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  1. Hi my friend! Yeessss, you're right, I completely forget it!!!. I used the kinetic´s tank. When I have to build the Finger, I'll see how I solve it haha I do not know what happened, but here you have it http://www.kalkin.net.ar/foro/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=7bacacc39a1a5337a47c6fca4761bed7 Un abrazo! Saludos!
  2. Mstor Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have photos of the process, I'm not used to taking pictures while I'm working.
  3. Hello Onigiri Thank you! I will try to answer the questions, first of all, excuse my English. Regarding the painting, a nice mixture ... for the brown I used H-83 and H-63 and cleared up with the White Mr Color 316. The green resulted from the combination of the H-78, H-84 and H -155. I do not remember the percentages, but I must have them written down. The lower part is Mr Color 316 and H-147. You're right about the kit, it's my favorite too, but you have to work it a lot. Begin by re-scribing all the panels. The windshield issue tries to disguise it as best as possi
  4. Hello. I present my last job Mirage M-5A Mara of Fuerza Aérea Argentina Kit: Heller Mirage IIIC Scale: 1/48 Scratch: Conversion to Mirage 5, Cockpit and ejection seat Decals: Wingman Models IAI Nesher/Dagger/Finger WMK 48013, Condor Decals Argentine Deltas in Low Viz Schemme 48049 Extras: Wingman Models Radar warning receiver, Aconcagua Resin Models exhaust nozzle, Master Pitot Tube Paints and colors: Humbrol, Gunze Mr.Color, AMMO. Thanks for looking!
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