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  1. I hope they train for biological attacks as well because we are kind of experiencing one😷
  2. I don’t mind some useless items being made in China on the cheap but not meds and medical supplies or any other item that would hurt the country if we didn’t have it available.
  3. Well it seems the country’s that have the closest ties to China are getting it the worst. Like I said in my post , it’s mother nature’s way of thinning the herd. This is not the first pandemic the world has dealt with and it won’t be the last. I’m sure in 4 years we will have something else to panic over.
  4. The common flu kills tens of thousands every year. It’s mother nature’s way of thinning out the herd. When people have to eat rodents because there’s not enough food this is what you get. Not to mention that it comes from a country that’s not known for giving a darn about it’s people let alone the rest of the world. You seem like the kind of person who blames the gun and not the person. Go wrap yourself in toilet paper and have a nice day.
  5. Everyone is crapping themselves over the flu😷
  6. PENDING SALE Hello, I have a new MC B-2A package for sale. The box is opened and it will come with the fixed windshield without the line going through it. It will also come with the items listed below. The price is shipped to CONUS. Shipping to CONUS ONLY . I prefer PayPal but will take a money order. PM me with any questions. $200 Thanks, George Eduard 72664 UNDERCARRIAGE Eduard 72665 BOMB BAY DOORS Eduard 72663 BOMB BAY Eduard 72624 B-2 zoom Wolfpack WPD72034 ACES II EJECTION SEATS HASEGAWA WEAPONS SET IX HASEGAWA WEAPONS SETVII
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