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  1. Awesome build Panagioti
  2. I am sure you do mate Thank you both guys
  3. Thank you guys for your nice comments,glad you liked it! I think Eduard's zoom set gives a a little bit of more realism... I used gunze acrylics and the weathering was a multilayer procedsure painting with the basic colors in different shades plus pigments based on photos.Hobbyboss kit is a good base but have some rivet (wings/stabilators) that must removed and some other fit issues that we have to consider but not so serious for a medium experianced modeller.The positive in relation with the Hasegawa's kits is the variety of weapons and the choice (open/close radome) we have! Thanx again for your nice comments
  4. Hello everyone!This is my latest build!I used eduard's zoom set for the cockpit and FighterTown's set for the decals...I hope you like it guys... Thanx for watching...Greetings from Greece
  5. Congrats mate!!!I like seeing HAF falcons from foreign modellers...I like the model a lot Mira=Μοίρα=Squadron
  6. Awesome job...congrats my Mediterranean friend
  7. I'm fine mate.It's summer time now and no modelbuilds for now...Just an F-84 1/48 scale for the TuAF that I will upload as soon as possible...Cheers mate.



  9. That's exactly what I did Kursad.I used some common markings from Caracal decal sheet and some from the kit's decal sheet Thank you my friend
  10. Thank you all guys one by one!Your comments really honour me!
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