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  1. Thank you very much, Janissary! Honestly, this is a good kit, with no major fit issues. The only thing I did with bottom intake lip, was to sand it, to make it thinner.
  2. Hi, and thanks for comment! I agree, it is too dark. It was a long build, with black primer and many layers of base and clear coats... I stopped looking at reference pictures at some point, and I painted it... a little bit too dark :-) As for the decals - point taken, too. Pictures ale making them look clearer than they are, but still, there is a room for improvement. Next build will be better! BTW lovely job on that Strike Eagle!
  3. So, here it is...Yet another Jolly Rogers Tomcat for your viewing pleasure. Materials used: HobbyBoss kit Quickboost resin seats Eduard Brassin GBU-12 Master pitot and AoA probes Tamiya acrylics Fightertown Decals WIP thread here
  4. Decals in place, weathering in progress...
  5. Hi! After a very long break, I'm back at the bench. This is how it looks like now:
  6. Thanks guys! @BOMI21 Yes, I have to agree with you, light green should be a tad darker...I do have this weird feeling that any attempts on re-painting would end up in disaster, so it will have to stay that way. As for the missiles - yes I will probably use them, but I have not decided on configuration yet. All I know is that polish birds can be armed with only two types at a time. Now back to the build: I used salt technique to try to re-create excessive fading I've seen on some pictures.
  7. Hi guys Some pictures showing (slow) progress. I painted areas where Czech Air Force markings used to be. I used Tamiya's Light blue XF-23 with drop of flat Blue XF-8, and olive green XF-58 mixed with NATO black XF-69. Also, I painted anti-glare strip using NATO black. When it comes to number of camo colors, it is my personal best so far :)
  8. Thank you all for comments. I'm currently on holiday, but I'll be back at bench on Saturday. New updates should follow shortly.
  9. Many thanks for comments guys. It's good to be back. This morning I had some more fun masking and painting...I used Tamiya NATO brown XF-68 mixed with some black, and then with white for fading.
  10. Hi guys. I have long break, and finally was able to spend some time at the bench.
  11. What a model! Amazing finish...Very realistic, weathered edges of panels. What you did to achieve this?
  12. Witam i wielkie dzieki :) I've seen your model before, I stumbled upon your build @pwm when doing research for my project. I love it and I would be more than happy if my turns out to be half as good as yours. As for your comments: 1) clear orange was closest I had 2) I know, but I will probably use proper FOD covers anyway. Besides, I like the way it looks with ramps closed...Not mention time saved on those ejector pin marks inside air ducts ;) Many thanks for that link to Eduard's guide - from your build at PWM I knew that Aztek's instructions were wrong :)/> Back to my build I pain
  13. Thanks guys! Now the fun part - painting. There will be seven colors on this one: five from original Czech camo (light grey, light green, green, brown, sand), and two applied to paint over Czech markings when plane was transferred to Polish Air Forces (light blue and dark green). First, light grey. I mixed xf-2, xf-21 and xf-83. Unfortunatelly you can't really see the shade on this picture, but I was using my phone camera in poor light. Happy new year!!
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