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  1. Again I want to thank everyone for their comments. It really doesn't matter to much to me if I ever win or even ever come close to placing in a contest. I can give you a personal experience with a contest I had entered when I was 16. I entered a Panzerkampf wagon IV. An old monogram kit. It was an ok build. I was happy with it. My dad took me to the local IPMS club. He said I should bring my tank for show and tell so I did. Well a contest was happening that evening. So I entered it in the armor for my age group. There was one other tank, I think it was a Patton. When the votes were counted, I won first place in my group, but the kid that entered the Patton won best in show because his model got the most first place votes of any model in any category. I won, but it was dubious, because the only person who voted for my model was my dad. I didn't go back to any IPMS meetings or chapters until recently right here in Columbia SC. All I want to do is build models and have fun doing it. I know I'll never win against the guy that reworks the entire fuselage because it is off of by 4 scale inches. I don't care if the cockpit of the P-47 built by Curtis wasn't that particular shade of green. Maybe IPMS should have a DON'T GIVE frack category.
  2. I want to thank everyone for your input. I'm going to enter it as OOB at the next local contest. I didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest. But as long as I am...Riddle me this Batman. Two modelers both enter an Eduard P-39. One is the Profipak edition and the other a Weekend Edition, but the Weekend Edition modeler bought the same exact extras as are found in the Profipak edition. Buy the RULES, the Profipak could go to the OOB table and the Weekend edition would need to go to the modified table. Does this make sense or seem fair? I think there needs to be a change in the rules somewhere. Just asking the question.
  3. I am building the Monogram P-38. Based on IPMS rules, building OOB means building OOB. I can use after market decals, tape seat belts and rigging. The monogram model has an extension on on the port tail boom to keep the plane from tail sitting. Can I enter the plane if I cut the extension off and add weight to keep it from tail sitting?
  4. Just want to say thank you for all of your responses. I need to keep telling myself "this is a hobby for my enjoyment alone. It is not my monthly report to the CIO." I still feel dumb for buying after market details that cost 7 times the model. This is for fun. This is for fun. This is for fun.
  5. thanks for the pics they are really helpful, especially the one with the noticible outline of where the packet guns were once mounted. Thank you.
  6. I think I'm losing my mind. I'm 50 and I've been out of modeling for a long time. The last model I built was Monogram's Typhoon and not a very good job either when I was 20. By that time however I was already suffering from a form of AMS, I was just buying models. I would go into the Squadron Shop (yes they had walk in hobby stores back in the early and mid 80s) and buy a model a month. I wouldn't put it together, just admire the the plastic details, decals and instructions. Then I joined the Navy (1984 to 1990). After the Navy it was college at the University of Maryland, 1991 through 1995. After college, marriage from 1995 to the present. So I really hadn't put glue to styrene for a good 30 years. However, for a the last 5 years I started the model buying habit again. Going into Hobby Lobby or Hobby Town and just buying a model every so often. Over a 5 year period I bought about 14 models. Mostly Tamiya, but a few Revelograms and Eduard. So in 2012, I build two models, Monogram's old P-47D Razorback and the Hasegawa's P-40E. Then comes Christmas and an eBay Account. I ended up bidding for and winning a 12 kit lot of Monogram models. Then I bid for and won a B-24J(Monogram) and a Hasegawa B-47E. Then I did the dumbest thing in my life. I bought for the B-24, the Eduard BIG ED set and the Quickboost engines. I spent 140 bucks for a kit that cost me 25 bucks with SHIPPING. I have no idea how to work with photo etch, yet I bought the BIG ED set. In fact I started buying after market sets for every model I had in my stash because some reviewer said that the kit was inaccurate and I needed the Aftermarket to make the kit accurate. When I was building for fun, I would put leftover DECALS on other kits because they looked cool. I would paint models and use decals for the incorrect version of the plane, but I didn't care....it was for fun. Now I'm scared to bring in my only two complete models to my local IPMS group for fear of being eaten alive. "That's the wrong FS color green," or "that plane never had the armament arrangement." I'm not saying that it did happen, but I'm afraid it will. I have NMP, New Modeler Paralysis. I need help.
  7. I'm going to be building the Monogram B-25J solid nose version, but I have a question about the armor plating outside of the cockpit. I have a marking sheet for the 345th BG. I noticed not only were the packet guns either removed or never present, but the pictures on the decal sheet are also void of the armor plating on the fuselage exterior. I see them in pictures of the G and H's but not on the J's. Am I seeing things? Did certain blocks of the J have the armor and some not. I'm not sure I want to remove them from the model. I'm afraid I'll butcher the model before I even get to step 1 on the directions. The butchering usually occurs by the time I start painting. Thanks,
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