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  1. Any sneak peeks of the Dark Vipers V?
  2. I can't help with the OPs question, but I agree about the Monogram Thud. The real A/C has an ogive, Mono provides a cone. I made myself crazy over a fix until I simply added a .030 shim on the BACK side to eliminate that step between fuselage and cone, filled the pitot hole in the front, and filed the fwd half to taper to a point. Now the length is correct for the cone itself. I then drilled a hole, and inserted new pitot made from 1mm Albion NiSilver tube, with a needle in the end. A better modeler may have come up with a more elegant solution, but this is what I did. Cheers!
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. It's appreciated!
  4. The things one learns. Thank you. So, does anyone make an aftermarket Optical Sight Unit for an F-4, or the Combiner glass for an F-14D, and possibly B model? 1/48th, again.
  5. Arrived in yesterdays mail, and it looks to be a great read!
  6. Does anyone make them? I've still got a stack of Monogram and ESCI kits to build!
  7. Two Bobs decals say FS 17875, which MRP calls White. Jake Melampy's F-16 book says they are "A very, very light shade of gray." AMS strikes again!
  8. Thanks! Actually, the pylons with the TERS attached. Looks like parts C5, C6 and C10. I'd be happy to pay for them!
  9. Thanks Dave. I saw a drawing for a proposed F-16XL Wild Weasel, and it got me to wondering about it. Thanks for the clarification!
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