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  1. You could also look at what some of the BAe Hawks carry at airshows - more choice of weapons and colour schemes there. The company-owned planes may show weapons they want to sell. Regards, Gerard
  2. UK shop price of a 1/48 Hasegawa F-22A Raptor, as seen in ModelZone / Hannants is around £ 72 That's US$116 UK shop price of a 1/48 Academy F-22A Raptor, as seen in ModelZone / Hannants is around £ 40 to $ 48 That's US$65 to US$77 For someone who can only afford to buy a new kit once every few months, and who can't afford to pay the import charges / customs / postage to buy from overseas, which would you go for ? The Hasegawa one costs me one weeks income. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone buy one of Hasegawa's expensive 1/48 jets in the model shop in town here. Regards,
  3. I've got stuff from Hannants using a card in the last couple of months, with no problems. Regards, Gerard ( in the UK )
  4. Considering that the shop price here in the UK for a 48 HA F-22A is £ 75 = $ 120, you're getting a good deal there. Regards, Gerard
  5. Gerard


    Deano, I'm 99.99987 % certain that the 1/48 IT F-16DG is a reboxed 48 KT one. Regards, Gerard
  6. Matt, I just got that virus on this machine early this morning. As I'd only been a couple of sites at the time in that session, I think that maybe an advert server someplace ( NOT ARC ) got an infection. This is the second time in 2 or 3 months that one has got to me. I couldn't get to any of my usual virus scanners / logins etc, had to reboot in the end, and that virus kept on workign then too. Eventually managed to boot into one of the Safe Modes, run MSCONFIG to get to System Restore, and that appeared to kill off enough of the virus for me to reboot normally. Then it was the Malwar
  7. The problem seems to be fixed at this moment, as I've NOT have those problem adverts appear tonight. Meant that I've enjoyed going through several sections in here tonight. Thanks Steve. Regards, Gerard
  8. Raymond, Thank you for doing these kits and products. You've seen the obvious gaps in the market, and are filling them. I wish you the best there. I've already got your 1/48 IDF Weapons Sets #1 & #2, and have ordered the MQ-9 Reaper and NATO Weapons Set. I use either LuckyModel or Hannants. I plan to get the E-2C and EA-6B in the future also. And those will need flightdecks..... Regards, Gerard
  9. Steve, Problems are still happening. Regards, Gerard
  10. Thanks for trying folks. There got to be an answer, just a matter of finding it. Ah well. I'll try to read as much of the forum as I can now. Just hope that it picks "safe" adverts tonight. Regards, Gerard
  11. Hannants in the UK got it on their WWW as now available at 25 pounds. Think I'll keep my old AH-1Z version and just swap the parts that you do / don't use. Regards, Gerard
  12. Matt, I don't have the Applications option when I go where you said. I've looked round, can't find anything that seems to help. I'm on v2.0.0.7. which works fine for, until 3.x where 2 critical applications / WWW wouldn't work. So upgrading is not an option. I still can't see why they need to make such fancy adverts anyway. Regards, Gerard
  13. Jeff, I've got 1/48 Microscale 48-316 Top Gun & Aggressors A-4 & F-5 for $7 I'm in the UK, but am very willing to airmail over the Atlantic. Airmail for them is $2 using a protected / padded envelope. Regards, Gerard
  14. It's got even worse tonight, takes me 10 or 15 minutes to do anything. I've no idea how to find the www for the advert, just that it's Google Chrome, and plays an Adobe movie. Got some coloured blocks, and then moving grey digital sort of blocks. I get this warning message..... Adobe Flash Player 10 "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script ? " It takes a few minutes of a locked up computer before that appears, and choosing Yes normally helps. I only get that with
  15. Steve, I can't do a right click and find that. It just brings up movie player settings, and not any URL stuff. The advert is a movie, so it brings up the Abobe player stuff. I can try to get you a few screen prints of what it all looks like, if that would help. Regards, Gerard
  16. Steve, I've had extreme problems on here when trying to do anything. The cause is the Google Chrome advert that appears at time. I get a warning message about it having problems with Adobe movies? and that it will cause my system to lockup /REALLY slow down. If it continues, then I may not be able to visit ARC. It can take me some minutes to just manage to kill off the bowser sessions. I'm using an older version of Mozilla Firefox on a Win XP Pro system. If the answer is to upgrade the browser, then that is NOT an option. If the answer is to install a popup? blocker, then that too is
  17. Yufei's another good one here on ARC. Regards, Gerard
  18. Steve, Thanks for the update. It does load up faster than before. It will take me a while to get used to the new look, but all new software has that effect. I'll let you know if I find any problems. Regards, Gerard
  19. I think that 4 x USAF SOF CV-22B are currently at Mildenhall for a evaluation deployment. Been there for 2 maybe 3 weeks already, maybe 1 more to go. Others will know more on that. Regards, Gerard
  20. Angels49, I got Two Bobs 48105 F/A-18F 1/48 VFA-102 50th Anniversary "Rockin' Rhinos #4" $9 If you're interested. Regards, Gerard
  21. Sean, Thanks for that update. Pity about the post office, as I'd tried to put cardboard into the envelope to protect them. I look forward to seeing your F-22. Regards, Gerard
  22. Sean's another good one here on ARC. Regards, Gerard
  23. Peter, That's very fast work from the post office. Enjoy the kit!! Regards, Gerard
  24. Sean, It's just not natural to get snow this late in the spring, and not a few days before Easter. All you can do is to sit next to the computer, model kits and supplies, and lots of chocolate. btw : Did those F-22 decals arrive there yet ? I forgot to ask in the earlier PM. Regards, Gerard
  25. Peter's another good one here on ARC. Regards, Gerard
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