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  1. Jens He 51

    Smashing He 51 Jens !!
  2. Saturn V and LUT

    Smashing build !!
  3. Onami's Victor!

    IT is a smashing build. Hats off !!
  4. Phillip Steele's Fiat C:R.32

    Thanks, glad you liked it. Good luck on the build !! (And it's Phil. Stop sniffing that Tenax.)
  5. Phillip Steele's Fiat C:R.32

    Interesting !! Thanks !!
  6. Phillip Steele's Fiat C:R.32

    Thanks Steve !!
  7. Greg's Fokker

    I like this display. Very Thoughtful.
  8. Phillip Steele's Fiat C:R.32

    You're all heart, me son, all heart !!
  9. Phillip Steele's Fiat C:R.32

    Sounds great! And I'm glad you liked the model. Thanks !!!
  10. Carl's Zepplin-Staaken

    Now that's a MODEL !!! (and I want one)
  11. Artur DomaƄski's Typhoon.

    I agree-----smashing Typhoon !!!
  12. Mark's B 29---GOOD SHOW---

    Looks great Mark !! And I feel your pain. My CL 111a was an illness related project.
  13. Mike Pattison's Harrier GR7

    Looks great Mike. I like the weathering.
  14. Harv is KING !!

    Great build !! And I've been there, except in 1/72 scale.
  15. Paul's FW 190 A4

    Nice looking build !! Love 190's.