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  1. Hi, I think the show loadout was something wild like training Sidewinders on 1/8A, a Sparrow on 1B, a GBU-24 on 6, a GBU-16(?) on 3 and a TER on 8B. The TER had the Zuni pod and the TALD (decoy) that you can see plus a 2.75 inch rocket pod that you can’t see in that shot. Definitely a fun what-if loaded on a real jet. Hope that helps! Dan
  2. Hi, I’m going work on two kits during the group build, the Italeri 1/48 F-14A and the Hobby Boss 1/48 F-14B. At the moment I’m not sure about final markings on the F-14A kit, I’m really looking at that one to just get back in the swing of filling, sanding and gluing before moving to the F-14B. That one will be one of the VX-9 line jets. I’ll be getting some photos up the next few days. Thanks for setting this up - it should be a lot of fun and it’s just what I needed to get back to building! Dan
  3. Thanks for the recommendations and info about the forum-sized photos!
  4. Hi, Thanks this was helpful. Is there a recommended file size for the posted photos? I tried a few searches but didn’t see any suggestions - was thinking 640 x 480 would be ok but wanted to check before posting shots for the group build. Thanks! Dan
  5. Wow - feel like I should put my helmet bag on the back of the seat and start a preflight. Incredible and very inspiring work! Dan
  6. Evening, I'd toss in the following: ACMI pod LGTRs PTID as part of the instrument panel BOL rails Minor items that can be scratch built but how about these too: Tail stiffeners RIO step plate HUD frame Tall TACAN antenna GPS antenna If we were going to go to the Moon, yes, updated shrouds would be great! Thanks for your efforts on this! Dan
  7. Thanks! I just came home tonight after a trip for work - looking forward to getting some progress made on the helo over the weekend. I'll update the thread in the in-progress build section then. Take care, Dan
  8. Evening, With the cold weather up in the Northeast it was a good night to build! I got a bit done on a range of areas. I'm hoping to get more done over the weekend, too. This shows everything in one shot: I'm using Evergreen angle to put master warning panels under the glareshield and strip and rod sections to create the seatback details. It's a return to the hobby so I'm going for what looks right to me and not worrying about exact dimensions on the seats. I also know on the Romeo the seatback won't be seen except for the SO station so these seats are a warmup! This shows the seatbacks
  9. Happy New Year to all! I got a bit done on the FLIR HCUs and collectives tonight but didn't have much time to work on it. Dave, thanks for the two links, appreciate it! There are some great images in there. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Romeo but one of those walk arounds has a slightly older configuration. The 404 in walk around 1 has the original style countermeasures buckets. Now the buckets are like what is shown on the 413. Thanks again, appreciate the help. Take care, Dan
  10. Hi, I think you can get by with the plastic strip and rod - the solid rod should be sturdy enough. I'm going to eventually be making a set in 1/48 for my Romeo so I'll be keeping an eye on how your work goes, too! If you need reference material the company that makes the poles has a photo gallery (http://helopak.com/gallery/) with some good shots of putting them on a Romeo. Also, if you want to go overboard on details you may notice at the base of the poles a small colored band - that cooresponds to the color of the blade. Blades are color coded red, black, blue and yellow. You may also wan
  11. Evening, I'm returning to the hobby with a 1/48 scale MH-60R build using the 1/48 Italeri SH-60B as a start point. My plan at the moment is to build it up in the ASW configuration with the dome installed, 1 aux tank, at least one torp, an M240 in the door and loaded buckets. I started earlier with the cockpit and put some rough bulkhead details in between the pedals and the nose e-bay to close up what you'd see through the open doors and the chin bubble windows. I did some rework on the area tonight. I had previously built up the lower center console but felt it was too tall when I dry-f
  12. I'm going to create a topic in the 'in-progress builds' category for all new updates as I think that would be the correct home for this.
  13. Hi, I'm curious about that, too. I suppose I could always get a 1/48 scale QA to sign off on removal of 4 MFDs! Kidding aside, I'm thinking I'm going to make 4 rectangles from sheet and build up a very thin border for the bezel. The standbys might just be spare decals or small square cutouts. I'll take some photos when I try it so you can see what you think. Any particlar Sierra in mind? I'd like to try the blue throwback bird or one of the NSAWC ones. Of course today I'm thinking 'hmm, could be fun to crack the tail or open the doghouse and scratch some of the upper deck details.' Will post
  14. Evening, The two station (per side) wings are the ESSS - External Stores Support System - wings. I've never heard the official name for the single station wings, always heard them called 'batwings.' Dan
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