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  1. I know it's been a long time since I've added to this topic, but I've finally have something to update on this build.... FEBRUARY UPDATES - 2020 I've finally put together another video of my Enterprise in Drydock. It took several tries and several reshoots of certain scenes, but it's all together now. This is my version of the flyby scene in ST:TMP minus the dialog and intercuts with the travel pod. I had to extend some of the shots to fill in those gaps. I could insert the scenes to combine my footage with the movie, but the video is primarily about the Drydock model. Also because o
  2. OCTOBER UPDATES - 2019 Okay, back to work again, with a bit of disappointment included with this group of issued. Although I was forewarned that this was going to happen, it still is a bit irksome. Eaglemoss sent me a message a few days after I posted the September supplemental update saying that their suppliers had run out of one or more of the next upcoming issues. I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't receive anything from them for a month or two, but the following week I saw that I was billed for my next 4 Issues. I didn't look too closely
  3. SEPTEMBER UPDATEs - 2019 - (Supplemental) Again, it's rare that I can get 2 updates in during a one month span, but when I saw the Driver's side door in Issues 67 - 70 I wanted to get moving o this. The door assembly is very easy to put together. It comes with hinges and support piston as well as lighting around the lower frame of the door and the two window pieces are now in place. There is a gear mechanism that will allow the smaller window to go up and down, via a thumb gear located in the bottom of the door. There is some very minor wiring that needed to be done, but that was relatively e
  4. SEPTEMBER UPDATES - 2019 New exterior car body pieces arriving, finally! It's nice to work on some of the small details for this build, but every now and then it's great to see the larger parts arrive in the mail as well. This month I received Issues 63 - 66 and these included the Hood and framework for the trunk, the trunk interior and some more switches to operate the dome light when the doors are opened. All 4 of these issues are relatively quick to put together. The hood is made from metal as well as the air-pistons that are used to hold the trunk open. The pistons did have an issue, thou
  5. Thanks Brett. No issues, really. It was nice to put together some of the larger pieces this time. Everything seems to fit quite nicely. Looking forward to more of the larger items in the future. Thanks for checking in, Brett. Thanks Mark! A long time ago a friend of mine gave me a partially finished plastic kit model of the DeLorean that had moveable wheels for driving and hovering. Unfortunately, there were parts of the kit that were missing and I thought that was a shame because I really wanted to build this car, but when I saw the Eaglemoss version I just couldn't resist trying
  6. August Updates are posted. Can't seem to get anything posted here, but check them out. Go to the DeLorean build page and go to page 6 of the album and look for issues 58 - 62. Hope this works! Mark https://www.nemvia.org/apps/photos/photo?photoid=205842691 www.NemVia.org BTW do not use NemVia.net. it no longer works. Thanks
  7. No, it's not you. I've had this issue before and it's website. Something goes wrong when I set it up so people can see stuff on their phones. For some reason it's sending you to the host home page. I'll see if I can get these guys to fix this, again. In the meantime use http://www.NemVia.org That'll take you to my home page. Then when you get there, there's a pull down tab to the right of the "HOME". Tap on that and that should get you to the "1/8 Scale BTTF DeLorean" page. You'll have to go to page 5 to see the latest updates starting with Issue 51. Let me know how that works.
  8. Sorry, Brett. Don't know what I did. Try this one. Thanks for letting me know. Mark https://members.webs.com/manageapp/photos/photo?photoid=205758071
  9. JUNE UPDATES - 2019 Hey everyone. I just received my next four issues (51-54) on Friday. Very quick and easy issues to do. I've been able to install the passenger seat as well as more GNDN wiring. And finally the rear bulkhead plate that goes in behind the seats. Also I've added the left and right side door sills that kind of make the seating area look more like it belongs in a real car. Nothing overly spectacular for this update, but the interior is getting closer to being finished. Looking at the test fitting of the interior with the car frame, I can see that even though this is a pretty b
  10. Waaaaaaaaah? That's outrageous! I'd get on the horn if I were you to find out what's going on! That just isn't right. Let me know when your issues come in. Hang in there buddy, Mark.
