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  1. He kept it up well this time. Never a "Bloke' or pirat-ey word word to break his cover....
  2. What a day I had! My 2 Tomcats arrived from Victory (Thanks Bob!), so I'm sprue-snippin' and test fittin' away, then a pal stops by, and brings in a Norden bombsight!!!! The wife says, "Where are you gonna put that?", and I say, "In the basement with all my other stuff!". Heady stuff, for me at least.... The kit test fits just great so far, with lots of "Click, click" involved. Lots of neat engineering choices they made, and the issues that have been beaten to death on this forum are nowhere near as horrible as has been alleged. The greatest challenge I see is my ability to do this kit justice. I'm looking forward to seeing some builds here in the near future !
  3. Are you somebody's ex-wife? You seem to have a lot in common with one. Please give us another of your long winded, useless retorts.
  4. Darn right you will, Mr Tomcat Guy! I'll be holding off on mine, waiting to see it done properly! Thanks Darren!
  5. Ooooh! I just got the email from Bob at Victory! They want my pre-order money!!!! This is excitement in my little corner of the world!
  6. As a retired lifer also, I must admit to being ......... er......ummmm... mistaken (Wrong in 1SG speak). That new uniform, which is a vast improvement over those crap ACUs, photographs much like the Marpat that Marines wear. I must be gettin' old!
  7. Ummm... Those are Marines, and they take that kind of talk personally.
  8. Got that message from Bob also. Patience rewarded. Yay!
  9. I have an extra copy of the AMTech sheet, yours for the taking. Any chance you have a 48th MonoVell F-4 canopy? Anyway, check your email! Cheers! -Scott
  10. Forgot that. Didn't need it for the early Netz.
  11. FYI The Tam F-16C/N Aggressor kit has both inlets and exhausts, plus the necessary MLG and doors to make an Israeli bird. I did it to convert the academy F-16C into an A model Netz, plus have a Tam kit for a buddy who deployed with the MI Air guard!
  12. OhboyOhboyOhboyOhboy!!!!!!! Thanks Gary! -Scott
  13. Neat. Thanks for the reply, I've been checking my email also. Goondman, thanks for your input. It's nice to have an approximate ETA, I'm thinking around 10 November. I can wait. Really. Now to finish this F6F. And F-4E. And -G. And that F-18......
  14. Have you seen or heard anything from Victory? I'm really not wanting to pester Bob, but, I'm beginning to get a bit itchy about this kit.
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