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  1. GLMFAA1

    Looking for model builder in Hawaii

    Model was shipped and repairs not needed, thanks for the help greg
  2. GLMFAA1

    Looking for model builder in Hawaii

    I forwarded the information to the builder, thanks greg
  3. May have a model repair task for military model builder to fix shipped item to a veteran in Hawaii if interested pm me greg
  4. GLMFAA1

    Help in Diorama

    Help! Do the low vis insignias have color to them? I find in my research that there are various differences in lo vis lettering and insignias greg
  5. GLMFAA1

    Help in Diorama

    I am in the process of doing a diorama of the barricade landing that a fellow high school class mate was involved in. I have started it and need some help in finding decals, ideas on how to paint this scheme, any suggestions greatly appreciated since I am on a deadline. greg
  6. I am looking for 1/72 scale Phantom (Hasagawa kit) US Marines lo viz decals 1980ish style Also looking for N Z and lightning bolt for tail decal greg
  7. GLMFAA1

    Youngstown Air Show

    Thanks for the great pictures.
  8. GLMFAA1

    Youngstown Air Show

    Attended the Thunder over the Valley yesterday posted an album on fotki http://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/air-show-2017/ enjoy greg
  9. GLMFAA1

    MPC 1/72 B 29

    Thanks for all the replies, May you all have a Merry Christmas, I know a young boy who is really going to be surprised on Sunday morning greg
  10. GLMFAA1

    MPC 1/72 B 29

    Hi, I'm not a really into building planes and I got this kit off of Ebay for a friends son as a Christmas gift. Could you kind people help me on the lineage of this kit, Is it an Airfix? I know this was in the General Meals MPC era kit. How difficult is the build? I don't think they will paint it but will build it as a family project. greg
  11. GLMFAA1

    The Waltons truck

    Maybe this will help http://www.imcdb.org/movie.php?id=68149 greg
  12. GLMFAA1

    1950s Firepower Demo Eglin AFB

    One of the comments states that this air show was May 7th 1957. greg
  13. That is the search light greg
  14. GLMFAA1

    Scale Model World 2015 Pictures

    Thanks for the pics greg
  15. GLMFAA1

    cockpit 360's

    While reading about the move of the XB 70 to it's new home in Wright Pat's museum another person posted links to this site. My apology if this has been posted before, looks like it is a great reference site http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/VirtualTour/Cockpit360.aspx greg