. Not the extended span 39' wing. David
  19. This is aimed mostly at our UK members but open to all. I am running out of Marmite and Branston. Yes, I can buy them in my local supermarket - see, the USA is not as uncivilized as some of you thought - but at a pretty steep price. Since I am going to the UK on May 21, I will be stocking up there and so I need to take a suitcase. I won't be able to fill it with Marmite and Branston because of their weight but I should manage to bring home a few months supply. So, I will have space in the suitcase on my way to the UK. Most of what I want to sell from my stash is UK stuff an
  20. I've always had a soft spot for the Jaguar and especially that old Airfix kit of it. You've done a great job there. David
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