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  1. Hey Guys, I am building a WNW Albatros, which comes with the lozenge and rib tape decals, but they are not the cookie cut version. I have already laid all the lozenge on the surfaces, and now I am down to the rib tape. I have no problem with the actual ribs, but the contour of the wings are killing me, specially the curves. This image gives an example of what I mean, the dark green line around the wing. https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3247/2380105599_02fee0c209_o.jpg I've seen it done on WNW kits with the builders claiming to use the rib tape decals, but I can't figure out how. Any tips
  2. This is awesome! Thanks!
  3. Hey, thank you for the help. I think I will opt in for a Hasegawa B and go from there. I was also able to find the avionix set, but it doesn't seem to be of the same quality as Wolfpack in spite of having a wider variety of parts like the chinpods. If I recall correctly, the hasegawa chinpods were a bit funky looking, or was it only the F-14D pod? Thanks!
  4. Hello forum, It has been a while since I've dealt with the F-14 in 1/48th scale and was wondering if you could help with some questions to help me refresh my memory. Which hasegawa kit has the LANTIRN and bombracks included? Do the aftermarket decals for the hasegawa kits fit the hobbyboss kits? Thanks!
  5. Hey scott, that is what I did by the end, stripped it all and started with the red. Masking the white and black with a vertical strip was a lot easier than around the base. Thanks everybody!
  6. Hey guys, I am at a lost here. I am attempting to mask a 3 paint spinner for a Big Beautiful doll P-51 and I am in the process of masking the red part: Using 4mm Tamiya paint I cannot get a straight line around the spinner. The black and white have already been painted, so only the red is remaining.. What is a good way to do this type of masking? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply! I opted for the Vector Wheel wells. The only Aires piece is the cockpit which I think is a pig to fit.
  8. Hey guys, I am getting back into the hobby with a P-51 from tamiya and loads of aftermarket, but I cannot remember for the life of me what to dip the parts in when cleaning.. what method do you use to clean of the release agent on resin parts? Thank you!
  9. Any idea on how I can contact ultracast? I sent them a question on an order over 100 CAD but I haven't gotten a response using the e-mail they advertise on site... Thanks!
  10. So I have been thinking about this for a while, and how many hobbies that I am very interested in are quite expensive. I do build model aircraft, but I have never been able to build one with great quality because the tools needed for the job are expensive and sometimes I feel terrible paying 10 dollars for a 00 paintbrush. I am also interested in model train railroads and cringe at the 600 price tag on an Aethern H0 Big Boy loco, and I quite enjoy model car collectibles, but puke at Exotos Prices. So how do you start on a hobby that is expensive? We all have expenses, and I've seen people
  11. Thank you guys, I'll let the decal rest on itself, I too believe that since the bend is not sharp I shouldn't have any problems down the road.
  12. Hey guys, I was cleaning around my room today and found a stack of aftermarket decals, most of them are in good condition in individual ziplock backs but one which has a slight bend to it, it is not sharp so there is no demarcation line, makes me believe the decals will not shatter the day I decide to use them, but you never know.. any help is appreciated. Here is the damage:
  13. Since this is a british aircraft, shouldn't the cockpit color should be RAF interior green? This is looking fantastic!
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