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  1. Just recently discovered this old OT Viper in my drawer and decided to finally wrap it up. My artistic style has definitely changed over the years! https://www.deviantart.com/sketchh22/art/F-16-85th-TES-Completed-819621405?ga_submit_new=10%3A1573754828&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1
  2. Outstanding work on this Phantom!! The weathering and details are superb, regardless of what anyone says the F-4 was a gorgeous brick of an aircraft and the WW was always my fav variant. You did this one justice 👍
  3. Excellent work!! Gotta have it displayed upside down 😉
  4. Well done! The Blacksheep have some of the best looking jets in the fleet
  5. I seriously doubt Iran will have a role in TGM. First off, there have been leaked photos of an F-14 used in filming which had special markings, none of which resembled Iranian Tomcats. And second, before the DOD assists with any script they thoroughly review it OPSEC and public image purposes, and I guarantee they would not support a film that had Iran as a player due to the current political climate. Good example was back when 20th Century Fox originally asked the DOD for support on the first Independence Day, they liked the script and were going to help but wanted any reference to Area 51 removed, the director said no so the DOD said thanks and backed out.
  6. I've done a handful of non-US aircraft but none recently, however I do plan on doing some in the future! Also, I can't believe its been almost 6 years since I started this thread! Glad to see this site is still alive and well
  7. Finished this 389th FS F-15E commission as a gift for their outgoing CC!! Thanks for viewing!
  8. Coming right along! BTW follow me on instagram: @redwolfillustrations
  9. Currently hard at work on my latest commission, another Strike Eagle! Size 18" x 24"
  10. Wow great job!! Looks phenomenal!
  11. I also recently finished this Cessna 206 with the Civil Air Patrol, "19 x 24" with over 200 hours of work put in (the original is for sale).
  12. Thanks for the praise everyone, it means alot! I have up for grabs this ORIGINAL AT-38C Talon portrait from Columbus, size is 8.5" x 11" and will come shipped in the frame for protection. PM me if interested, thanks for viewing! P.S. Why is the max attached file size so low??
  13. Holy cow is this thread still going??? I remember lurking this thread and laughing pretty hard way back in 2008 (I even remember that Hooked On A Feeling vid..)
  14. Looks solid, can't wait to see it shaded!
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