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  1. "I'm sure that Steve just loves the idea that you call his site amateur." I never called ARC "amateur". ARC is a professional site populated primarily with user-contributed amateur content. If you know anything about Steve, you'd know that he could most likely care less, even if I had. "I don't hate this guy in any way but have no use for what he has done... " Then ignore the thread and spare us the negativity.
  2. And to address this comment directly, what do you think the goal of posting a video of any subject on YouTube would be? To not get views? Of course he's trying to get people to view his content. That's like, the whole point of YouTube. Why the hate? He makes absolutely zero strong opinions much less anything remotely controversial in his video. It doesn't sound like you have a problem with the content as much as you have a problem with the mere fact that he made the video in the first place, and this, for some unbeknownst reason, annoys you.
  3. The "thing" about the entire internet, and you're experiencing it right here with ARC, is that the bulk of it is "amateur". What, exactly, in your opinion, would constitute a "professional" kit review, exactly? Maybe I'm taking this comment out of context, but it sounds like you're just another hater. The premise that you're ragging on someone for simply being enthusiastic about their hobby is... very off-putting. It's a hobby. I'm sure if someone is making a living at it they'll be very attuned to the suggestion of what is more effective. Most of what we do, as hobbyists, is wander the inter
  4. One should remember that we haven't all been building models our entire lives. An old kit may be "new" to many modelers who're returning as adults or just getting interested in the hobby. When I returned to scale modeling as an adult, I had never seen a Tamiya kit. Revell, Monogram, AMT, Lindberg, ESCI and Italeri were the brands that I was familiar with, and had access to, as an American kid in the 1970's. After doing some surfing and reading blogs and forums, I was left with the impression that Tamiya kits were the pinnacle of fit, finish, and quality. If it came from Tamiya, it
  5. Test comment (have been having trouble with leaving comments). Please ignore.
  6. Thanks David. I'll be using your guides as I turn my attention to some of the PTO kits in my stash. Bill
  7. This is a good read for any of you not completely sold on the F-35. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/low-and-slow
  8. Hi David, I'm a big fan of your PTO USN modeling. If I recall, there was an article where you describe your painting process. Would you happen to have a link to it? I can't seem to find it on ARC. Thanks,
  9. Please post photos of your display cases and tell us where you purchased them or how you built them, and provide any info you think may be helpful, such as lighting, etc... Just want to see how everyone is storing and displaying their finished works and try to get some ideas for how to display mine. Thanks in advance!
  10. Well Jerry, there's at least two of us! Do you do any digital stuff like Dstar?
  11. So they do have Migs aboard? I was under the impression that they had abandoned the idea of a mixed airwing and would be going strictly with Sukhois now. I agree that this deployment is more of a "proof of concept" - that the Russians can actually operate in a real world combat environment" than it is a meaningful application of force. In their defence, you have to start somewhere.
  12. Just wondering if there are any other modelers out there who hold a license. Be fun to meet up and discuss something other than the weather at a contact's QTH or their medical conditions. W3CKL PS - Anyone on Dstar? I'm usually on reflector 30C throughout the day.
  13. As someone who lives near the end of the runway at Eglin AFB, I can assure you that the F-35's are flying all day, every day. I can't comment on the wisdom or viability of the platform, but I can say, they're flying the things. Bill billweckelphotography.com
  14. I'm an ex carrier sailor (USN) and naval intel analyst who specialized in USSR/Warsaw Pact forces. From an academic standpoint, I'm fascinated by the Russian Navy's resurgence and it's ability to project airpower ashore. I'm wondering about the distinct lack of a medium or heavy strike aircraft but that may just be me showing my age and I need to remember that our carrier air wings are all F-18's now. Be cool to see some Su-25's or 34's aboard. Obviously, and despite RT's very pro-Russian spin, they've got a long way to go, but this is more capability than anything we saw from them in the late
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