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  1. hi,I am sure 14 has no bort number on nose,but still thank you ver much~
  2. thanks a lot for your help,and I will be notice about it next time.
  3. Hi all, This is brought about by a SU-27 airport scene, showing the ice and snow began to melt under SU-27, and it’s also the first Russian aircraft to try. Because the hatch connection of HobbyBoss is so terrible ,I consider my canvas cover up, canvas using the recommended method to a friend Zhong, who interested can find his tutorials. The scene platform also get lots of proposal of many friends, thanks a lot!
  4. thanks for the suggestion,its helpful and I will attention it next time
  5. one year passed.......better kits waitting.......
  6. What a beauty!outstanding work!worth to learn~
  7. greate job!its a hard kit to play and u done it very well~
  8. Finally,thanks for my girl and the helping from other hobby-players.Welcome giving any advice. 英文很差真是对不住了,希望你们能懂我在说啥=。 = sry for my poor English and I hope everybody can understand what I want to say.=。 =
  9. Fuselage use dark gray in color, color expression of F117 caused by each plane of light and shades of the effect.Washed with varity of light grays at last.
  10. Landing gear used etching part Eduard, and the use of copper production pipeline.
  11. The cockpit used Eduard color PE.Must mention the panel color dark blue is very strange.I had wash it with black enamel paint ag & ag.And I have to increase the number of buttons to rich details with glue sticks beacuse of the panel is so flat.I am not recommend this PE suit.
  12. hi all, I am so glad to have finished the F-117A in the moment that will be two-year hobby playing.It's Tamiya 1:48 kit,addon Eduard PE.It's a gift from my girlfriend for anniversary.
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