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  1. The F-15 sheet will be just fine, thank you. Also, thank you for all your hard work. Your decals make my builds look, ummm - Good!
  2. I ought to do a monthly deduction to rebelalpha.... Thanks!
  3. I will second that. Very quick shipper, also!
  4. Super Hornet and Harrier. There goes July's allowance!
  5. This is good news, I'll be in for 4-5 easy!
  6. Watched the video, now my eyes hurt... Good to see pics of the kit, in a rapid fire kinda way, but it DOES look interesting!
  7. Part number 36 per the instructions? Looking through spares and the "Broken up kits" box...
  8. Only sheet I can find with the F4U-4B markings!
  9. He kept it up well this time. Never a "Bloke' or pirat-ey word word to break his cover....
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