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  1. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Holy cow is this thread still going??? I remember lurking this thread and laughing pretty hard way back in 2008 (I even remember that Hooked On A Feeling vid..)
  2. Working on a drawing....

    Looks solid, can't wait to see it shaded!
  3. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Just finished this F-5E Aggressor from Nellis in the late 1980s (bad scan). ALSO if anyone is interested in prints of any drawings I've posted please message me for details
  4. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Finally got my 33rd SOS MQ-9 Reaper scanned and ready for printing.
  5. 1/48 A-4M

    Little late to the game but VERY nice looking Black Sheep scooter!! The ordinance choice and display were excellent additions.
  6. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Sorry for the long absence; thanks for the all the kind words!! I'm actually in the process of getting prints made. The details aren't entirely ironed out but expect them to be between $5-10 plus shipping. They will be printed on high quality, acid free paper and individually signed. I also have some originals for sale if anyone is interested. I'm working on a few drawings right now including a dog, USAF F-5E Aggressor and a USMC A-4M. Heres a few more that I forgot to post or have finished in the last year: USAF MQ-9 Reaper F-35A Lightning II circa 2011 F-16CJ Wild Weasel circa 2008 (colored pencil)
  7. Does it ever end?

  8. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Thanks everyone! Heres one more I've been working on for awhile and need to finish: AT-38C 49th Fighter Training Squadron
  9. Mig-23MF '021'

    Amazing! Easily one of your best.
  10. Polish Navy Mig-21bis

    Great work, the detail looks fantastic!
  11. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Recently finished commission for an F-15E WSO at the 492nd showing his jet:
  12. Big size drawing A340

    Outstanding! Love the etching technique and the background detail!
  13. Nellis F-5 color schemes

    Yep the USAF had numerous F-5E/T-38 schemes that the other branches didn't even use, from the flat USAFE grey to the smurf designs. IMO the Nellis birds looked the best adorned with the checkboarded tailbands and TAC logos. These galleries have a few examples of various Nellis aggressors from the 1980s: https://www.flickr.com/photos/redflag2004/sets/72157628273297521/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/redflag2004/sets/72157628106297901/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/redflag2004/sets/72157628151521225/
  14. YF-110 (MiG-21F), 4477th TES, early 1980's

    Nicely done! The Red Eagles just don't get enough exposure considering the amazing feats they accomplished and the tremendous impact they had on tactical aviation.
  15. Corsair II Parking

    Greetings, Looking for some photos of USAF A-7s for artwork reference, preferably in Euro 1 from the mid/late 80s if possible. Can anyone help me out?