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  1. GLMFAA1

    Help in Diorama

    I am in the process of doing a diorama of the barricade landing that a fellow high school class mate was involved in. I have started it and need some help in finding decals, ideas on how to paint this scheme, any suggestions greatly appreciated since I am on a deadline. greg
  2. GLMFAA1

    Help in Diorama

    Help! Do the low vis insignias have color to them? I find in my research that there are various differences in lo vis lettering and insignias greg
  3. I am looking for 1/72 scale Phantom (Hasagawa kit) US Marines lo viz decals 1980ish style Also looking for N Z and lightning bolt for tail decal greg
  4. GLMFAA1

    Youngstown Air Show

    Attended the Thunder over the Valley yesterday posted an album on fotki http://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/air-show-2017/ enjoy greg
  5. GLMFAA1

    Youngstown Air Show

    Thanks for the great pictures.
  6. GLMFAA1

    MPC 1/72 B 29

    Hi, I'm not a really into building planes and I got this kit off of Ebay for a friends son as a Christmas gift. Could you kind people help me on the lineage of this kit, Is it an Airfix? I know this was in the General Meals MPC era kit. How difficult is the build? I don't think they will paint it but will build it as a family project. greg
  7. GLMFAA1

    MPC 1/72 B 29

    Thanks for all the replies, May you all have a Merry Christmas, I know a young boy who is really going to be surprised on Sunday morning greg
  8. GLMFAA1

    The Waltons truck

    Maybe this will help http://www.imcdb.org/movie.php?id=68149 greg
  9. GLMFAA1

    1950s Firepower Demo Eglin AFB

    One of the comments states that this air show was May 7th 1957. greg
  10. That is the search light greg
  11. GLMFAA1

    Scale Model World 2015 Pictures

    Thanks for the pics greg
  12. GLMFAA1

    cockpit 360's

    While reading about the move of the XB 70 to it's new home in Wright Pat's museum another person posted links to this site. My apology if this has been posted before, looks like it is a great reference site http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/VirtualTour/Cockpit360.aspx greg
  13. I built this years ago for a customer straight from the box. I do not claim to be a plane modeler, expert or pilot as I have stated before, it has to have 4 or more wheels and usually red and has lights and a siren! This was a change for me. Humbrol paints airbrushed and bare metal foil for tail portions. Built with generic markings as I believe it was marked later as a gift to someone the customer knew. greg
  14. GLMFAA1

    Demilitarising the 1/24 Huey

    Here's a few https://www.pinterest.com/pin/6896205654184470/ http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1756342272/lacountyfd/photos/ig-1005225003234591757_1756342272 I believe Season 6 episode 20 "Isolation" has a UH 1 in scene greg
  15. GLMFAA1

    Demilitarising the 1/24 Huey

    The description on the web page lists a rotor diameter of: Rotor Diameter : 43 ft 3 in and they state former military and list them as UH 1 but picture has them as 204's which I don't understand. greg
  16. GLMFAA1

    Demilitarising the 1/24 Huey

    My guess would be the removal of the ammo box under the rear seat, filling the feed holes and mounts for the armament, The web site for the helo company says they are former military so the pilots seats should be ok since the original model did not have armored seats, the back must have a rear facing seat as the specs from the web site say 10 passenger. I just gave mine a civilian paint scheme greg
  17. I am not up on the model nomenclature, but I have a lower 40 back burner project older than some of the modelers here that I stretched one of the kits and was going to end up with the longer version. I recently revived this project and looking at a 412 it might be just easier to go all the way to that model. Does anyone have dimensions of the superstructure around the engines and the rotor fairing? I think it would be a real challenge and it would be a great piece in my collection, Has any one every modified this kit? greg
  18. GLMFAA1

    Some 2015 NATs pictures

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Enjoyed seeing the entrants that came in after I strafed the show on Thursday greg
  19. Took a trip to Columbus to the IPMS show Here is my album of pictures of some of the entries tot the show My link greg
  20. GLMFAA1

    Report from IPMS Columbus

    So Sorry, Took what interested me, I did see some beautiful and great aircraft builds, I am a fire modeler and not to many fire/rescue/ems aircraft out there. greg
  21. GLMFAA1

    F4 phantom paint mask

    Does anyone know of a paint mask for the 1/72 Hasegawa kit or any 1/72 mask or stencils to do the canopies and the R pod underneath the front? greg
  22. GLMFAA1

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1/35 Scale

    Ray those are great pics of the Kiowa but I spied a 47 in the background, any chance you took picd of that? greg
  23. GLMFAA1

    Deck details in 1/72 scale

    It's me again, now I need to know the width of the white lines, white squares and the width of the yellow/white center line with the length of each color (white/yellow) in 1/72nd scale. greg
  24. I need help with deck details in 1/72nd scale. I am doing a diorama of the USS Midway circa 1980's and need to know what diameter the tie down holes would be and what is the distance between them. greg
  25. Nice pic of dad, thank him for his service from me, I'm a novice here and not really up on all the tech so my question is the s58 four rotor used on the s55 instead of the 3 blade? greg