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  1. Jones, James M. Capt. Columbia, LA Died 1971 3 vics 62nd http://www.leisuregalleries.com/62ndfs/62ndwebpage.html Jones James M. Capt. Columbia LA Died 1971 3 vics 62nd
  2. #42-7947 - Republic P-47D-1-RE Thunderbolt Group Squadron Sq Code A/C Code 56FG 62FS Name Ah'm Available MIA 1943-10-10 Notes 7947 (56th FG, 62nd FS *Ah'm Available*) hit tractor on landing at Boreham, UK Oct 10, 1943. Pilot injured. Source: Joe Baugher US Aircraft Serial Numbers - http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html Your search returned no Base records. Your search returned no Photograph records. http://www.8thafhs.com/search.php
  3. USS Kearsarge 04/2019 VMM264 Somewhere in the Med
  4. Just to muddy the water a little on the green v. blue debate
  5. I was at the far end of the runway at that time, part of the A-7 unit. Don't know about the special tankers, they all looked alike to us. They did sport the same basic marking for ODS only in the Shamu scheme. That's what crew chiefs are for. Pilots can't be trusted with something that complicated.
  6. MERs, or TERs, loaded on stations 3 and 6 would have the inboard racks empty as any ordnance loaded there would strike the aircraft when released
  7. Great to hear! I'm not good at math, but I don't know where you're getting 25 years. They just retired them like yesterday. I was there.
  8. The drop tanks from the 1/48 Hasegawa F-18 are close to the right size and shape. That's what I used on my 1/32 F-15E.
  9. Not cool, homey! Not cool! That's gonna cost you a beer or two at Nationals.
  10. Osprey does some books in spiral bound with a hard cover. Like this I've seen it in person and it's the best of both worlds.
  11. 'Bout d**n time! Looking forward to it. Put my name on one.
  12. In the last month or so Live Resin has released some .50 cal linked belts in 1/35 that are gorgeous, and far more affordable than anything else that's out there.
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