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  1. Love it! The model turned out very well. Congratulations!
  2. Mario- Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. As I was taking my kits out to dry, I was thinking the same thing... I don't need the decals for most of my kits, since I was planning to do something other than the kit markings anyway. The only ones that really hurt are all the Hasegawa kits with decals for special anniversary markings, since those were the cases where I really did want to use the kit decals. Luckily, in many cases, I had not opened the inner plastic bags, so there is hope that the decals remained dry. Thanks again and all the best from Texas! Stewart
  3. Tobi- Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. It was up on the bench with the Tornado and I could see that the Tornado was above the flood waters, so I'm guessing the Alpha Jet is in good shape. When done, those two models will be significant reminders of making it through the disaster. Happy modeling!
  4. Thanks guys... headed into the house today to start clean up and salvage. The sun has come out and I've heard that the water has receded around our house, so we've turned the corner.
  5. Mark- I am sad to report that the decals I was going to send you were lost to Hurricane Harvey. Our house flooded and the package with the decals ended up getting soaked, along with everything else we owned. So if you have other offers, take them! Again, so sorry that I was not able to get these out to you before disaster struck. Stewart
  6. Well, looks like this bird will not get done before the end of the month. Our house flooded out on Saturday night and again last night in Hurricane Harvey. I got back into the house briefly yesterday afternoon and the Tornado was still where I left it on my workbench, but after last night's round of flooding, I'm not so sure it will be there. Unfortunately, I also lost about 75% of my 1200 unbuilt model kits and all of my modeling supplies. Luckily it was all fresh water and not salt water, but it will take me a while to recover. My thoughts go out to all my fellow modelers in the region who were hit by Harvey and are in a similar predicament here in Texas. My wife and I and cats are safe and dry and I hope the rest of you are too/.
  7. Thanks, Lancer for the wonderful comments. Hopefully can get all the little details touched up before the end of the month.
  8. Lookin' good Mike... the end is in sight!
  9. Progress... This weekend, I got a chance to lay down a satin coat and put on all the miscellaneous parts such as the radome, the afterburner section, landing gear and wing tanks. Almost close to done. Now all that is left are some paint touch ups, the wing tip lights and some antennas that got broken off due to handling.
  10. From the experience with my Revell Tornado, the radome attach point is a straight line, so it's most probably incorrect. My choice was to do an out of the box build so I wasn't going to take the time to rescribe or correct it.... especially in 1/72 scale.
  11. Mark- Have you found any of these decals yet? If not, I have some CAF decals from the original Matchbox issue of the kit. I have several of these kits and already have aftermarket civilian decals for them so I am not going to use the kit decals. If you want these, send me your address via email at michspacectr@yahoo.com and I can pop a set of them out in the mail to you.
  12. JayBee- Thanks for the info! I looked at the remains of the decal sheet and it was printed by Cartograf. All around, a very nice decal sheet.
  13. Love the blue! It's really vibrant. Looking forward to see how the nail polish does for the metallic part. I have a couple projects that require metallic colors and I've never been sure how to approach that,,,
  14. Decaling is done! Over the course of the weekend, I was able to place all the 120+ decals for this model and the result is some what eye-popping to say the least. It definitely captures your attention. The decals for this kit are phenomenal. They are thin, yet strong and can take a bit of handling without ripping or tearing. The whites and yellows are opaque and everything fits beautifully. The sheet says it was designed by Syhart (always good) and printed in Italy, so I'm assuming they were done by Cartograf. They snuggle down beautifully with Microset and Microsol, as can be seen in the photo of the undersides where the the black decal on the underside is in the process of "snuggling," and is a little wrinkly. As it dried, it smoothed out and conformed to every detail and curve. Only issue I have with them is that the eye on the tail is about 5-10% over-sized, otherwise the fit is perfect. The Revell directions were also very good at guiding you through where are the pieces of decal were supposed to go. If you take your time and go through it carefully, one decal at a time, you should have no problem putting together this striking scheme. One additional note. The decal that covers the spine of the aircraft is the key to everything else. Once that is in place, all the other parts of the tiger face on the top of the fuselage and wings will fall in line. Now, on to a final gloss coat to seal the decals before a light satin coat to give the aircraft the proper sheen.