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  1. Sorry for being so late in answering you, I use an ebook which was publioshed by Floating Drydock. there are hundreds of detail plan on this CD and dozens of pictures. Additional I have found a good set of plans at Floating Drydock as well. Add to this a couple of books and numerous photos and there you are. Still I'm afraid I haven#t got enough.... Cheers René
  2. Hello again, Today I started to work on the superstructure. Since the rear 16” turret is almost complete, the gun tubes are being made by a friend of mine I decided to go ahead on the next main structure of the ship. This is what it looks like, all the structure is made of plastic sheet. What you see is the first and second superstructure deck, I will have to add 2 more sponsons for the lower 5” mount on both sides. Next I will use some filler and sand the whole thing. The structure is not attached to the hull so far, this should make final detailing much easier. Hopefully I will be able to s
  3. Hi there here is one of several Hellcats that I have built lately. most cases I used the fabolous Eduard kit as starting point. Sofar I have buikd 11 different versions and I still have 3 or 4n more to go. This version here is a very early F6F-3 in 2 color camo and early msrking in 6 positions. The gun fairings are still in place. As well as some other minor detsils added to this wonderful kit. Have fun with ths one. Cheers René
  4. Hi there, Since I'm currently working on a major project which will take at least a year to complete, I thought it would be a good idea to post some pictures of those models that I have built during the last few years in the meantime. So here we goe. You might know that I'm specialized on US Navy ships and aircrafts and since I like to do a lot of scratch build here is a wel known aircraft but a rather unusual version of it. It's the grandfather of the Super Corsair, the FF4U-1M. Actually this wasn't much oif scratch building more what you would call kit bashing but I had to do some minor d
  5. Hi there, here we goe again: During the last few days I have continued my work on the aft 16” turret and now it starts to look like the real thing. After adding a lot of details, all of them scratch build, there is not very much left on this part. The upper 40mm Bofors gun tub is already at work and needs only a few more details. Some more floater baskets on the rear of that turret and all that is left are those big guns. This I will get from a friend of mine which has got a lathe on which he will make them for me. To be honest I can’t wait to see them once assembled that turret should look
  6. As far as I have been able to research this attack resulted in a minor gasoline fire, which was quickly extinguished. The pilot of the Zero was the only casulty. His body was thrown clear off the wreckage. His body was later found in one of those floater baskets near the impact point. The captain iof the USS Missouri deciede that this japanese soldier had done his duty and therefore received a sea burial with full military honours. There are a few pictures of this event taking place on the Internet available, Concerning the ship, the Missouri was at no time in danger of being serious damaged
  7. Some fought to live, some fought to die. USS Missouri BB-63 vs. A6M5 Zero, April 11th. 1945, off the coast of Okinawa, Hi there, Once again it’s time for me to start another major project. I have been thinking about this one for quite a while. It’s the first time that I’m doing a dio a 2nd time but the first one was built almost 30 years ago and even though I think I did it fairly well, I was never really satisfied with it as soon as I was able to do a little bit more research for this particular event. Here's what I have built about 30 years ago: In my original dio the Zero is a
  8. One more post with some picture under constrution That's it Hope you like them Cheers René
  9. Part 3 with even more photos: Next is part 4 with photos of the aircraft and the "booom" thing
  10. Part 2 with some more photos: Part 3 coming next
  11. You asked for it and here it is: How I did it! “Booom” Scale: 1:72 Building time: 119hrs This time I came up with a completely different and controversial idea, I wanted to build an explosion in a diorama, a fiery explosion and it had to look as real as possible! During the last years I have tried to achieve several goals while building models but this one remained unsolved so far. Building an explosion seemed to be an impossible task, especially if it should look really realistic not only for the onlooker but on a photo without the use of any tricks as well. The reason why I wanted to sol
  12. Just wow, :o :o :o :o :o I never thought thast xyou guys would react in such a manner, looks as if I have finally build something not so bad. Just kidding, first of all thanks a lot for all your compliments I will gladly give away all secrets if there are any about how I did it. Just give me a day or two nd I will gladly post the entire story of how I build that dio. Once again, thanks for all your kind words. Cheers René
  13. Hi there, here is one of my latest creations. I really like to build dioramas, I mean I love them and whenever I build one, I prefer to do something unusual. We all know those typical aircraft dioramas and just to make sure I have build several of them myself, like aircraft maintenance or a crash landed aircraft. Everyone of us knows them and if build with the right eye for details they can look awesome even breathtakingly good. But I do not like them anymore, simply because aft6er having seen virtually a gazillion of them I wanted to create something different and that became for me the bigg
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