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  1. Looking forward to the review!
  2. Mason, will you show us, I would love to see!
  3. Me too! But, I'm very patient. I know I won't be disappointed !
  4. I really think it's time we get a new tool kit of this old favorite! Hobbyboss, AMK, GWH, are you reading this?
  5. Can we see more pictures, please!
  6. I for one appreciate your efforts to bring us a highly accurate and detailed model of this subject! Looking forward to its release! Excited to see what you have planned for us next? Perhaps a another Russian subject?😎
  7. B.Sin

    GWH decals

    Haneto, do you know if your friends from GWH will be at Nuremberg this year? 🙂
  8. I was thinking more MiG-25, MiG-23, Su-15. 🙂
  9. Yes, but I was hoping Mr. Pin would have shown us more. I wonder what this new company is planning to release after the Su-33? Hopefully more Russian/Soviet hardware.
  10. Look's like this has gone guiet for now!
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