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  1. AND no resin intake set has the 11.5" TP II fuselage offset Mr Vark mentions. I'm looking at my FB- and surveying all the work that chore entails, and how far along I am with it..... let's just say that my skills are, erm, growing...
  2. Looks awful. I'll take 2 please!!
  3. Will buy junk kit, or stash kit, I just need the darn thing! -Scott
  4. Don't know if this helps, but, the Squadron/Signal B-17 In action (1984) shows, on pg 38, 2 B-17F-75-DLs with chin turret, and small cheek windows. States that these were a carry-over from the YB-40 program. Later saying that the last 86 Douglas built F models had them. Also, bulged cheek windows were introduced on the Douglas Block-25, Vega Block-35, and the Boeing Block-60 G-models. Hope this helps this very informative discussion. -Scott
  5. This thread has turned into the mouthy ugly chick with big'uns. It's nasty, but you still gotta take a look...
  6. FYI Hobby Lobby has the Mono/Revell 1/48 F-102 kit on Clearance for $7.49. It has the Case X wing.
  7. Just saw this, and you may already have sorted it out, but here you go! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kits-World-Decals-1-48-BOEING-B-17F-FLYING-FORTRESS-Wolfess-Vonnie-Gal-/190914573829?hash=item2c73653605 regards, Scott
  8. I'm thinking one guy got banned twice, under different names... But, I may be mistaken! Pineapple, YES!
  9. Well, if nothing else, the above separates the kids(probably me, too) from the grown ups. Thank you Darren, Gabor, and habu2.
  10. Kinda like the ones on Z Five. Agreed with Darren, we are losing some great guys, that have been tremendous resources for all of us. Taps...
  11. The Monogram kit also has correct wheels, turkey feather exhausts, and the MLG doors are closed, as they should be. It does, however, have the large air brake on top.
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