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  1. Hi my friend! Yeessss, you're right, I completely forget it!!!. I used the kinetic´s tank. When I have to build the Finger, I'll see how I solve it haha I do not know what happened, but here you have it http://www.kalkin.net.ar/foro/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=7bacacc39a1a5337a47c6fca4761bed7 Un abrazo! Saludos!
  2. Mstor Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have photos of the process, I'm not used to taking pictures while I'm working.
  3. Hello Onigiri Thank you! I will try to answer the questions, first of all, excuse my English. Regarding the painting, a nice mixture ... for the brown I used H-83 and H-63 and cleared up with the White Mr Color 316. The green resulted from the combination of the H-78, H-84 and H -155. I do not remember the percentages, but I must have them written down. The lower part is Mr Color 316 and H-147. You're right about the kit, it's my favorite too, but you have to work it a lot. Begin by re-scribing all the panels. The windshield issue tries to disguise it as best as possible, but it is a license. The conversion of those 6.25mm is done just with the other parts of the kit that you say, and tons of putty. The engine cover is cut out of the kit and carefully reduced with dremel, because I did not like working with resin. The nose cone and the RWR sensors are from the wingman kit. I did not put the tank on it because I wanted to do it with the cleanest configuration. I have the honor of living in Tandil city, where the 6th Air Brigade is located. Unfortunately, since 2015 we no longer hear the Deltas as they finished their service after 130,000 hours of flight. I hope I have been helpful!! Regards! Juan Pedro.-
  4. Hello. I present my last job Mirage M-5A Mara of Fuerza Aérea Argentina Kit: Heller Mirage IIIC Scale: 1/48 Scratch: Conversion to Mirage 5, Cockpit and ejection seat Decals: Wingman Models IAI Nesher/Dagger/Finger WMK 48013, Condor Decals Argentine Deltas in Low Viz Schemme 48049 Extras: Wingman Models Radar warning receiver, Aconcagua Resin Models exhaust nozzle, Master Pitot Tube Paints and colors: Humbrol, Gunze Mr.Color, AMMO. Thanks for looking!
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