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  1. Outstanding work, @Rotorman ! Thank you for sharing/
  2. Thank you. I used gray for panel wash. Mixed fom black and white oil paints.
  3. Thank you guys for kindly comments!
  4. There are TWO main rotors In the Italeri's AH-1Z 1/48, one of them not used for Z version, but very close to UH-1D, except rotorblade tips
  5. The best choice would be KH Z-9 kit that has 2 noses, 2 tail booms, 3 fuselage variants in 1 box
  6. Gallery has wrong main rotor blades length. 10 mm shorter :(
  7. Too big and too heavy, and so beautifull !
  8. Very nice paintjob and diorama base!
  9. Thak you, Aaron, for the reference pictures. Was very useful for me in progress.
  10. Hi, All Let me introduce my last helicopter model finished. Mostly OOB, little modifications on tail rotor, main rotor (blades' tips, folding devices), gun 'gearbox' etc. Gun barrels from Master. Thanks for watching!
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