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About Me

Returning modeller.

I started modelling as a 6 year old child with Woolworth Airfix Plastic bag models 1 shilling & sixpence each.

Then life took over as family, work & life took priority.

Having lived & worked in several different countries I feel I have had a very full and active life.

My working background is car & bike modification/custom painting having my own successful workshop for many years.

The only modelling I did in this period was to build and fly R/C aircraft, (well, the flying abilities were Ok regards take off/flying) my landings could be judged loosely (many broken bits)

I have been involved in many aspects of motor racing since 16 including building race chassis, and designing/modifying & racing my own vehicles. This is something I now miss, as I have had to retire to look after my disabled wife & 88 year old mother who has alzheimer's disease.

I got back into plastic modelling a couple of years ago, to allow me to be able to escape from reality occasionally.

I have always been aviation orientated, but living in a very small one bedroomed apartment I have little spare room to work. All my modelling materials etc have to be able to fit in one cupboard when not in use.

I have also decided to switch genre and have started building naval related subjects for a change.

I only hope I can reach the standards of the models I have viewed on this site.


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