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  1. Just need the windscreen, but will consider a parts kit... -Scott
  2. IAGeezer


    Mine arrived yesterday, and it is terrific. As usual... Thanks Jake!
  3. IAGeezer


    Get some rest. You've earned it!
  4. IAGeezer

    Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Just to let you know that I received all 3 sheets(Spad, F-100 & Dark Varks), and they are outstanding. I'm running out of excuses for not finishing kits... Thanks for all your hard work and effort. Scott
  5. IAGeezer

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    Super Scale did a sheet with 2 380th birds, Silver Lady and Liberty Belle, 48- 395. It's a bit old now, and I've been too skeered to use them.... Kursad's sheet looks to have much sharper images and printing, so I'm Very happy this sheet has been released. Think I'll go check the mail....
  6. IAGeezer

    May releases

    Actually, my wife's money....
  7. IAGeezer

    May releases

    Thank you sir. You now have my money.... YES!!
  8. IAGeezer

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well, we can always go back to THIS thread!
  9. IAGeezer

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    Don't much care about movie jets, but what about the -A models on the Desert Storm Nose Art sheet (48013)? I'd be on that like a fat kid on a donut!
  10. IAGeezer

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Oh yes. Those men were studs. Actors seem more akin to those who practice the Oldest profession...
  11. IAGeezer

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Wait. What???
  12. IAGeezer

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Agree. Let AMK do the 'Vark family next!
  13. IAGeezer

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Good idea!
  14. IAGeezer

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Yup. -and it's going to be a great kit. AMK have proven that they do good work, and if they make a mistake, they fix it. And my pre-order price is $54.00 from Victory. How much is the Tam kit costing? How long did TrumpyBoss list the Mig-31 and SU-27 series in their catalog before they were released? It's a model, not a sucking chest wound. Waiting is just part of life...
  15. IAGeezer

    FAC(A) F-18D in OIF, 1/48th

    Oops. Yup. 48th...... -Scott