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  1. Glynn.....have gotten a PM from you. I will check again when I get home
  2. Hi Dave,


    Are the 72-005 Warner Wings Night Stalker Decals still available?


    If so, I would like to purchase them.  I am at ZIP code 75150.





  3. Greetings Cleaning out the decals bin and have the following for sale. Contract me at dcmorrissette "at" roadrunner.com with interests. If someone wants all the remaining, $200 shipped in the US only Dave 1/48 Scale Aeromaster Mig17 part 1/48-324 $8 Aeromaster SAAF Sabres/48-711 $5 Aviaeology Coastal Stike Wings- Dallachy Beaufughter TF.X/AOD48021 $8 Aviaeology Venturas in Canada 4- Post War Trainers and Target Tugs/AOD48035
  4. Greetings all: Looking to thin the herd a lot. All will be shipped media mail where possible. Shipping is extra. Please email me at dcmorrissette at roadrunner.com with interest Dave • Plane/Topic Specific Books o Lancaster- A Bomber Legend, Rick Radek and Mike Vines, HBD $5 o B-17 Flying Fortress, William Hess $8 o Heinkel He-112 in Action No. 159, Squadr
  5. Gents: Few things for sale Me262 Lorin Conversion Arba 1/48 $15.00 BMW003 Rocket Engines for Me262 Highflight 1/48 $15.00 . Me262A-1a Jabo DML 1/48 $30.00 Kit 5507 w/Cutting EdgeFlap/Slats Me262A-1a/U4 DML 1/48 $35.00 Kit 5523, PE and Master Model Cannon Barrel Me262A-1a
  6. The Mig-29 is the "M" version. Cwiil...get me a zip code at dcmorrissette @ roadrunner.com (remove the spaces) and I will get you a total. Dave
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