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  1. For Station 3/7, want to load up some HARMs.
  2. Thanks Dave. I saw a drawing for a proposed F-16XL Wild Weasel, and it got me to wondering about it. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. Was a dual HARM launcher developed for any US aircraft? And, has one been made in 1/48th scale?
  4. Big discounts, order by July 31st! Link: Speciality Press | Aviation Books | War Books | Military Books (specialtypress.com)
  5. Thanks @achterkirch and @RichB63! My search-foo was not so strong here. I just looked up 68-0040 in my copy of the Don Logan F-111 book, and it is listed as having both The Other Woman at Upper Heyford(87-88), and Magnificent Marsha while at Sacramento ALC(88-89). Last F-111E lost, 16 Feb '95 at Cannon AFB. At this point, I would guess it has the Sacramento triangle on the tail - I think this is one unusual 'Vark! And the obsessing begins...
  6. Asking for help to identify this particular 'Vark. It has (White?) TP II intakes, Astro tracker hump, black undersides and short wings... I cannot figure out the Unit, by the patches (One has California on it. Sacramento?) the crew is wearing, or the location by the hangar. Test bird??? And interesting nose art. Might make an interesting build! Any help is appreciated.
  7. So... Quinta didn't square you away, Gene?
  8. Canopy and windscreen! Yikes! Thanks, Scott
  9. Waiting with bait on my breath! Wait, what???
  10. The Shah left in '79. This scheme during the war with Iraq.
  11. Well, I can't wait to test fire a couple of those beauties! Will these be available before, or after Valentine's Day? (Budget considerations, you know) Once again, Thank You!
  12. FWIW, I believe TrumpyBoss did Alice's Joy in one of their Thud kits.
  13. Stenciling set for a NMF or Look Alike Thud??? You, Sir will be nominated for sainthood! That said, I can't wait for the Starfighter sheet. Thank you!
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