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  1. Or move north to the beautiful lakefront!!! Love that I have grew up and still live on the south shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana!! Was in Indy/Greenwood for a wedding yesterday, spend a lot of time down there because of the craft beer scene and I have lots of friends and family there. Have never had an issue, and like anything else, just know your surroundings and where you're at!! The winters will be a tad bit milder for you, depending on where you're coming from in MI.
  2. Used the oven cleaner method on a prop today. Worked great! Closed container for about 2 hours and the enamel came right off!!
  3. I use a 20# tank exclusively and with heavy spraying it usually lasts me about 5-6 months and like others have said, not an once of moisture to deal with!!!
  4. Hmm. I have no issues buying tenex... Do we know for sure it's not made anymore??
  5. Sorry ace for the assumption everyone is as old as I am! But depending on where you are, it's only about a 30-40 minute drive for you without traffic!!
  6. Well, I from across the border but worked for the UofC PD for many years. Ever been to GG Hobbies in Griffith, IN? They have a nice selection and will order what ever you need. Kits and supplies!
  7. Hey Ace, you on the Southside ghetto? Hehe
  8. I'm with Hornet as well!! Thinking of getting the HP-C+ for my fine work, but what do you all recommend for large coverage??
  9. I can vouch for the static from helo's...but not as a pilot. I do HVAC/R and on occasion we have to rent a helo for lifting package roof top units that a crane can't reach. It's always a huge debate who will touch the RTU first, sadly it's always the new guy!!
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