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  1. Sakis , Thadeus and AlienFrogModeller thank you!!
  2. Aircommando130 and Ikon thank you!! Aircommando130, yes you're right, WSO. 😀 I always forget it, because doing a USAF bird is a bit rare for me. Most of my models are USN birds. This will be in the Hill Gray paint scheme. The exact same bird is in the link below, 72-0166. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/5065/the-phantastic-qf-4-phantom-full-scale-target-drone-takes-its-phinal-unmanned-phlight
  3. Thank you Gene and Sabre45 for your nice words. The project is still on, it's not forgotten, in fact the wings are attached to the fuselage, but there is not much time lately in order to continue as I want to. I hope there will be a progress to this soon. Nontas
  4. Nope....I have painted the red stripes but, unfortunately I had some issues with unmasking some areas, I tried to smooth them for extra painting, but the mojo was lost. I have put it to my AMARC area (a box with some other unfinished projects), waiting for recovery. I hope soon. Nontas
  5. Thank you STORM and Gene K for your nice words. The free time for modelling has been eliminated in the last past months , the model has progressed a little bit. The major assembling has been made. I have to add all the details of the QF version and to prepare it for painting. I work it together with the F-4S and the two Skyhawks. I hope I will have a new update soon. Nontas
  6. Thank you all for your nice words!! RichB63 although the kit is fairly old, the accuracy and the fitting is very nice!! I have also the HobbyBoss one for the future. Regards, Nontas
  7. Thank you all for your nice words!! The next modelling session for the F-4S will be the intakes...or better....the pseudo-intakes. Regards, Nontas
  8. Thank you very much ChernayaAkula!! Regards, Nontas
  9. Hello to all, Another one in progress build, another one Phantom and a vintage build. The kit was started in September of 2020. Although I do have the newer Hasegawa F-4E kit, which is great, I chose the older one to experiment with it a little more. The inspiration was the last unmanned mission of the QF-4E version in 2016 https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/5065/the-phantastic-qf-4-phantom-full-scale-target-drone-takes-its-phinal-unmanned-phlight 000 by Nontas B, on Flickr 001 by Nontas B, on Flickr 002 by Nontas B, on Flickr
  10. Hello to all, Another one in progress build (in total there are 12...), this time is the F-4S Phantom in 1/72. I chose to start with the kit of Italeri instead of the one from Hasegawa because I wanted to experiment with this old kit and to scribe it, detail it etc etc. For the hasegawa double kits that I also have, there are in my stash a few aftermarket details (cockpits, exhausts etc), so, It will be far easier build when I"ll start with those ones. The inspiration photo is the following . https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-F
  11. Hello to all, This model was started in September of 2019 after a 2 year hiatus of modelling. It was started as a good way to return to full scale modelling. My thought was to build a panther different that the usual blue ones. Hasegawa had out of the box the decals for the Advanced Training Unit 206 (ATY-206), so I started it immediately.
  12. Thanks Storm for the checking even though you didn't find any, I appreciate it. Janissary thanks for your answer. Seaforces.org is one of my main references for USN subjects and the first that I am looking for photos. Unfortunately there are no photos of the BuNo that I am building, only the CAG bird in the very first livery with the Super Hornet and I think that the CO bird was low-vis at the time (2005). If I won't find any photos I'll do your thought about the inspiration from the other colorful bird. I keep searching...
  13. Wow! Great! Thanks for the checking. I hope you have caught the CO bird in any photo. The only photo I have found with just some parts of the tail of the plane that I am building is on page 370 of USS Enterprise 2006 Cruise Book (close photo of two ordnancemen load a CATM-9M on the F/A-18F, AB101, BuNo 165801 and the tail of the plane is hardly seen)
  14. Hello to all, I am building a Super Hornet (-F in 1/48) at the moment and I have the Microscale decals for VFA-211 (and VFA-31). https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/super/48th/ss481181.htm I would like to ask if someone has any photos of VFA-211, F/A-18F CO bird, BuNo 165801, AB101 in 2006 USS Enterprise World Cruise. I have found lots of photos around the internet for VFA-211 CAG and CO birds but all are from later years with block II super hornets and different markings (modex changed to 2xx from 2007 etc.). Even in Enterprise's 2006 Crui
  15. Hello to all, I have started the Hasegawa F9F-2 Panther in 1/72 and I am planning to build it as an ATU-206 bird, 1956-1957 era and I will use the kit decals. At that moment the Panthers of ATU-206 had been painted gull gray over white. In the kit instructions it is mentioned that the wheel bays etc had been painted white. I guess this is correct since all the later airplanes that had this camouflage (gull gray over white) had white wheel bays. I am looking information about the color of the wing fold mechanism. In the midnight blue schemes the wheel bays and t
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