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  1. More detailed stuff today/ Finished painting all the exposed interior, using Vallejo eggshell and a wash of yellow to get the right depth and tone. The canopy is now set and the putty sanded, ready for attaching to the main body.I have aslo added some brake lines to the main undercarriage.
  2. Andrew. Im sure yours will work out just fine. I quite fancu having a go at the A at some point!
  3. The only way to display this beautiful kit by Airfix was on the deck ofan RN carrier, honouring an aircraft that didnt see any operational action, but was a unique Naval Aircraft.
  4. Weathering was done with Vallejo dark washes and Tamiya pigments. '131' was the last operational Sea Vixen and is currently displayed at my local aviation museum at Tangmere.
  5. Sub assemblies were painted and a coat of 'future' was added before decals, and sealed with some more before weathering commenced.
  6. Painting was with Vallejo Air using flat white and dark sea grey after a halfords primer undercoat.
  7. I 'cannabalised' an old Dynavator kit for the wingfold etch and the decals needed for the aircraft that I wanted to build.
  8. The difficulties started in getting the resin 'tub' to fit, thi sinvolved some work around the fuselage seam on the model.
  9. This has to be one of my most favourite kits. I finsihed this late last year, however the build process was quite complicated due to the addition of an Aires resin cockpit, white metal landing gear and a bit of scratch building. I learnt alot and would recommend this to anyone.
  10. Finsihing the model off with a basic background to enhance the unusual scheme.
  11. A coat of future before applying decals, which were then sealed before weathering using vallejo washes and tamiya pigments.
  12. Paining free hand for the 1st time on a camoflage scheme.
  13. There was hardly any adjustments or putty needed for the build.
  14. I love this kit by Airfix, great detail and options for different poses. This is an OOB build, just completed.
  15. The display base was styrene, edged with balsa wood.
  16. Scratch building included the FOD gaurds and extended refueling probe.
  17. The aircraft in question was from 92 East India Squadron whilst it was doing the display ciruit in the UK in the 1980's. The armanent reflects this, using 'dummy' AM 9L's, Skyflash missiles and sporting a 'baggage' pod for the crew.
  18. This build was on the back of an earlier Phantom build n 2013 when I learnt alot. I used the Aires resin cockpit, white metal landing gear, Eduard detailing set and Flightpath ground detail set. Paints were vallejo air, using light grey and ivory grey for the low viz scheme.
  19. Detailing and painting of the avionics bay, landing gear bays using Vallejo Air eggshell green and yellow wash; and some detailing of the engine panel by ading some plumming taken from some reference photos.
  20. 2 x Fuel tanks, 2 x 1000lb iron bombs with mk117 high drag chutes, 2 x OBL 755 Cluster bombs and 2 x AM 9L Sidewinders (Flightpath and kit).
  21. Detailed scratch building for the Adour engine that will be exposed with the panel open.
  22. Uisng the Aires resin tub 9well parts of it as it was designed for the airfix model, along with white metal landing gear, resin cannons and some new levels of scratch building for me I started with some sub assemblies:
  23. This is my first WIP on this forum. The Kittyhawk model of the Jaguar is just sublime a challenging build, made even harder by my insesent need to add stuff!
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