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  1. Having a hard time finding 1/32 colorful USMC decals for 1/32 Academy kit. I've built several VMFA-232 ships so looking for something else in a single seat marine hornet. What do you have lying around in the stash? Thanks in advance!
  2. Excellent, I'll wait for that one, already have a few things from you coming for that kit.
  3. Awesome! Thanks, I'll look into that option.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'll have to scratchbuild it.
  5. Preparing to build KH's 1/48 UH-1Y. I've been collecting stuff for it and while doing research, I can't seem to confirm that the KH kit contains the little sphere shaped antenna on top of the main rotor hub. It appears that some yankees have it and others do not. The ship that I want to do from HMLA-367 does appear to have it. Can anyone confirm if that antenna is in the kit, and if not, any ideas for an easy scratchbuild? Thanks!
  6. I know these were discontinued awhile back, hoping someone has a set they never got around to using. Would really complete my KW project. Let me know if you have a set lying around. I'll likely pay good money for them.
  7. I know they were discontinued awhile back, just wondering if anyone has a set they aren't going to use. Let me know if you have a pair.
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