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  1. It's Valspar Enamel spray paint. It's sold at Lowe's.
  2. Valspar Flat Island Orange spray paint looks very close to a good ET orange color. It would be a lot cheaper and easier than using an airbrush. Here is a picture of the spray paint can.
  3. Does anyone know what Font is used for the text in the F/C Purge Ports on the Space Shuttles such as the one shown here ? Thanks
  4. High resolution 360 degree zoomable panorama photos of Space Shuttle Discovery from several different views. The website includes areas such as the Flight Deck, Mid Deck, Underside, Payload Bay and the SSME aft mounts. The website says these pictures were taken while Discovery was in the OPF at KSC being prepared for STS-133. Very cool pictures and could also be a useful Space Shuttle model reference resource. Enjoy ! 360vr Discovery
  5. I just found this great video showing Challenger roll out from assembly at Rockwell in Palmdale California. The video also shows Discovery in the early phases of construction. Also, does anyone know where I can find good reference photos for Challenger ? Thanks
  6. Hello Everyone. I'm back to working on my shuttle Challenger tribute project. I apologize for not posting any updates for a very long time. I just haven't had enough time for model building recently, but hopefully I can manage to work on my models more often for now. I have worked more on the basic painting and I hope to start adding some decals soon. I made a decal sheet in Word that has all the markings Challenger had during her final missions and the black TPS tiles. I scaled down the 1/72 Monogram Shuttle TPS Tile decals to 1/200 and I think I finally got them to fit at the 1/200 scale.
  7. This looks awesome! Where did you get the specifications on the MLP, FSS, RSS and the launch pad to build it from scratch? Can't wait to see more. :jaw-dropping:/>
  8. Yes I got the decal files you sent me. They look good I should be able to use some of them. Thanks for sending them. What 1/200 scale shuttle kit do you have. Is the same one I'm building here. I would like to see how you build it using some of your 3D printed parts on it. But this build may take me longer to finish now because my computer just died and I'm not sure if I will get back the decal sheets I was working on for space shuttles. Might have to remake the decals for it from scratch again after I get my computer working again. Probably wouldn't be able to post on ARC to often until my
  9. Thanks for the reply Hotdog, I have a 1/72 Revell shuttle kit in my stash I plan to do in the future. On the Revell kit the windows are the right size and shape but the inner most windows start a little too far apart. So really on the Revell kit all 3 windows on each side have to slide inward about 2mm toward the center line ideally to be perfectly accurate in position. On the Revell kit windows and dividing struts between then are all at the same level and the kit windows are installed from the inside. I noticed you had to cut out the window frame struts and enlarge the frames on your monogr
  10. Do you thing these AMP windows could be used on the 1/72 Revell Shuttle kit? Or does it only work with the monogram because they replace the big clear window pieces?
  11. Thanks niart17, so this is another FC purge port, I wasn't sure if it was another FC purge port or if all the purge ports say the same thing. The other two FC purge ports say the same thing in but just look different. Yes, I would like to use the decal sheet you have made, thanks for sharing it. I'll PM you with my email. Alex
  12. Does anyone know what it says in the yellow boxes on this external feature of the space shuttle? It is located on the right side just above the very front of the right wing on the orbiter. It looks like another purge valve like the other ones so I have an idea of what it says but I can't find any pictures of that area on the shuttle that are up close enough to read it. I have made this preliminary sketch of the shapes and colors of it based on pictures but I just need the text that goes in the boxes. I want to make it a decal for a custom space shuttle decal sheet I'm working on.
  13. Fixed! But it doesn't look as good as before because now the paint has another layer in those areas and is a little too thick now. Maybe I'll use nail polish remover and take all the grey paint off these RCC panels on this side and repaint them. :bandhead2:/>
  14. Paint masking disaster! The tape pulled the paint right off. The area was basically done and I had to touch it to try and add something. It seems this Testors acrylic paint doesn't stick to the white spray paint base coat well and comes off easily.
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