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  1. Thanks! Actually currently I'm looking at some AKAN paints to get. I'm trying to do the operational colours, so the eggplant isn't what I'm going for. What I noticed after some researching, is that it seems like there are some variants in the shades of camo that they're using. At this point I'm trying to decide what colours to get, and also kind of convinced to discard the original KH colour guides, which are quite unrealistic. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but the Eggplant scheme is for pre-operational purposes, is it?
  2. What colour should we use for the Su-35? I have the Model Master 2121 and 2122. I feel the instruction guide's colour reference aren't the most accurate. Any thoughts? Also, anyone have any use for part C 36? And it seems like this kit has a lot holes not coloured. Anyone noticed?
  3. while we are at this, what colour should be used for the su-35? especially if it's gonna be in mr hobby colors? and how accurate?
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a WIP Hasegawa Longbow right now that I hope I can convert to a Guardian. I've done some early research but so far hasn't found anything that can help me do this successfully. I'm wondering if anyone can gimme a hand, especially in terms of referring me to resin or other converter kits. Thanks!
  5. By the way everyone here's my final completed project. I hope I didn't disappoint. Here it is: Airsupremacist's Revell 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle
  6. Thanks Scott! I will give that a try! I do have one area where I needed to do some fixing, and I hope the sanding will help. The fluid collected and formed this weird leathery texture along that area.
  7. Not sure what that was, but I painted it according to what I saw during my research. With his buddies..the 5th gen F-22 and the 4.5 gen J-10B
  8. The JFS that I included The Sniper pod. The LANTIRN pod. I tried my best to paint the "window" to match as closely to the real thing as possible. GPS dot next to the airbrake. The Sniper pod again. The interior of the nozzle. Also no silvering for the decals!
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