  11. MAY UPDATES -2019 (part ll) I know this is a rare occasion, but I was able to receive my next 4 issues of the DeLorean build within' the same month. I really liked these issues, especially Issue 48. Issue 48 had a little bit more work to do on it and it dealt mainly with the dashboard component wiring. All of these cables are of the GNDN variety and used for aesthetics purposes only. But, to adjust them and get them into their proper places was what took up most of the time. (well, that and I misread the instructions for the wire separator piece and threaded them through it upside
  12. MAY UPDATES - 2019Hey Everyone, sorry about the delay in the updates. I've had the pics loaded onto my website, I just haven't got around to adding the titles and captions until today. Well, most of the Issues concentrated on the dashboard assembly which includes the driver's side gages you speedometer, tach, fuel, etc. Also the passenger side indicators along with the lighting LED boards and their wiring components. Even the 88 mph speed gage is included. I can't wait to see all of this stuff lit up and working. Another part of this month's assembly includes the time circuit assembly, with p
  13. Thanks Brett, yes a lot of the work that is done will eventually be covered up by other parts of the build. The engine for sure I will be dirtying up a bit and the underneath of the chassis as well. I've heard through some other modelers who are building their kits that some of the electronics as well as the interior pieces are not quite accurate or they don't look too good with the lighting effect. So far I've ordered from modelmodz the flux capacitor, the tree/SID, the power mod and the car mats. That's all that is available at the moment, replacement switch for the flux capacitor , the rad
  14. APRIL UPDATES - 2019 Just to let everyone know, our website URL has been changed to www.NemVia.org and the website is now simply known as NemVia. Without realizing it I let the .net expire. It was just easier to move everything to .org. As for the DeLorean build, I've added 22 new pics to the "1/8 scale BTTF DeLorean" page. A lot of the build this month focused on the time circuit display and adding some more wiring for the lighting effects such as the brake lights, front and rear tail lights and turn signal blinkers. The brake pedal actually moves and has a spring
  15. I did order what was available on this site, but BUYER BEWARE! I live in the states and this website offers P-pal as a payment option. What is not said is that P-pal does not convert USD into GBP and Modelmodsz only accepts GBP. Because of this, money was taken directly from my back-up payment source which happens to be my checking account and of course.... bounce bounce bounce.... I called up P-pal to verify what happened, and they said this is normal and that some companies only accept the GBP. I'm not trying to put modelmodz down, I just want anyone who does not use GBP to be aware that thi
  16. MARCH UPDATES - 2019 Greetings Fellow Modelers. Just got back from 2 weeks vacation in a place that was nice and warm. Had to take a break from this awful cold weather in the Midwest. So, now after some recharging of the batteries from a good rest, I can deal with life again for a little while. This month's update is a bonus update. Before I went on VACA, I received Issues 31 - 34 and assembled them, photographed them and then all I needed to do was edit them when I came back from our trip. At the beginning of the month, or on March 6th, I received Issues 35 - 38. So you can see
  17. Hey Brett, I do have an update coming by the end of the week. Just got back from a 2 week vaca. Back to the grind, now. My next 4 issues have already been shipped, so I will have something to work on in a week or two. Thanks for checking. Hope you get you order soon as well. Mark.
  18. FEBRUARY UPDATES - 2019 Hi everyone, this is the DeLorean Build update for February. I've received issues 27 - 30 and they are incredibly simple to assemble, just minimum work to do. The main focus was on the Chassis plate and the radiator and water pipe assemblies. Adding the plate to the car has really increased the total weight of the model, as the plate is made from metal. It now weighs in at 5.3lbs or 2392g. I could almost do some body building with this kit. Anyway, everything is fitting together nicely. I did have to make an adjustment to the two water pipes or hoses that
  19. Nice Work. One of my favorite models that I built when I was a kid. Hand painting was the way to go back then as well. Very nice job! Mark
  20. JANUARY UPDATES - 2019WOW! Already the beginning of a new year. December flew by and I'm glad it did. It's good to get back to work on something I would really rather be doing anyway. I received issues 23 - 26 for the DeLorean build. For the most part it is finishing up the engine assembly and getting it mounted onto the car frame. It looks real good assembled. I just have to dirt the engine up a little, by adding some weathering and usage stains to the manifolds, oil pan and transmission areas. The engine looks awesome, but it's a little to pristine! Anyway, I've posted 25 new pics on the 1/8
  21. Thanks Brett, I am definitely going to weather the engine after it's completely finished. I'm going to go for the used look that was seen in the movie. Although, the engine looks pretty awesome in it's pristine condition as well. I do have to say this is a very enjoyable build. Keep checking for the updates. Mark
  22. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER UPDATES - 2018 Sorry about the delay in the update. The weather and work have been nearly impossible this whole last month. A quick update for my website, though: For those visitors who check for updates on their cell phones and tablets, I was able to get the issue of viewing the pictures on my website resolved. I have received several complaints about visitors not being able to view the pictures on my site. It seems there was a software issue that has now been updated, so you should be able to visit my site without any further issues. I've tried it on my own phone and n
  23. I haven't had any issues with the parts fitting, other than some of the pre-painted pieces have had some overspray into some of the screw holes. This is easily taken care of with am Xacto blade to remove the flash. The only real issue I've seen so far is the screws. You are supplied with magnetic screwdrivers (good thing too, I've had a couple of them get away from me) But in some cases you can't get enough torque with the Philips head to tighten the screws enough for a tight fit, so I'm using a screwdriver with a larger head to grab onto some of the meat of the screw head. But it seems to be
  24. Congrats, Brett.... You're gonna love this build. Mark
  25. Hey Brett, yes this is the sight I used or the one that I originally found the advert on. Hope you get the subscription. I have been following the build-up on the rpf. I was intrigued that you can get as many issues as you can afford in the UK. But, at the moment I'm in no hurry. Looks like a lot more of fun to come. I just received notice that my next 4 issues (15-19) are on the way. Should have an update in a few weeks. Thanks for your comments. Mark.
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